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11 Best Gun Safe for Cars in 2021 (All Budgets)

Gun safes for cars are portable and rugged storage units where you can keep your pistols, guns, handguns or other valuables such as jewelry, documents, or money. With these units, you are able to protect your firearms from theft and also from unauthorized access. 

Apart from that, they boost your confidence when driving in areas with high cases of crimes especially at night. They are designed to give you quick access to your guns in case of an emergency.

The best gun safes for cars, trucks, SUVs and vans, are:

  • ConsoleVault Center Consoles Safe for Toyota Tacoma
  • Decked Truck Bed Storage DG7
  • Lock’er Down Long Safe
  • Barska Quick Access AX12432
  • Snapsafe Lock Box for Handgun
  • Fort Knox Personal Portable Pistol
  • Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker
  • Hollon Pistol Box Safe PB10
  • Monster Vault Mid-size Tactical Vehicle Gun Safe 4116
  • RPNB Portable Gun Safe
  • AMSEC Pistol Safe PS1210HD for 1 Handgun

  • Not all car gun safes are secure which means that you need to choose wisely. In order to help you make a smart choice when buying the best gun safe for cars, we have provided a list of the most reliable models that will give you unmatched value for your money. Let us first of all go through some of the key features you should check when buying.

    How to Choose the Best Car Gun Safes 

    Below are some of the things you should consider when searching for the best gun safe for cars.

    Compatibility – Car gun safes are specially designed to suit specific vehicle models such as trucks, trailers, SUVs etc. This means that before you spend your money on any good car gun safe, make sure that it is compatible with your car. Check the shape and size of the unit to determine if it will fit in your car. In case you are not sure if the model you want to purchase is the best for your car, you should check from the details provided by the manufacturer.

    Lock type Another thing you need to check is the type of lock that comes with the unit. The two common types of locks used in car safes are key locks and electronic/biometric lock systems. In terms of reliability, electronic locks are the best. These ones require a combination of digits or codes to open which means that they are very secure.  However, they require a source of power to function. On the other hand, manual locks require just a key to open.

    Installation – Some models come with pre-drilled holes which allow you to mount the car safely firmly on your vehicle while others use security cables to secure the unit.  In case you need a secure mounting option, you should choose a model with pre-drilled holes. These units are more secure as compared to the security cable. On the other hand, you can consider tethering your gun safely on your car if you don’t want to install it permanently in your car or if you only need it occasionally.

    Size – Gun safe for cars are available in different sizes. This means that you should choose according to the size and type of your guns.

    Warranty – Car gun safes are not the same in terms of quality. Therefore, you need to consider a model with a reasonable warranty. The best ones are those that come with a lifetime warranty.

    Our Top Picks

    Product name

    Best for

    Check price

    ConsoleVault Center Consoles Safe for Toyota Tacoma

    Best overall



    Decked Truck Bed Storage DG7

    Best for trucks


    Lock’er Down Long Safe

    Best long gun safe for Fords


    Barska Quick Access AX12432

    Most convenient


    Snapsafe Lock Box for Handgun


    Best for portability


    Fort Knox Personal Portable Pistol

    Best pistol safe for cars


    Honardy Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker


    Most secure


    Hollon Pistol Box Safe PB10

    Best for handguns


    Monster Vault Mid-size Tactical Vehicle Gun Safe 4116

    Best for AR-type rifles


    RPNB Portable Gun Safe

    Best design


    AMSEC Pistol Safe PS1210HD for 1 Handgun

    Most strong


    Top 11 Car Gun Safes in 2021 (Reviews)

    1. ConsoleVault Center Console Safe for TOYOTA Tacoma PT972-35200 – Best Overall

    Console Vault

    The ConsoleVault Center Console Safe comes with many amazing features which enables it to provide the best protection to your valuables. To start with, it is made of heavy-gauge cold rolled plate steel meaning that it is very durable and hard-to break. It also features welded tabs and notch seams to enhance strength. In addition, it has a well balanced spring assisted door that gives you quick access to your items. 

