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Champion Safe FAQ

If you’ve recently purchased a Champion gun safe, you may be wondering how best to take advantage of your new safe’s various features. Today’s gun safes are more technologically advanced than ever before. Read on to learn more about the setup, care, and maintenance of your new gun safe.

General Gun Safe Questions

What repairs and damages are covered under the gun safe warranty?

Your new gun safe should come with an owner’s manual and a lifetime warranty. This warranty is an extensive one, and includes a guarantee on all materials, workmanship, and even painted surfaces. If your safe is breached during an unlawful break-in or damaged in a fire, you may be able to have it replaced for free; and if your safe is damaged, this warranty will cover the cost of opening it and even shipping it back to Champion Safe Co.

The lock on your gun safe is covered by a warranty. Both La Gard and Sargent & Greenleaf electronic locks have a 2-year warranty against defect or damage, while Sargent & Greenleaf mechanical locks are equipped with a 5-year warranty. You can also choose an extended 10-year, 15-year, or lifetime lock warranty at purchase from Champion Safe Co.

How do I anchor my gun safe?

Once you’ve arrived home with your safe and decided on a final location for it, you’ll want to anchor it. Doing this can prevent the safe from falling on children or pets, as well as prevent would-be burglars from moving the safe to a more secure location where they can gain entry at their leisure.

Because Champion’s gun safes are equipped with an internal relocker, any jolting or sudden movement can cause the relocker to release, requiring the safe to be manually drilled to gain access. If you ever need to move your gun safe after it’s been anchored, you’ll probably want to have this professionally done.

What storage conditions are ideal?

Your safe is best stored in a cool, dry location. If you’re planning to store your gun safe in an area with fluctuating humidity or temperatures, you may want to use a dehumidifier to ensure your safe doesn’t absorb any moisture from the air, which can cause rust.

Fire Questions

Is my safe fireproof?

Although there is no such thing as a fireproof gun safe, Champion’s gun safes are fire resistant, providing protection to the items inside for a certain period of time during fire exposure. While your safe is unlikely to survive a days-long blaze, it should be able to protect your guns through a relatively routine house fire that is extinguished quickly.

Will my safe shield electronics from damage during a fire?

Your fire-resistant Champion Safe can keep its internal temperatures below 350 degrees Fahrenheit, even during a fire–however, temperatures above 125 degrees Fahrenheit is hot enough to damage most electronics items, like CDs, hard drives, flash drives, and laptop computers.

Lock Questions

How long will my electronic lock’s battery last? 

If your new safe has an electronic lock, you may find yourself wondering how long your battery will last. Under normal conditions (that is, accessing your safe an average of twice per day), you should expect to get at least a year of use out of your electronic lock. You’ll be alerted as soon as the battery begins to run low, and can change the battery at your earliest convenience (preferably with the safe door open).

Can I change my lock?

If you’d like to change your gun safe lock, contact Champion at (801) 377-7199. One of our professionals can walk you through your options, including the cost of electronic locks and mechanical locks. Champion will then ship a new lock for professional installation.

Those who would rather keep their existing lock type but change the combination should be able to do this themselves on a safe with an electronic lock. Changing the combination on a mechanical or dial lock will require service from a dealer or locksmith.

What happens if my lock isn’t working?

If your lock malfunctions, keep the door open and call Champion’s customer service line at (801) 377-7199. If your lock malfunctions with the door closed and won’t open, Champion’s customer service specialists can walk you through the repair process and even pay to have the safe removed and shipped as long as it’s under warranty.

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