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Do Gun Safes Need Temperature Control?

By Riva Vera Patriana September 27, 2021



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I intend to buy a safe for my gun. However, my friend told me that I also have to buy a gun that has safe temperature control. I have no idea why temperature control is necessary for a gun safe. So, I do want to know the reasons for this.

Do gun safes need temperature control?

It's not a secret anymore. When you have a gun and want to store the gun in a safe, you should also consider a temperature-controlled gun safe. You must know the best gun safe humidity. Many people have complained after using a gun safe where they got their weapons humidified. Moisture is no good for a weapon. Therefore, when you decide to buy a gun safely, you must also buy a temperature control or humidifier for climate control. There are several reasons why gun safe needs temperature control.

Controlling the temperature inside the safe

As we know that a gun safe will get cold when you close the door tight. The air inside the safe will be moist so that it produces water. By using temperature control, the air will remain warm and not humid.

Your gun won't rust

Your gun is made from steel that may rust when it gets exposed to water. If you keep your gun inside the safe without temperature control, then the gun will rust. This will damage your gun components so your gun doesn't function properly.

Mold will not grow on your gun safe

Mold only grows in humid areas. Your gun safe can be the best place for mold growth. Mold can cover the gun when you store it inside the safe for a long period of time. As the mold grows, rust will also get worse. Temperature control for a gun safe or a gun safe humidifier will solve this problem because it will keep the temperature inside your safe warm.

What is the best temperature control product?

Well, now you know that a gun safe is not enough to store your gun, but you also have to buy a gun safe dehumidifier. Fortunately, you can buy temperature controlled gun safe products so you don't have to think about the temperature problem in your safe. One of the most recommended temperature controllers for a gun safe is Eva Dry. Also, the use is very easy because you can just put the humidifier inside the safe.

FAQ| What readers want to know

Can I put a gun safe in an unheated garage?

Because garages are usually not climate controlled, they are often too hot or too cold for storing firearms. Firearms should be stored in an area where they are protected from excess humidity but not too hot. As long as the safe isn't overheating, it should be fine. 

What temperature should a gun safe be kept at?

The perfect storage condition for your gun is between 30%-50% humidity at 70 degrees. If the air becomes dryer than 20%, you might have problems with the wood of your gun.

Can gun safes be kept in the cold?

When you put your guns away, the cold and dry should not cause any problems. If they have been wet, then there may be a problem. The cold can also change the viscosity of lubricants that are on your gun which could cause a malfunction. But this is unlikely if it was just a little cold outside.

Are gun safe dehumidifiers supposed to be hot?

There are several kinds of dehumidifiers on the market, and some work better than others. The short answer is, no. A gun safe dehumidifier that gets hot is usually not a gun safe dehumidifier at all, but a regular room heater in disguise. 


If you ask if a gun safe needs temperature control, then we will answer "yes, it does". Gun safe humidity is a big problem for many safe gun owners. But, there is always a solution for you. You only have to buy a gun safe humidifier or temperature control to make sure that the temperature inside the gun safe remains controlled and warm. If you want to know the right dehumidifier product is Eva Dry. Now, it is easy to get this product online. Why don't you go to the USA Safe and Vault website to get your gun safe temperature control?

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