$2,920.36 $2,720.36

Mesa 30 Minute Burglary Fire Safe MGL36-AS

$2,610.87 $2,410.87

Mesa 30 Minute 24 Gun Safe MGL24

$2,932.62 $2,732.62

Mesa 30 Minute 36 Gun Safe MGL36

$218.37 $188.37

Mesa Safes MPS-1 MPS Series Gun Safe

$2,810.87 $2,410.87

Mesa Safes MGL24E Burglary And Fire Gun Safe

$2,123.46 $1,895.38

Mesa Safes MGL14 Burglary And Fire Gun Safe

$4,026.55 $3,526.55

Mesa Safes MBF7236E Burglary And Fire Gun Safe

$4,199.00 $2,996.23

Mesa Safes MBF6032E Burglary And Fire Gun Safe

$3,500.00 $2,270.25

Mesa Safes Burglary And Fire Gun Safe MBF5922E

$236.25 $189.00

Hollon Pistol Box Safes PB-BIO-2

$229.00 $176.00

Hollon Pistol Box Safes PB20

$195.00 $139.00

Hollon Pistol Box Safes PB10

$1,613.75 $1,448.00

Hollon Hunter Series Gun Safe HGS-16E

$1,278.75 $1,143.00

Hollon Hunter Series Gun Safe HGS-11E

$3,296.23 $2,996.23

Mesa Safe MBF6032 Burglary and Gun Fire Safe

$2,610.00 $2,270.25

MESA Gun Safe MBF5922

$3,926.55 $3,526.55

MESA Constitution Safe MBF7236-P

$4,900.00 $4,159.00

Winchester Legacy 44

$2,900.00 $2,479.00

Winchester Slim Daddy 30 Fireproof Long Gun Safe

$2,999.00 $2,759.00

Winchester Big Daddy 36

$2,400.00 $1,979.00

Winchester Ranger 26

$3,800.00 $2,889.00

Winchester Ranger 54 UL Certified Long Gun Safe

Best Gun Safes

Being a gun owner comes with lots of responsibility. You must know how to use, clean, and care for your firearms properly. You also have a duty to keep your firearms out of the wrong hands. You must properly secure them so that children, criminals, and other unauthorized/untrained individuals don't have access. 

That's why you should have a high-quality gun safe. It will secure your firearms and ensure only you have access to them. High-quality safes also provide other benefits. Some provide fire protection, give you a place to display your firearm collection, etc. 

Be a responsible gun owner by shopping our site today. We have a wide range of products, making it easy to find the one that's perfect for your collection. 

Made in the USA

We are proud to say that most of our products are made in the USA. With every item, you can expect unmatched expertise and attention to detail. And, when you purchase through us, you will be supporting the American economy and workforce.  

Another perk of our made in the USA products? The quality is often superior to foreign competitors. American steel (compared to, say, Chinese steel) tends to have lower oxidation levels. This results in steel that is stronger and more durable. 

Browse our vast collection of made in the USA products today! 

Leading USA Manufacturers

We sell products made by the country's leading manufacturers. Names like Cannon Safe, Winchester, Barska, and Hollon have been in the industry for years. Gun owners trust them for their high-quality products. 

USA Safe & Vault is an authorized dealer for these trusted brands. When you buy through us, you can expect the same quality and level of satisfaction. You'll also be getting the most out of your investment as you will qualify for the manufacturer's warranty. 

Small vs. Large Gun Safes

Every gun owner has a unique collection and specific storage needs for each item. Luckily, we sell safes in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Our small options are perfect for storing pistols, revolvers, and other small firearms. Some are compact enough to fit by your bedside, providing you quick access in an emergency. We also have portable products that make it easy to travel with your firearms. We have products for your SUV, safes compatible with TSA requirements for gun safety, etc. 

If you need something larger, never fear! We also have many large gun safes available. Our large gun safes can hold multiple firearms. They are also capable of storing guns with longer barrels (rifles, shotguns, etc.). 

Whatever size you need, we've got you covered. Browse our small and large gun safes today. 

In-the-Wall Gun Safes

Some gun owners store their safes in their closets or under their beds. This can be a practical option, especially if they have the room. But, if you are tight on space, in-the-wall gun safes might be a better option. 

True to their name, in-the-wall gun safes situate themselves into your wall. They are very space-efficient and will open up room for your other belongings. 

Another great thing about in-the-wall gun safes is they are more discreet. This keeps your firearms away from curious children. It also keeps them away from thieves. They won't see your safe from your window, possibly deterring them from entering your house. If they do break-in, they will likely go after items that are more in plain sight. 

For even more discretion, you can find a style that matches your existing decor. Browse our high-quality in-the-wall gun safes today! 

