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How Long Does It Take To Crack a Vault Door?

By Riva Vera Patriana September 27, 2021



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I do believe that a vault is the best place to protect yourself from dangers like theft, robbery, tornadoes, and so on. But, are thieves really unable to crack a vault? If it is possible, how long does it take to crack a vault door?

A vault door is a formidable barrier to any would-be intruder. They are designed to withstand attacks from all sides and keep the precious contents safe inside. But how long does it take to crack one? This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about how long it takes for someone to break through your vault door. If you have an intruder, this is all the time you have before they break in.

How long does it take to crack a vault door?

The time to breach a vault is based on the rating of the vault door. Here are the expected time to crack a vault door by professional locksmiths based on the ratings:


Time to Break In


15 minutes

Class I

30 minutes

Class II

60 minutes

Class III

120 minutes

The ratings depend on the tool used. As we know, a safe room or vault is made from a very strong material. A vault is made from steel and it is very thick. It is almost impossible to open a vault door without the key. When somebody decides to crack a combination lock's wheel pack, it may fail. 

What tool does a thief use to crack a vault door? Anyway, he needs something strong and hard. Let us assume that a thief uses a crowbar to crack a vault door. Well, it is not that easy because the door is locked.

What if he hits the vault door powerfully? Still, there is no chance to open a vault door even if you hit it hard. This will only create such a noise that the landlord or next-door neighbor hears the sound of the hitting. 

What is the percentage of success in cracking a vault door?

Is it possible for someone to crack a vault door successfully? Safe cracking a vault door is still possible, but the success rate may only be 5%. There are several reasons why someone might fail to crack a vault door, such as:

  • They don't have the right tools
  • The vault door is made from strong material
  • Vault doors use special and sophisticated locks

Common Locking Mechanism on Safes

While the exterior design of safes are being evolved to be more aesthetically pleasing, many manufacturers still have not provided common locking mechanisms for their safes. The reason behind this is because the safes are intended for different applications and having a single locking mechanism will reduce the number of lock options available. Not only that but if multiple locking mechanisms are provided with the safe, then it will increase the manufacturing costs. 

Here is a list of common locking mechanisms that are available on safes:

Electronic locks

Uses electrical circuits to open the door when correct code is entered on an electronic keypad. It can be programmed to allow multiple users with different access codes allowing each user's access code to work only when it's his/her turn. Although this type of locking mechanism is considered safer than the PIN and tumbler locking bolts, it can still be tampered with by picking or forcing open. 

Biometric lock

Modern high security safes that use biometric key lock to restrict access to authorized users only are a practical option. It works by requiring the authorized user's fingerprint/retina scan before allowing them to open the safe. Biometric locks are one of the more secure options available and can be found on high-end safes. 

Combination Lock

combination lock systems are easy to use, more secure compared with the standard key locking systems. Having a common lock mechanism on your safe can give you peace of mind knowing that only authorized people are gaining access to your valuables and important documents. 

Mechanical safe locks

Mechanical locks are a common locking mechanism on safes which are utilized by safe owners all over the world because of its durability and reliability. Manipulation proof mechanical locks are commonly installed on gun safes, cash boxes, deposit bags, etc.

Now this is a vault!  Of course, that’s only if you plan to make your home Fort Knox!

large vault

How to choose the best safe room or vault?

The door is the most important part when you build a vault. Most intruders will break the door to enter the room. Therefore, if you want to build a vault, you must consider the quality of the door. The best vault door should be made from steel material. Besides, it is also designed with strong hinges and strong locks. Hinges and locks are two important components of a door as a thief might break into the door from the hinges and lock. Use double washes for extra safety. Apart from that, you also have to make sure that the door is also bulletproof.

FAQ | What readers want to know

How much does a bank vault safe door cost?

The cost of a vault door is dependent on many factors including size and type. For example, if you have an irregular-shaped room that needs to be secured then the price tag will go up. A bank vault door can also be custom-designed with various features such as metallic cladding, locking systems, and more. 

Do vault doors open from inside?

Some vault doors can be opened from the inside. There is a release lever on the inside of a vault door. It's marked with a bright red label that says what it does and how to use it. If you can't read the label, just push on it and the door will open. The intercom and ventilation were installed in any new vault from 1950-1970s. And if anyone tries to escape from the vault, an alarm will sound so someone else will know help is needed.

How does a vault door open?

In order to open a vault door, you must enter the correct combination of numbers into the keypad. The lock will then release and allow you access to whatever is stored inside. When it comes to information security, there are many different ways that a cybercriminal could gain access to your company’s data or cause damage if they wanted. The best way to stay protected from these types of attacks is by using a strong password and two-factor authentication whenever possible. These two methods work together as one allows for verification that someone has possession of your physical device while the other provides an additional layer of protection against those who have been able to bypass security measures on your account.

How heavy is a bank vault door?

The weight of a bank vault door varies depending on the size and kind of steel it is made from. For example, a small bank vault door may be about 30 lbs. while a larger, more robust one can weigh upwards to 1 ton or 2000 lbs, meaning that you might need an industrial crane for installation.

What is a glass relocker in a safe?

Glass re lockers are just one of the many types of relockers that people use to keep a safe closed. It is typically just a wire that has been threaded through a window and attached to a bolt on the other side. This bolt is attached to the main locking mechanism. When you want to close your safe, it pulls tight and locks everything in place. 


If you wonder how long it takes to crack a vault door, then we may say that it takes hours to successfully crack a vault door. Of course, it is very difficult to crack the door because it is made from strong materials with good hinges and locking. Even though they believe that the door can be broken into, they might fail because the neighbors will catch their bad deeds in the act. So, you don't have to worry about the security and power of a vault door because it is truly designed to be indestructible unless they use a bomb. 

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