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Are Wall Safes Secure?

By Riva Vera Patriana July 26, 2021



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Yes, wall safes are secure. They are particularly convenient as they offer hidden protection for your most prized belongings without being in places that are too obvious to find. 

Wall safes can easily be concealed by paintings on the walls, bookcases, even wardrobes if necessary and unless someone has been spying on you or you were to tell family or friends where your wall safe is hidden, then it would be difficult for someone to find it. 

You should never install a wall safe that is within view of a window, or if you do, at least do not install it or open up the safe when you have your curtains or blinds open for everyone on the outside. This will make it easier for people to see where your safe is hidden, figure out the combination, or even see what you’re keeping inside of your safe. 

For extra security and peace of mind, you could try installing the wall safe by yourself instead of hiring out a professional to do it, this will then reduce the number of people who know about the location of your wall safe and therefore the chance of someone finding it is very slim.

However, if a burglar was to find out the location of your wall safe and try to steal it, all they would need to do would be to cut the wall out around your safe or pry it out from its location. 

As wall safes are a lot smaller, therefore the door and the wall thickness on them are not as great as free-standing safes, they are a lot easier to break into if the location is found. For this reason, insurance companies do not recommend people putting more than $5,000 worth of possessions or money into the safe. 

It’s also important to note that most wall safes are drilled to the wall through the exterior of the safe, so removing the safe would be a lot easier than free-standing safes, where the safe is drilled to the floor from within the interior of the safe 

What is the best wall safe?

Some of the best wall safes on the market right now are the Viking VS-B2LX Biometric Fingerprint Security Safe, the Paragon 7725 Superior Wall Safe, or the Mesa MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe.

The Viking Biometric safe will allow you and up to 32 other fingerprints to open up the safe, and you can also install a backup numerical code that will open the safe as well. The steel construction of the safe fits tightly against the wall so it is out of sight and there are two motorized locking bolts that secure the door when it closes. 

There are 3 adjustable shelves inside and an LED light that comes on for easy viewing when the safe is opened. 

The Paragon 7725 Superior Safe features robust steel walls and tamper-proof hinges to provide the ultimate protection for your belongings. The safe comes with a digital keypad and also a physical key in case you happen to forget the code to open up your safe. 

The safe also produces a buzzing alarm that is triggered when someone tries to access the safe without permission i.e without the correct code. The safe is installed by drilling the walls through the interior of the safe, so it would be particularly difficult to remove.

The Mesa Electronic wall safe is made out of a 100% steel construction and the telescoping depth allows you a large capacity inside regardless of your wall thickness. It comes with an advanced electronic lock with concealed emergency key system and concealed door hinges that help prevent the door from being removed. 

When covered with a painting or bookshelf, the safe is undetectable and thanks to the lockout feature, anyone unauthorized pin entries will prevent anyone from being able to enter any more combinations to try and enter the safe. 

How do I remove a wall safe?

If you’re trying to install a different wall safe or you want your wall safe removed completely, first you’ll want to remove any content that is inside, then unscrew the bolts that are securing the safe to the wall, you may need to use vice grips to uncover the bolts. 

Using the head of a screwdriver, or your hands (we recommend using gloves to protect them from sharp edges) pry out the safe from the wall.

How much does a wall safe cost?

A high-quality and reliable wall safe can cost you anything from $75 to $1,000. 

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