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Are Fort Knox Safes Any Good?

By Riva Vera Patriana July 26, 2021

 Fort Knox makes some very good gun safes, they have many perks that make them nice. Though they are not necessarily more secure than other safes, nor are they necessarily equipped with any better fire protection than other safes. They do, however, tend to have a much nicer paint, a much nicer fit, and a stellar finish in comparison to some other safes. They also allow some other design elements that add to the cost, however, many of these do not generally add to the protection. You can get thicker steel or double-wall steel bodies as an upgrade, you can also get heavier plate steel inside the door, adding more fire protection. 

You can also get left-handed or right-handed hinges, as well as internal or external hinges as upgrades too. Fort Knox is also American-made, which can be an important factor to many buyers as well. 

Whether they are necessarily good is unquestionable. But, it's hard to say if they are definitely at the top of their game, it is probably safer to say that they are on par with many of the other top-notch popular safes out there. 

Are Fort Knox safes fireproof?

Fort Knox pride themselves on their fireproof safes. While a vast majority of safes are fireproof, Fort Knox boasts the effectiveness of their fire safety. 

On their website they say:

“Limiting the thermal conductivity by lining the inside of our vaults with a proprietary blend of a hydrogen bond fireboard and locking it in place using a stud weld process allows Fort Knox to provide the industries leading fire protection. Testing this process with a full 9 sensor house simulated test and showing you the exacting details in graph and product form is the only way Fort Knox vaults are tested.” 

At the very least, you will know that the safes have been thoroughly tested and have plenty of fireproof protective measures that will ensure fire safety for whatever you place in your Fort Knox safe. 

They even have something called the ‘Inferno Shield Level 90’ which provides fire protection at 1680 degrees in 90 minutes, as well as Level 120, which will provide fire protection at 1680 degrees in 120 minutes! 

You can upgrade your safe to any of these, and ensure you have the ultimate fire protection for your safety. 

How much does a Fort Knox safe weigh?

There is no straight answer to how much a safe can weigh, every safe, even by the same maker and brand, will have different options, and different features that can contribute to the weight. With Fort Knox, they have many options of safe, and each safe has many sizes and features that will affect its weight. 

There are four most popular safes made by Fort Knox, these include the Maverick, the Defender, the Protector, and the Guardian. Each of these types has an array of sizes, and each sizes weighs a different amount. 

Maverick- 415 lbs (smallest)- 1,085 lbs (largest)

Defender- 510 lbs (smallest)- 1,645 lbs (largest)

Protector- 570 lbs (smallest)- 1,805 lbs (largest) 

Guardian- 1,245 (smallest)- 2,250 lbs (largest) 

Do keep in mind that just because a safe is heavier does not mean it is more secure. What a heavy safe does mean is that if someone attempts to steal it, they will really struggle to attempt to do so, and it is therefore safer from attempts at theft. However, it does not necessarily mean that it is safer and more secure overall. 

Fort Knox safes tend to be listed at an average weight of 600lbs, although they can be below, or much above that. 

Where are Fort Knox safes made?Fort Knox safes has been known for having the reputation of ‘the most trusted name in security’. They have been building premium safes and vaults for over two decades and are given the title of ‘America's best’. 

Fort Knox safes are manufactured in Orem Utah, and are made with 100% American steel, and other components. Typically, Fort Knox set the standard by which every other safe sold in the United States is judged by, and has been for many, many years now.

While in the current global economy it can be rather hard to tell what is and what is not 100% American made. But, still, Fort Knox prides themselves on producing and selling 100% American made, high-quality gun safes. All of their safes and all of their vaults are crafted and made in the United States of America, at their factory in Orem Utah. 

With Fort Knox, you can feel 100% comfortable and confident that your gun safe was made and manufactured entirely within America, ensuring quality, reliability, and all you could ever ask for when you want to keep everything safe.

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