    Another great thing about this car safe is that it is very easy to install. It comes with a four-digit keyless lock which is secured inside the Tacoma console. Other security features you will find in this unit are drill resistant lock plus a top-notch triple guard locking system which is highly resistant to prying.  Overall, this model is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a durable, strong and reliable gun safe for cars.


    • Durable construction
    • 4-digit keyless lock
    • Drill-resistant locks
    • Easy to install
    •  Triple-guard locking system
    • Spring-assisted door


    • None

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    2. Decked Truck Bed Storage DG7 – Best for Trucks

     Truck Bed Storage

    Decked Truck Bed Storage DG7 is made of high-density recycled polyethylene and it is co-molded to a sturdy steel sub-frame. Due to the robust construction, it is able to support a load capacity of up to 2000lbs meaning that it can withstand large loads.

     The unit also comes with 2 full-bed length drawers with a load capacity rating of 200lbs. These drawers allow you to store your items in an organized and concealed manner.

    Another benefit of using this car safely is its ability to withstand all weather conditions. This means that it can handle moisture, UV light and extreme cold or heat. Lastly, it comes with a 3 years warranty which means that it is highly reliable.


    • Load capacity of up to 2000lbs
    • Designed using OE and CAD date engineering standards
    • Features 2 full-bed length drawers
    • No screwing or drilling required during installation
    • Weatherproof construction
    • Designed to fit your truck
    • 3 years warranty


    • Expensive but worth it

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    3. Lock’er Down Long Gun Safe for Ford F150 –Best Long Gun Safe for Fords

    Long Gun Safe for Ford

    This unit is designed to seat under the rear seat of Ford F150, Super Duty F250, F450 or F350.  It comes with a theft-resistant mounting kit which makes it secure. In terms of construction, it is made from a 12-gauge cold rolled steel plate to enhance durability.  It also features notch seams and welded tabs which makes it strong. 

    In addition, it is equipped with droll-resistant locks, and a 3-point locking system, which is resistant to prying. For easier access, it comes with a well-balanced door which contains stainless steel gas springs. You will also be pleased to note that it comes with a lifetime warranty meaning that it is worth the money. If you are searching for a car safe you can use to store long guns, the Lock’er Down Long Gun Safe will be a great option.


    • Made of high-quality materials
    • Suitable for long guns
    • 3-point locking system
    • Counter-balanced door
    • DIY installation
    • Lifetime warranty


    • Not compatible with all vehicles

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    4. Barska Quick Access Keypad Safe A12432 –Most Convenient

    Quick Access Keypad Safe

    The Barska A12432 Quick Access Keypad Safe is among the most convenient models you can find today.  It is designed to give you instant access to your items as well as top-notch security to the valuables. The car gun safe is equipped with a tamper-resistant spring-loaded front door which opens quickly once you enter the correct PIN code.

     In terms of design, it has compact dimensions which enable it to fit easily in tight spaces.  It also comes with a removable internal shelf to create additional space for more items. The inner part contains foam lining which protects your guns from scratches. In order to enhance security, the unit goes into a temporary lock-out mode when you enter too many wrong PINs to prevent tampering.  It also comes with pre-drilled holes at the bottom that allows you to secure it firmly on a solid surface.


    • Pre-drilled holes for mounting
    • Tamper resistant door
    • Removable shelf for more storage
    • Foam-lined interior
    • Silent access mode


    • You need to buy 4 AA batteries separately

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    5. Snapsafe Lock Box for Handgun – Best for portability

    Lock Box for Handgun

    The Snapsafe Lock Box for Handgun is a portable car safe where you can keep your important items such as handguns, ammo, sensitive documents, passports, media cards and other valuable items. It is very safe since it allows you to set your personalized access using a combination of 3 digits.  When it comes to construction, this gun safe for cars features robust 16-gauge housing. Apart from that, it comes with a 1500lb rated security cable which you can use to secure your stationery items inside the car or at home.

    It has an external measurement of 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.75 inches which means that it can fit some 4-inch revolvers or 4-inch barrel pistols. Due to its compact design, it can easily fit in your suitcase or even under the car seat. The inner part has a foam lining to protect your items. Another great thing about it is that it is approved by the California Department of Justice meaning that it meets the TSA airline firearm requirements.


