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What to Consider When Buying Metal Lockers | Over 20 Most-Asked Questions Answered

By Riva Vera Patriana October 06, 2021



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Metal lockers are a great option for many uses. You can find metal lockers for sale at all sorts of prices, and there are metal lockers made to withstand the rigors of tactical use or everyday wear-and-tear.  In this blog post, we'll cover what to consider when buying metal lockers: types of locks, maintenance considerations, and capacity based on the intended use.

What are the best brands in metal lockers?

But one size does not fit all when it comes to the best metal lockers. There are a few variables to consider before purchasing one, including size, lock style, and portability. We’ve put together our list of the best metal lockers on the market today. Depending on your specific needs, you should be able to find the right one for you.

Our top metal locker brands in the USA are:

Are Salsbury Lockers any good?

Salsbury Lockers is one of the top-rated mid-level lockers in the United States. The Salsbury Locker provides excellent security and protection at an affordable price. It has enhanced standard features that you might expect only in a higher-priced locker. 

An affordable, and good quality Salsbury Locker we like is the Salsbury 71024 24-inch wide by 24 inch deep by 6 ft high metal locker.

Salsbury 71024 24-inch wide by 24 inch deep by 6 ft high metal locker

Are Hallowell Lockers any good?

The Hallowell Wood/Metal Lockers are a good choice because they have the best of both worlds. They have metal, which is strong and durable, and furniture-grade wood. This keeps the locker from being easily broken into.

An affordable, and good quality Hallowell Locker we like is the Hallowell Premium Stock Box Locker.

Hallowell Premium Stock Box Locker

Salsbury vs Hallowell Lockers

Salsbury and Hallowell Lockers lead the nation in the quality of their products in terms of burglary and fire protection. While providing maximum protection for firearms or other valuables, the Hallowell lockers simultaneously maintain a sleek appearance. Many Hallowell lockers come in invariants to fit your preferences.

Some key differences between the Salsbury and Hallowell lockers are summarized below.

Salisbury Lockers

Hallowell Lockers

Most are imported

Made in the USA

Great quality - can be slightly pricier

More affordable with some economy models

Wide selection 

Wide selection

How does a locker work?  

Metal Lockers are usually hinged together with an open side that will allow you access to the space within. You'll find metal lockers for sale that are secured with a metal bar that runs across the whole front of the metal locker and secures to both sides.  This type of metal locker is best used when you want quick and easy access to the contents inside and security isn't a high priority. For schools or other locations where people of all ages are accessing metal lockers, this type of metal locker is a great choice.  For added security, you could also use padlocks to secure your metal locker and the metal bar that runs across the front of it.

What type of metal locker would be best suited to my needs? 

There are many kinds of metal lockers on the market.  Heavy Duty Lockers are strong metal lockers with metal doors as opposed to metal grilles. They're more suited to the storage of valuables such as money, jewelry, and important documents. Another example is an archive metal locker which can be used for storing books, files, or medical records.  They are usually metal lockers with a metal bar across the whole face of the metal locker, therefore providing significant security against metal locker theft.

How can metal lockers be maintained and repaired? 

Metal lockers are not difficult to maintain or repair when they do need looking after - the metal is relatively soft so can be easily drilled into if you need to install shelves or other items in your metal locker. All-metal lockers come with metal locker hooks which you can use to hang metal lockers lights or any items you wish to store inside your metal locker.

What size metal locker do I need? Do I need wheels on my metal locker? 

The metal locker capacity that you'll require will depend on what you intend to use it for - whether it's a tactical metal locker, metal locker for school or metal locker hire in Sydney.  You should have sufficient metal locker capacity to store your items and leave space inside the metal locker for a person to move around comfortably without bumping into everything. If you want a metal locker with wheels on it then look for metal lockers that come with built-in wheels - metal lockers with metal wheels.  

How do I secure metal lockers? 

Metal locker security: metal lockers are particularly vulnerable to theft if left unsecured. Many metal lockers come with a metal bar across the face of the metal locker and this is designed to make it difficult for would-be metal locker thieves or vandals to remove items from metal lockers. The metal bar isn't, however, the most secure metal locker locking mechanism as metal locker thieves can use metal cutters to remove metal bars and gain access to metal locker contents through the holes they've created themselves. For even greater metal locker security you could use padlocks on both sides of metal lockers or have a metal locking mechanism fitted to metal lockers. 

