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Veteran Discounts on Safes (2021 Update: Active military, and police )

By Jeremiah Colt November 17, 2020

Veterans deserve more than a once-a-year Veterans Day celebration. I was thrilled to know that USA Safe And Vault - unlike other online retailers - goes the extra mile to thank veterans for their service all through the year with a special "Every-Day Veteran Discount".

The expected discount for orders over $2,000 depends on the model, supplier and shipping destination and varies from $25 to as much as $150.

While the primary goal is to thank veterans, USA Safe And Vault has extended the Every-Day Veteran Discount to all active military, law enforcement, and first responders who are on the frontlines of their own battles. Now through 2021, the same discount is extended to ALL personnel whose patriotism needs to be celebrated and rewarded.

Who is eligible?

Military: You are eligible if you are currently serving or have previously served and were honorably discharged from the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard or Navy.  This includes active military, veterans, retired military, military reserve, military academies, and ROTC.

U.S. Law Enforcement: You are eligible if you are a federal, state or local law enforcement officer. This includes state police and highway patrol, sheriffs, city police and federal agents (FBI, TSA, ATF, ICE, Border Patrol, etc.)

Firefighters & First Responders: You are eligible if you are a federal or municipal firefighter or EMT.

What is discounted?

The discount is for orders over $2,000, excluding any freight and shipping charges, gift cards, and free accessories. Your order could be a mix of a safe and related accessories.

What discount can you expect?

USASafeAndVault works the best discount and negotiates on your behalf with suppliers. Please place your order online because the discount depends on the destination to which your items will be sent. As the discount depends on many factors like supplier, model number, freight charges, and price of the products, we can only provide an estimate till we get your order details. Most vets have enjoyed discounts ranging from $25 to $150 per order.

What to do to get the discount?

Please follow these steps to get your discount:

(1) Place your order with us, for the right shipping address, any customization of the safe, and additional options (white glove delivery, lock type etc.) you are selecting.  If you like, you can also email USASafeAndVault, before placing your order.

(2) Add a note in the order notifying us that you would like the Every-Day Vet Discount.

(3) Email us a scanned and readable copy of your proof of identity and redact any personal information like address, etc., (e.g. Vets should provide us with your DD214.)

What We Do To Get you Your Discount?

On receiving your order, or notification that you would like the Every-Day Veterans Discount, the Customer Care team does the following:

(1) Checks your ID, all costs and notifies you about your Every-Day Vet Discount, after negotiating the best discount with the supplier.

(2) Even though USASafeAndVault has the best price with the discount, you reserve to cancel the order if you are not satisfied or if you change your mind.

(3) Your order will not ship without Customer Care personally contacting you first. At this point all the details of the order will be confirmed and finalized.

The Fine Print, in Not-So-Fine Print

To allow us to fund this program and sustain it going forward, we have a few restrictions that we hope you will understand.

  • Discount and promotion stacking is not allowed.
  • Price matching does not apply to orders with a vet discount.
  • Where we offer free accessories with purchase, we give you the option for the free accessories or the discount, but not both. (Most of our vets choose the discount.)
  • The discount varies by the supplier, the model number, time of the year, so we don't have a fixed discount (like say, 5-7% off).
  • USA Safe And Vault reserves the right to discontinue or modify this program without notice and at any time.

Conclusion / TL:DR

USA Safe And Vault has extended its special Every-Day Veterans Discount to all law enforcement, ex-military and first responders through 2021, in recognition of the many battles we are fighting. For orders over $2,000 discounts range from $25 to $150 depending on the product, the supplier and the destination to where the order is shipped.

- By Jeremiah Colt, for

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