    • Sturdy housing
    • Suitable  for traveling
    • 3 digit combination PIN
    • 1500lb rated cable
    • Space saving design
    • Meets TSA airline firearm requirements


    • Not suitable for long guns

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    6. Fort Knox Personal Portable Pistol Safe PB4 – Best Pistol Safe for Car

    Portable Pistol Safe

    When searching for a vehicle gun storage, you need to look for a model that is easy to hide. The good thing about the Fort Knox Portable Pistol Safe PB4 is that it has a small front-opening door which makes it easy to conceal and easy access. It is made of long lasting 10-gauge steel and features a 3/16 inches plate door.

    Overall, it has a measurement of 9 x 12 x 4 inches and it also weighs 20lbs. It is spacious enough to accommodate 2 average size handguns plus a few mugs or ammunition.  In order to enhance security, you can mount or tether it to a heavy stationary item in your car. Lastly it comes with a lifetime warranty.


    • Easy to conceal
    • Durable construction
    • Mounts easily
    • Does  not require batteries
    • It is suitable for most handguns
    • Lifetime warranty


    • The user manual might be had to understand

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    7. Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker – Most Secure

    Safe AR Gunlocker

    Hornady Rapid Safe provides tamper-proof security in a fully enclosed design.  It has a front-end spring loaded door which makes it easy to install at the back of your SUV, under the bed or in a closet.  It comes with foam inserts which can accommodate 2 tactical length rifles or shotguns.  Unlike others, it has an RFID which is activated using a key fob, wristband or a sticker which opens the spring-assisted lid.  You can program up to 5 RFID tags to enhance security. 

    Another impressive thing about this car safe is that it exceeds the ASTM International safety standards for pry and child resistance, drop/pick saw tests, lock strength as well as hinge attack resistance.  Besides that, it uses AC and battery power to ensure that your valuables are always safe.  In terms of design, the outer housing is made of a thick 16 gauge steel and it also contains 4 internal hardened locking lugs to enhance strength.


    • Certified pry and child resistance
    • Made of a thick 16-gauge steel
    • AC and battery power
    • Allows you to program 4-6 digit security code
    • RFID activation
    • Foam inserts


    • Limited storage

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    8. Hollon Pistol Box Safe PB10 – Best for handguns

    Pistol Box Safe

    For those who are searching for affordable vehicle gun storage, the Hollon Pistol Box Safe will be an ideal choice. This car safe is very easy to use and it is designed to give your valuables maximum security.  Apart from using it for storing pistols and handguns, you can also use it to store other things such as money, jewelry or documents. 

    Another benefit of using this car gun safe is that it is built in a unique way which allows you to access your guns quickly in case of an emergency.  Inside the unit, you will find that it has a foam lining which protects your valuables from scratches. It is also able to retain your unique combinations even after you have replaced the batteries.


    • Affordable price
    • You can use it to store different items
    • Provides quick access
    • Back up key included
    • Easy to use
    • Foam lined interior


    • Not fireproof

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    9. Monster Vault Mid-Size Tactical Vehicle Gun Safe 4116 – Best for AR-type Rifles

    Tactical Vehicle Gun Safe

    The Tactical Gun Safe provides a convenient storage for your AR-type rifles and shotguns. Apart from using it in your vehicle, this car safe can also be installed under the bed. This gives you quick access to your firearms in case of an emergency.  It uses 3-8 digit combinations which mean that it is very secure.

    Another thing you need to note about it is that it has a 2.8 cubic feet interior space which means that you can store a couple of handguns and AR guns. This interior has a high height which allows you to place your AR-15 rifles in an upright position. You can also use it to store valuables such as jewelry or even a laptop.

    In terms of installation, you can install it on the floor of the closet or under the hangers since it has a versatile design. It also comes with heavy-duty drawers with a rating of 350 pounds. You can easily install it on full-sized SUVs, travel trailers, RVs and trucks.


