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Can You Lay a Safe on its Back?

By Maria Paiz January 19, 2024

Can you lay a safe on its back?

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Can You Lay a Safe on its Back?


As a fellow gun owner, I completely understand the challenges that come with owning a gun safe. They're like these giant, immovable rocks - essential for keeping our guns and valuables secure, but they are a real pain to move. I've been there, staring at my bulky safe, wondering how on earth I'm going to get it from point A to point B without throwing out my back or wrecking my house. So, let's talk about one of our biggest questions: Can you lay a gun safe on its back without causing a disaster? In this guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know about moving a gun safely – the smart and safe way.

Preparing to Move Your Safe

Considering laying your safe on its back for easier transport is a valid thought. However, it's vital to understand the correct way to tip a safe without causing any damage to it or its contents. This involves several important preparatory steps.

The first safety tip is to empty the safe. If you tip the safe with your guns or valuables inside, there's a risk they might get tossed around, potentially causing damage. Likewise, removing any movable shelves or organizers is advisable to prevent them from being dislodged and damaging the safe's interior, including the locking mechanisms, hinges, and linings.

Empty a safe before attempting to move it.

Before deciding to tip the safe, assess if it's truly necessary. Can the safe fit through doorways and openings without tipping? If so, it's best to move it upright to avoid the challenge of lifting it back up. However, if tipping is unavoidable, prepare both your home and the safe to facilitate a smooth and safe transition.

Moving Your Gun Safe: Safety Tips and Best Practices

Moving a gun safe, particularly a heavy-duty model like a Liberty safe, can seem daunting. But with the proper safety tips and some know-how, you can easily maneuver your gun safe through narrow spaces and around obstacles.

Preparing for the Move

Before laying your gun safe on its back or side, taking several safety precautions is crucial. Start by completely emptying your gun safe. This means removing firearms, valuables, and any loose items. If your safe has a combination lock or other delicate mechanisms, ensure they're secured and protected.

Next, consider the tools you'll need. A sturdy hand truck or an appliance dolly with adequate load ratings is essential for moving a heavy safe. Furniture blankets will protect the safe's exterior, and work gloves are necessary for your safety. If you're moving the safe into a pickup truck, a loading ramp can significantly help.

Laying the Safe Down

When it's time to lay the safe on its back, do so gently to avoid any internal damage. If your safe has a specific fire rating, ensure that laying it down won't compromise this protection. Placing a thick carpet or PVC pipe underneath can help distribute the weight and prevent damage to both your floor and the safe.

Moving Through Narrow Spaces

Navigating narrow spaces requires patience and precision. Conduct a test run without the safe to ensure your path is clear and your tools are suitable. This is also the time to enlist help – moving a gun safe is not a one-person job. Family members or friends can assist in guiding the safe through tight spots.

Moving a safe through a narrow space

Safety First

Always prioritize safety over speed. Wear appropriate protective gear like work gloves and take breaks if needed. Remember, moving a gun safe isn't just about getting it from point A to point B; it's about doing so without causing damage to your property or the safe and ensuring no harm comes to anyone involved.

Can you lay a safe on its back? Use work gloves to move it.

FAQ Guide (What Readers Want to Know)

Is It Safe to Lay a Gun Safe on Its Back?

Yes, it's generally safe to lay a gun safe on its back, especially during transport. For a smooth process, ensure your gun safe is empty, with all contents, shelves, and organizers removed. Use furniture blankets or other appropriate padding to safeguard the safe's surface and structural integrity.

What Precautions Should I Take When Moving a Safe?

Before moving a safe, removing all its contents and any internal loose components is critical. Protect the safe with furniture blankets and lay down a thick carpet or moving mats to prevent floor scratches. Utilizing a hand truck or an appliance dolly is crucial for easier and safer transportation. Additionally, always have assistance to manage the safe's movement, particularly when navigating through narrow spaces or loading it onto a pickup truck.

How Do I Protect My Safe’s Locking Mechanism During Transport?

The locking mechanism of your gun safe, particularly if it's a combination lock, is vulnerable during transport. To protect it, securely wrap the safe and be careful to prevent the mechanism from bumping against door frames or walls. Moving slowly and cautiously is key to reducing the risk of damaging impacts on the locking system.

Should I Move My Safe Myself or Hire Professionals?

While you can move a safe by yourself, hiring professionals is often a safer choice, especially for heavy-duty, heavy safes like a Liberty safe. Professional movers come equipped with the experience and tools necessary to transport safes securely, minimizing the risk of injury or damage. For high-value gun safes, professional handling is advisable to ensure the safe's security features remain intact.


Alright, fellow gun owners, we've navigated the tricky waters of transporting a gun safe. It's no small feat, and I hope this guide has shed some light on how to do it without turning it into a herculean task. Remember, it's all about planning, protecting, and proceeding with caution. Whether you're laying it on its back or keeping it upright, keeping your safe and its contents secure is what matters most. Don't hesitate to call in the pros for those bigger ones; sometimes, it's the smartest move you can make!

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