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Custom Built Gun Safes | Who Makes Them In the USA

By USA Safe & Vault August 26, 2021



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Often I find that an advertised gun safe does not meet the needs of a gun owner. While there are many options to choose from, these options don’t match exactly what I want. Often the dimension of the safe won’t allow me to install it in the desired location without expensive modifications.  Or I might want extra space to store my wife’s jewelry with my guns and save myself from buying another safe.  Or I might just need more space for a large collection or prefer some unique features in the interior that would make it more convenient to organize the contents

This is where a custom gun safe or a custom-built gun safe can help. While such safes are almost always more expensive they give you exactly what you need and might be less expensive in the long run. 

Read on to know the difference between made-to-order safes and custom-built safes and who makes them in the USA.

The following are the most popular custom made gun safe manufacturers in the USA:

  • Brown Safe

  • Reed Safe

  • Casoro Safe (jewelry safes only but suitable for a handgun)

 These are the most popular made to order gun safe manufacturers in the USA:

  • Fort Knox Safes

  • VaultPro USA Safes

  • Sportsman Steel Safes

  • Sturdy Safes

The Difference Between Made To Order and Custom Gun Safes

A custom gun safe's benefits are that it has the ability to be modified, which is good for people who want their own personal touches when purchasing a safe. The disadvantages include higher prices than made-to-order safes and the amount of time it takes to get delivered. A made-to-order gun safe will have more than one standard size option, so it will be easier for people who don't know how big or small they need their safe.

The cost savings with a made-to-order gun safe is that there is a discounted price if you know the measurements right away. Other advantages include not needing to wait as long for delivery and being able to customize and modify the size as needed. The disadvantage of this type of safe is that it will not include any custom modifications and you do not have the ability to have as many different options.

In general, a made-to-order gun safe has more advantages because you are able to customize and make changes beforehand, without having to pay more or wait longer. A custom gun safe would be something you would purchase if you know exactly what size and modifications you need before purchasing.

Who makes custom gun safes?

You can find numerous manufacturers that make custom gun safes to meet the desire of their customers for valuables storage. Custom safe can be made to specialize in various aspects such as door painting, interior, locking system, and storage needs. What kind of details that you want in your safe can be discussed with the safe manufacturer. 

There are several steps to makes custom gun safes such as follows: 

  • Choosing finish – includes selecting steel liner, steel thickness, custom interior, safe interior, external colors, hardware material, locking system, interior material, and drawer pulls.

  • Choosing security – This includes deciding the level of security as well as the direction of the vault doors swing, you can choose between locking systems such as electronic lock, black dial,  or biometric lock.

  • Choosing drawers – includes considering the use of drawer layouts and configuration that are available in standards such as gun rack and custom options and watch pillows too. 

  • Choosing accessories – includes opting for additional features such as multiple layers, hard plate, lighting, dedication plate, door mirror, door panel, and more. 

After knowing the steps of making custom safes, now let’s recognize some manufacturers that produce custom safes.

Three manufactures creating high-grade custom gun safes 

  • REED


Coming with a tagline where security meets convenience, this manufacturer which is experienced in the gun safes industry for more than 30 years offers custom-built – REED safes that can be created based on customers' needs of valuables storage. Customers can choose the types of security they want to use to protect the safes and what they stored inside. Besides, they can select the materials used so that they will get a safe with high-quality and convenience to use. 

  • Brown


Brown which is renowned to be a top premium safe manufacturer for more than 35 years provides customization or a safe that can reflect their customer's style and desire. Brown safes are made perfectly on each aspect without compromise so that it matches well with particular space, firearms arrangement, or finish selection to create a specific look. With the combination of high-quality materials and craftsmanship, brown custom safes are a perfect option for those looking for military-grade vaults to fireproof jewelry safes. 

  • Casoro


Casoro, which is known to be manufactured for jewelry safe also works with clients to design high-grade custom safes for providing convenience, protection, and security. Casoro safes are made to meet the clients’ needs and desires by including functional elements such as size, security, drawers, and additional features. As they claimed themselves in providing stylish security custom safes, clients also can select colors and wooden materials used to create great decoration and aesthetic look of a safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manufactures gun safes?

There are nearly 150 companies that make gun safes. The top manufacturers include Amsec, GunVault, and Stack-On. These safes come in all types and sizes, with many designs to choose from. They can be purchased either online or in the store. The prices vary according to design and sizes and they can range anywhere from less than $200 for a small standard safe to more than $3,000 for a large gun safe body.

What is the best way to keep my belongings safe?

The best protection for your belongings is to use a safe that has been certified by Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc. as having passed their rigorous testing requirements for fire and theft protection. Unfortunately, most of the gun safes sold in stores do not have UL fire rating listings. 

What is a vault door?

It's a door that is going to keep things in, or out. You don't want anything getting into your house from the outside, and you don't want intruders to get inside the vault room. Vault doors are designed specifically for keeping people out of certain areas of your home or business whether it be by size, strength, or physical attachment.

Are fire-resistant gun safes worth it?

Yes, gun safes with fire protection are worth the extra cost. Not only will they protect your guns from a standard fire, but they also meet several other threats:

High heat – These safes offer protection from high heat that can destroy your guns. There have been reports of fires reaching 1,400 degrees. Imagine what standard long gun storage (that holds up to 350°F) would do at these temps. 

Water & moisture – Fire-resistant safes are resistant to water and moisture, which is another threat that standard safes are not. 

Intruders – A gun safe with burglar protection will deter thieves from trying to get your guns and valuables. 


When creating custom gun safes, each manufacturer has its characteristics that reflect on its products. Although each claims to be able to create a safe based on clients’ needs and preferences, getting to know about the manufacturer’s experience and clients’ reviews on their product helps you to discover whether you can relay your custom-built safe making to a manufacturer or not. 

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