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Will A Gun Safe Rust on a Concrete Floor?

By Riva Vera Patriana September 26, 2021



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Moisture is known to be the main problem when you have a safe as it can cause damage to it and what you keep inside. There are some parts in your home that have higher humidity that can make a safe more prone to rust. Moisture inside a safe can be treated using a dehumidifier on how to get rid of moisture and rest from the outside?

So, will gun safe rust on a concrete floor?

Yes, it will. A gun safe base is likely to trap moisture and cause rust, particularly when it is placed directly on the concrete floor. It happens because the concrete slab produces moisture and increases the humidity level. This condition can be avoided with several treatments.

There are many different types of safe floors. Many safes advertised as being suitable for a "concrete floors" could be placed on almost any flooring material without further modification, but it is important to understand that the type of concrete floor hold being discussed can vary widely. 

There are a number of floor treatments that can help you when you want to put a safe on a concrete slab.

Consider the location

A location where you put a safe is important as there are some areas at home which are higher in humidity level like a basement. You should not put a gun safe directly in the basement. 

Concrete floors can also vary widely in terms of strength and durability. If your safe is very heavy (over 2500 pounds safe), you should always check with an engineer before choosing a floor. This is especially important if the safe will be located near a bearing wall or another important structure. The last thing you want is for your safe to crack your floor, forcing you to pay for floor repairs as well as the relocation of the gun safe.

If this happens to your safe and it's on concrete flooring than chances are good that moisture will seep into the metal over time which makes for more rapid corrosion of steel based products. It may not happen right away but eventually everything does give up its ghost rust stains or paint chips no matter how much we try cleaning them before they start eating through holes straight down towards our guts cavity with sharp points jutting out all around!

Use materials to put underneath

There are numerous materials that help to get rid of moisture from the bottom of a safe. Hard materials are known to be effective as they don’t produce moisture when placed under a safe.  

Generally speaking, it is best to install a gun safe on a floor that will not melt. The reason for this is fairly simple: metal loses strength at high temperatures and can buckle or deform. This could cause your gun safe to open unexpectedly in the event of a fire.

After explaining possible treatments you can do when placing a safe on a concrete garage floor, now let’s know further about what to put under gun safe on concrete slab

Best materials to place under a gun safe 

Hockey pucks

Hockey pucks serve as a great choice to treat the bottom of a free standing gun safes and owners can just simply put each on a safe’s corners. There are numerous kinds of ice hockey pucks in the market and you just need to get the most suitable ones. Bolting down a safe through hockey pucks makes it more secure so that it doesn’t easily move that may harm a floor or people surrounding it. Placing hockey pucks on its corners creates a gap that allows air circulation to flow evenly under a safe and reduce potential rust.

Rubber pad 

Similar to hockey pucks, rubber pads are placed on each corner of a safe and add one more in the middle. To improve the security, bolt down a safe through these rubber pads. The gap created by the pads and floor enables air flow freely that prevents moisture condensation and conducts moisture. 

Rubber mats

Another solution is using a 3 to 4 inches rubber mat or you can cut based on the size of a gun safe. Bolting down a safe through a rubber barrier not only makes it more secure but also serves as a moisture barrier for better airflow underneath the safe so that it prevents any rust. 

FAQs | What readers want to know

Will a gun safe damage my floor?

Gun safes can cause irreversible damage to your floors. They are extremely heavy and this weight can quickly take a toll on your floors. In addition to damaging your floors, placing a gun safe directly on your floors can cause it to rust due to moisture build up.

There are several ways to protect your gun safe and make sure it stays in perfect condition.

What should I put under my gun safe?

A lot of large gun safe today come with pre-drilled holes to mount them on the floor. If you have one, this is your best option for placing it somewhere other than on top of your floors. There are ingenious ways to do that. Proper storage is so important in preventing this unsightly and irreversible concrete floor damage. As much as possible, avoid having your firearm directly touch the ground. A good padded material will help protect your weapons from the ground and other surfaces it may be placed upon. 

Will a gun safe protect against rust?

The short answer is yes, a gun safe will protect your firearms from rust. Rust is the corrosive reaction of iron with oxygen in water or moisture in the air. The benefit of protecting guns against rust is that it lengthens the service life of your firearms and spare parts, saving you money in the long run. 

Is it OK to put a gun safe in the basement?

From a safety standpoint, storing firearms in your basement is a bad idea. Firearms must be stored under lock and key with ammunition secured separately to prevent anyone from being able to access them. Safes are designed for this purpose, but basements tend to be dark, wet, and dirty. This environment is not conducive to safe storage and even if the firearm and ammunition are properly secured in a safe it still should not be stored in a basement.


Avoiding rust from a safe’s base is possible by using an effective gun safe platform. There are several options a safe’s owner can select such as four pucks, rubber pad, and rubber stall mat. 

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