Gun Benches

Like in-the-wall gun safes, gun benches are another discreet option. Our benches look and function like normal benches, coffee tables, and other common household furniture pieces. 

When you open our benches, you'll realize that they offer storage for your firearms. They lock and are long enough to secure rifles and other longer firearms. 

Our benches provide secure storage, keeping them out of sight of thieves. They also make great conversational pieces for guests. Browse our collection of benches today! 

Gun Cabinets

If you want to display your collection, check out our gun cabinets. They are beautifully crafted and will make a great addition to your living room. All the while, they will securely store your firearms and keep them out of the wrong hands.

Locking Mechanisms

Traditional locking mechanisms use a lock and key to secure contents. However, in today's market, you'll notice that there are all kinds of locking mechanisms. You will have to analyze your situation to determine which locking mechanism is the best (and most secure) for your home. 

Our site features products with just about every locking mechanism you can think of. Some of our most popular options include: 

  • Wheel-and-pin locking. Wheel-and-pin locking mechanisms use a spinning combination lock.
  • Electronic locking. With electronic locking, you gain access by typing a number password into a button array or touchscreen display.
  • Biometric locking. This is arguably the most secure locking mechanism. Because it will only open for your fingerprint, you can ensure you are the only one with access to your firearms.

We also have products that feature two or more locking systems. Multi-locking systems add even more security. If you have children, you should get either a biometric or multi-locking system. 

Fireproof Safes

Guns can be quite an investment. This is especially true if you have high-quality firearms, newer models, antique rifles, etc. Depending on what you have, your collection can be worth thousands of dollars. 

You'll want to protect your investment in every way you can. Locking mechanisms, of course, protect it from theft. However, you might want to get something that is also fireproof.

Home fires are more common than you might think. Realistically, your guns are in more danger of a home fire than being stolen by a thief. A fireproof safe will protect your collection and prevent you from having to replace it in the aftermath of a fire. 

Our fireproof safes are top-of-the-line. While no safe is completely fireproof, our products can withstand high temperatures for long periods of time. Note that the more fire protection it provides, the more expensive the product will be. 

When you browse our fireproof safes, you'll notice each has a fireproof rating. It's worth mentioning that there is no standard fireproof rating for gun safes. However, all of our products come from trustworthy manufacturers. They run independent third-party testing on their products, ensuring that their fireproof ratings are accurate.

Protect your firearms by shopping our top-rated fireproof products.  

Waterproof Safes

Fire isn't the only element you need to protect your guns against. Our waterproof safes will shield your firearms from flooding and other kinds of water damage. 

Like with our fireproof safes, our waterproof ones go through independent third-party testing. The seals are water-tight and will protect your firearms from moisture. 

Our waterproof safes are ideal if you live on the water or in an area prone to flooding. You might also want to consider a waterproof model if you are storing your safe in a basement. This will protect your firearms in case there's a leak or flooding in your basement while you're on vacation. 

Most gun owners often do not realize that waterproofing is less about protection from flooding as it is protection from the water used by firefighters during a house fire.  In other words, even if you are not in the flood zone, should you have a fire, your safe will be doused by firefighters when they attempt to put out the fire.  Tragically, your firearms would have survived the fire, only to have been subjected to water damage.

Quick-Opening Gun Safes

Large gun safes are great for securing your collection. However, they are not practical for home defense purposes. This is because it doesn't make sense to store a large gun safe by your bed or another accessible area. And, large gun safes take longer to unlock and retrieve a firearm from. 

So, if you have a firearm for home defense purposes, consider quick-opening gun safes. Quick-opening gun safes are small enough to store at your bedside. And, as the name suggests, they give you fast access to the firearm inside. You can open these safes touch-free with a wristband, sticker, or key fob. 

Quick-opening gun safes provide fast access while still securely storing your firearms. So, if you want something for home defense, our quick-opening gun safes are for you. 

Storage Options for Accessories

As a gun owner, you don't just have to store your firearms. You must also store your accessories. 

Many of our gun safes have plenty of room for your accessories. There's enough space to store your holsters, slings, sights, etc. You'll find the extra compartments super convenient. You'll also have to store your ammo. This will keep it secure and prevent the gunpowder from losing potency. 

Luckily, we have plenty of safes specifically designed to store ammunition. They are compact to help you save on space. Many are also travel-friendly, making it easy to transport your ammo securely. 

Select a Product in Our Collection to Find Your Favorite Gun Safe

Here at USA Safe & Vault, high-quality gun safes are our specialty. We have a wide variety of products that will keep your collection secure and ensure you're the only one that has access. 

Click on any of the products in our collection to find the gun safes and accessories you need today!
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