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Veteran Discounts Extended to Law Enforcement and First Responders

Veteran Discounts available on all Gun Safes and Purchases! 

Here at USA Safe and Vault, we are thankful for the service of our veterans. Unlike most other retailers we reward vets year-round with our Every-Day-Vet-Discount, and not just on Veterans Day.  [** 2020-2021 Update:  In recognition of the front line battles that law enforcement and our first responders are facing, we've extended our Vet Discounts eligibility to many more.  Read our blog on the latest offer.]

If you are a veteran and would like to utilize your veteran discount, please refer to the details in our blog post on our Every-Day-Vet-Discount or either call us at (800) 418-1844 or email us at with the product you are purchasing, and we will provide the best possible discount for you! 

Our blog covers how to check if you are eligible, what you need to do, what we do, and the discount you can expect.  Check to see if you qualify!

We also ask that a copy of your DD214 or veteran ID be emailed to for verification.