    • Versatile design
    • Ideal for AR rifles and shotguns
    • 3-8 digit combination lock
    • You can bolt it down to prevent theft
    • Spacious interior
    • Heavy-duty drawers for extra items


    • None

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    10. RPNB Portable Gun Safe DOJ Certified for Handguns and Ammo –Best design

    Portable Gun Safe

    The most outstanding thing about the RPNB Portable Gun Safe is that it has reliable anti-theft protection.  This means that it comes with multiple security features which include long lasting double layer steel housing, pry resistant door plus a flawlessly welded pry proof body. Due to the heavy-duty construction, this car safe is very hard to break. It also comes with pre-drilled holes which allow you to mount it firmly on the floor.

    The unit is uniquely made using a rugged steel material to enhance durability.  In addition, it has black finish which protects it from corrosion and rusting. This coating gives it an attractive look which enables it to match perfectly with any interior.   In order to access your valuables, you will need to use the new RFID key fob plus a card which means that it is very secure.  You can also use manual keys or the rapid fire backlit keypad to open it which means that you can access it using 4 different entry points.


    • Unique design
    • Double layer steel housing
    • Pry resistant door
    • Pre-drilled holes for easier mounting
    • Resistant to corrosion and rusting
    • 4 entry points


    • Lacks a fingerprint function

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    11.AMSEC Pistol Safe PS1210HD for 1 Handgun – Most strong

    Pistol Safe

    In terms of strength, the AMSEC Pistol Safe is among the best in the market. It has a robust 10 gauge solid steel body and a 3/16 inch solid steel door which makes it hard to break. The unit also provides quick access through the mechanical push–button lock. It is compact since it has an outer measurement of 10.25 x 12.5 x 4.25 inches.

    Another impressive thing about it is that it comes with a welded continuous hinge to enhance strength. Its locking mechanism is protected by the steel housing meaning that it is resistant to punch attacks.  In order to protect it from corrosive elements or rusting, it has a charcoal gray textured finish which also gives it an attractive look. 

    Other features that come with this unit include 4 pre-drilled holes for mounting, durable chrome handle for easier carrying and a sturdy pry resistant locking bolt.  The inner part contains a high-density foam lining to protect your valuables.


    • Strong construction
    • Decent price
    • Features a carrying handle
    • High-density foam lining
    • Pry-resistant locking bolt


    • None

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    FAQs | What Readers Want to Know

    What is the best gun safe for cars?

    In case you are searching for the best vehicle gun safe, ConsoleVault Center Console Safe for TOYOTA Tacoma PT972-35200 and Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker will give you unmatched value for your money. As compared to others, the two have a heavy-duty construction which enables them to provide maximum security for your valuables.

    Where do you put a gun safe in a car

    The best place to put your gun safe is under the driver’s seat or in the trunk. These two places provide enough room where you can conceal the safe by tying it down using a steel cable or bolts. In case you would like to install it permanently, the bolting system will be the best.

    What brand of gun safe is the best?

    If you want to get the best value for your money when buying a gun safe for cars, you need to choose a model from a reputable brand such as Hornady, Barska and Fort Fox. Products from these companies are very durable and they also come with a reasonable warranty.

    Where is the console vault located?

    A console vault is a special lock box that is designed to fit in the center of different cars, SUVs and trucks.  Most of the console vaults are made from sturdy 12-gauge steel to enhance their strength.

    Can you keep a long gun in your car?

    In most countries, only shotguns are allowed to be carried in a vehicle meaning that long and loaded guns are not permitted. Other states may allow you to carry concealed long guns but you will need a permit.

    What lock is the best for a vehicle safe?

    Electric lock systems are the best since they use a unique combination of digits. For you to open the safe, you must enter digits that match with the ones saved in the unit.

    Final Verdict

    Travelling with your guns, pistols or handguns can be risky if you don’t have a convenient place where you can safely store them inside your car. If you have been searching for a sturdy and secure car safe, any of the above products will give you the best value for your money. They are all made of top-quality materials which mean that they are not easy to break.  Apart from that, they come with advanced locking systems to enhance security of your valuables.  

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