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Browning Safe Freight Damage Policy

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Founded in 1947 by F.L. "Shorty" Shurtliff, Provo Steel & Supply Company started as a quality metalworking shop serving Utah's construction industry.

The company grew, eventually landing a contract in the 1960s with the iconic Tropicana Hotel and Casino, elevating its status as a major structural steel supplier. In 1977, seizing an opportunity from a customer's need, ProSteel began manufacturing gun safes, quickly monopolizing their manufacturing capacity due to high demand. This endeavor caught the attention of Browning, a distinguished firearm company, and by 1983, Browning contracted ProSteel to be their exclusive safe supplier.

Today, Browning Safes®, manufactured by ProSteel Security Products, set the industry standard with their superior construction, innovative technology, and patented interior designs, assuring customers peace of mind.

Step 1:

Inspect all gun safes, safes, Vault Doors, Security doors, etc. received while the driver is onsite. Check for any damage to the carton or cardboard, pallet, or shipping legs. If the cardboard has indentations of strap marks, please remove the cardboard to inspect the safe directly. Overtightened shipping straps will cause damage to the paint surface.

*** IMPORTANT: Do not sign any documents prior to the inspection.

Step 2:

If damage is located you must fully inspect the product 100%. This will require the box to be removed and pictures taken along with notes. Please note all damage in detail on the bill of lading or delivery receipt. If the damage is severe or the damage is not able to be repaired with touch up paint, please refuse shipment. ***It is your right to refuse a safe that arrives damaged due to damage that occurs in shipment.

Step 3:

If there is no damage to the carton, cardboard, packaging, pallet, or shipping legs you are clear to sign for the shipment. *** Please double check to make sure nothing is missed.

Step 4:

If damage is reported on the bill of lading or delivery receipt, please email all details to and contact the freight carriers number found on the bill of lading or delivery receipt.



A damaged safe that is received and signed without first noting the damage on the bill of lading or delivery receipt will be unable to file a claim through Prosteel.

The customer will be responsible for filling a claim directly with the freight carrier regarding any damage that has not been noted on the Bill of lading or delivery receipt.

Customers that have noted damage on the bill of lading or delivery receipt please follow Step 4 so ProSteel can assist you with filling the claim.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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