How do I assemble metal lockers if I buy them unassembled?

A simple set of tools and the manufacturer’s instructions are all you need to assemble metal lockers.  Watch the video below to get the details as presented by one manufacturer.

What metal locker accessories do I need? 

For metal lockers storage solutions, metal locker accessories include metal hinge pins, metal pry-proof handles, phenolic number plates, and metal hinges. You can find metal lockers for sale online with metal security features that are designed to make it impossible for a metal locker thief to pry metal lockers open, metal locker accessories such as metal hinges, and metal locker pry-proof handles.

Are there any disadvantages to metal lockers? 

The biggest disadvantage of metal lockers is that they can be cut into metal cutters or metal bolt-cutters. Metal locks aren't a high-security option as they can simply be cut out of metal lockers.

What is the best way to clean metal lockers? 

To keep your metal locker clean you could install a dedicated 'cleaning area' in which metal cleaners and metal polishers are metal locker accessories and metal lockers can be stored. A good metal cleaner for metal lockers on the metal shop floor is a metal cleaning solution that cleans metal without damaging the metal itself.

Where should I put my metal locker? 

Metal locker placement: metal lockers should be placed where they will best suit your needs metal locker organization metal lockers are metal lockers to be metal used in areas metal locker where metal locker staff and metal locker customers will see them. Metal lockers should also be metal placed in metal locker areas that will best suit the type of items you'll be storing inside metal lockers. If you're storing medical equipment then it makes sense to metal locker these metal lockers metal locker in metal medical centers metal shop. Metal lockers should be metal placed metal lockers where they can be seen by a lot of people metal in an office, metal place of work or school is good as it means your items are more likely to get returned if left inside metal lockers.

How can I personalize my metal locker? 

You can choose from a wide range of personalized metal locker accessories that will add individuality to your storage solution. From nameplates and badge holders to custom wall panels and coat hooks, there are lots of ways from metal locker shops to customize metal lockers.

Why choose metal locker systems? 

Metal locker systems are a cost-effective solution for large metal storage areas, where lots of metal lockers are needed. These metal storage solutions can reduce costs because they're pre-designed with the end in mind. The company makes them already, so metal locker shops know what works and will work for you.

What type of metal are lockers?

Lockers are usually in rows, joined together. They can be made of different materials. Mostly they are steel, but sometimes they can be made of wood or plastic.

How heavy is a metal locker?

The typical height for a standard locker is around 5ft 9 inches or 1800mm. The width ranges, but the most common size is 300m wide.

How much do metal lockers cost?

Lockers can be made out of various materials. They will cost more if they are bigger or have special features. Lockers can also be expensive depending on how many lockers the company is making and what type of material it's made from. Prices can be anywhere from $100 to as much as $1,000.

Metal Lockers for any job?

Metal lockers are commonly used and are durable, efficient, and budget-friendly. We offer multiple styles and options and offer athletic lockers and wall lockers, as well as storage cabinets to meet all your needs. These work well in school locker rooms, office warehouses, and gyms. 

FAQs | What Readers Want to Know

Are metal lockers hard to keep clean? 

Metal lockers are made of shelves and can easily be cleaned with metal cleaning products. Metal doors can be metal cleaned with metal door metal cleaner. If metal lockers need metal cleaning, metal mopping, and metal polishing use metal cleaners specially designed for metal lockers.

Are metal lockers strong? 

Yes, metal lockers are very strong! They're made of sturdy steel or aluminum metal lockers. Metal lockers can hold a lot of metal weight metal without buckling. They're also strong because they're made from steel or aluminum so are harder metal than alternative options such as wood or plastic.

Are metal lockers economical? 

Yes, if you buy your lockers in bulk then this can make them great value lockers for sale, especially when you compare them to wood. If your metal shop area is large and needs many metal lockers then buying in bulk can save you money as the unit cost per locker will be lower.

Key Takeaways

In summary, metal lockers are ideal for a diversity of metal locker storage uses. They're available in a range of metal locker sizes and metal locker colors to suit your metal locker requirements.  Metal lockers can also be fitted with metal security features to make it difficult for metal locker thieves to access and metal locker accessories can be installed metal lockers to add metal locker functionality. These metal lockers are ideal metal lockers for schools, metal lockers for medical centers, and metal lockers to use at work or home. 


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