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How to Secure Windows Without Bars

By USA Safe & Vault October 28, 2021

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Windows are easily broken in. They can be secured by the installation of bars, but that is not suitable for all homes. You may have a home with windows that cannot take the pressure of security bars, or you may have beautiful period features such as leaded lights which would spoil the look if you had to secure them with bars.

In the past, if you wanted to secure a window in your home, you would have likely used bars. However with advances in security technology, not only has the traditional bar been replaced by more modern solutions but it has also helped change people's attitudes towards securing windows and doors at their houses.

Many of today's window security systems provide a high level of protection without the use of bars. The next best thing is to secure your windows without bars. You can secure your windows in several ways, including grills, curtains, and shutters. Secure that burglar to such an extent will go away without even trying to get in. Burgle alarms are like security cameras, but instead of being able to see from the inside, you can hear everything outside your home and decide what needs to be secured. A burglar alarm keeps intruders from breaking into your home

Secure your window with curtains and shutters

We lock our home when we are outside because we want to keep burglars out. We might put up security lights and cameras so the burglar won't come inside. But not all people have these things in their homes. They are five times more likely to get robbed than someone who has them in their house because they can't stop the burglar if they try to get into the house through a window or door. If you live in a place with no security measures, then you should get window shutters for your windows because they are better at keeping burglars out of your house

The most secure type of window is one that has a grille on it. You can have different types of grilles for your windows, depending on the look you want. But if you have sash windows, you should not put a secure panel inside them because this could keep the sash from moving up and down. If you do not use sash windows then put the secure panels either way you want, or inside if possible in case someone breaks through the window and tries to break into your home.

How to burglar-proof your home 

Another aspect of security is burglar proofing. This means making it harder to get in so that burglars are less likely to want to try. In order for this to be effective, you will need a few different things together with good grilles. But this is not enough. You need surveillance cameras and motion detectors that will secure the burglar when they are trying to break in.

A good security system makes it hard for burglars to get in and take your things. You need a few things, but the most important one is a camera. You will also want to have a motion detector.

How To Safe-Proof Windows Without Bars

There are also systems for windows that let you close them without having to lock them. When you shut the window, special screws keep it closed. That way, no one can open it without breaking it. This is a good way to keep people out even though there are no bars on the windows and they cannot get in unless they break the windows.

Security Bars For Windows

Security bars are a good way to protect your home. They are metal and are hard for burglars to break. But security bars will not work on all windows. Burglars can break the glass on the inside, but metal bars will still stop them from coming in.

Security bars protect your house and make it harder for thieves to get in. But they are not the only way of preventing burglary; in fact, bar windows do very little to protect against burglary. They are heavy and so burglars don't usually want them because they take a lot of work. But window bars will keep burglars from breaking through your window on the inside with glass, so you still have protection with bars instead of just security bars.

Security Cameras

You can have a window that is secure from being broken by bars. But it is still not enough to keep burglars away. No burglar will want to break into a house with surveillance cameras and motion detectors installed. Security cameras are another great tool for protecting your home against burglary; they can record all activity at the windows and doors of your home. There are even hidden cameras that can record activity in your home without the burglar knowing it! Cameras are another way to deter burglars from breaking into your house.

Burglar Alarms with Monitoring

Some people say that burglar alarms are good because they might make burglars think before they enter your house. Burglar alarms can be really complicated or really easy, but they all have the same purpose - to stop burglars from stealing things from your house.

If you decide that you want to get a burglar alarm, then make sure that the company that you get it from is monitored by a central service. This means when someone triggers the alarm, the police will be notified. Some companies can also send a text message with your address in it if they know where your house is.

Protecting Windows from Outside Attacks

There are different things you can do to protect your house from outside attacks. One is a product that covers a window and makes it hard for burglars to break in another way. This product is cheap but not very effective because the burglar can break the glass and then use their fingers to unlock or open the door. You must make sure that this window is covered with bars on the outside of it (not inside).

Some products can prevent burglars from getting into your house. See our collection of safes with burglary protection.  They come in a variety of sizes to suit all budgets and needs.


If you fence around your house, it is more difficult for a burglar to get in and out of your yard without being noticed. A secure fence will make it more difficult for the burglar and help protect your property.


You will want to make sure your home is safe. For most people, this means they have insurance. If someone breaks into your house, you can get money back from the insurance company if you can prove that something was taken or broken. This will help protect your assets and help you with any money problems that might happen because of the break-in.

Double Glazing

Today many people get double glazing. This is more expensive than single glazing, but it gives you better insulation and security. Double glazing is very hard to break and if it breaks down there will be two layers that will not let the burglar in; this makes them a lot safer. Some homes choose to install security shutters as well, but this is not necessary if you have double glazing.


Other things you can do to make your house more secure are using a lock or a thorny bush. You need to use these with other ways of securing your home if they are going to be effective.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a window unbreakable?

There are many ways to protect your windows. There are some products that will help you protect your window and keep it safe. The most secure window is like a bank vault: it is made of metal and is very hard to break into. This is the best way, but sometimes it is too expensive for people to use on their house. A more affordable way to protect your windows from break-ins is by adding screws on the hinges and a metal rod that goes across from one side of the window frame to the other side of the frame.

There are several ways to make windows more secure for when there is a break-in. One way is to replace the hinges with screws and add a metal rod that crosses from one side to the other. This makes it difficult for anyone who breaks into your house because they can't just break the glass. Another way is to put bars of metal on the outside of your window, like what you see at banks or jewelry stores. This will make it hard for someone who wants to break in because they will need special tools which most people do not have.

Can burglars open locked windows?

Yes, windows can be opened. They are usually more secure than doors because they have security bars to hold them in place. Most people who break into homes carry tools called jacks that have metal clamps with rubber tips on the end. These tools are used to break open doors or windows, but it is easier to break into a window than a door because the window has bars holding it in place.

What is the strongest secure window?

The strongest secure window you can buy is called a secure door. These securers come in various sizes (anywhere from 6" x 6" for a small glass item like a secure clock to secure doors that are 6'x 8' secure feet for a securer with secure glass) and they can be made secure by adding secure bars that secure the door shut. This type of secure window is very secure and almost impossible to break open, but it is also extremely heavy and expensive.

What is the cheapest way to secure windows?

If you want to have a window that is secure and will not let thieves in, but is not the most secure, get security bars. Security bars are good for sliding glass doors too. They attach to the top of it and cross over whatever item is in the window (like clocks). These security bars are very cheap, usually around $100 for a set of security bars that will work for up to five sliding patio doors.


In conclusion, there are many ways to protect your home without bars on your windows. These include burglar alarms and surveillance systems. You should also think about buying safes and insurance, as well as making it harder for burglars to break in. This can be done by replacing doors with secure ones and getting fences that are difficult to climb over.

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