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Barska Safes FAQ

Barska Safe Customer Service | Contacts and Resources

Customer Service Phone number: 1 (888) 666-6769
Customer Service Email: 
Technical support on products & product returns (RMA):
Address: Barska 855 Towne Center Dr. Pomona, CA 91767
Website: Contact Barska

Where to Buy Barska Safe?

While we suggest buying from (just saying!) because we are an authorized dealer for the Barska Safes.  We offer:
  • Free curbside shipping
  • No sales tax for most locations outside Michigan
  • Price matching with other online retailers
  • Veteran and first responder discounts, and
  • Free accessory with most of your purchases
However, we also understand that you might have other reasons to still buy from others.  Here's where you can find the list of Barska Safe Authorized Dealers near you.

Barska Safes Catalog 

Most customers can get all the information they need from our collection of Barska Safes and Telescopes. However, often we find it convenient to download Barska's Print Catalog to fantasize about our selections or to leave the catalog around the house to drop gentle hints on what we want for the season.

Barska Safes Return and Warranty Request 

If you would like to return the product or request WARRANTY service, please fill and submit this Barska's Warranty Service Form. After we review information submitted, someone will reach out via email, for additional information if needed, request payment for warranty service, and issue RMA# when everything required is in place.

Manufacturer Warranty Return Policy 

Barska being the manufacturer outlet honors Manufacturer warranties for Repair and/or equivalent Replacement after the 21 day Standard Return Policy is expired. Please read the Warranty Card enclosed with product for details. Customer can reach Barska by filling the warranty request form for a RMA #. Your proof of purchase is required for warranty to be covered. You will then need to ship the product back to us. For Warranty return you will need to pay the Warranty Fee to cover Shipping and Handling to return the repaired/replacement item back to you as stated in the included product Warranty Card.
Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery after we received your defective return.
*All returned package will need a RMA# printed on the outside of the box for faster processing.

Barska Safes FAQs

Barska offers an extensive line of precision sport optics, biometric safes, protective travel cases, and much more.
Barska is committed to delivering a superior quality product at an affordable price to our customers around the world. Barska products have been designed and built with the latest technology, providing years of durable use.

General FAQs

Q: Today I tried to open my safe using my fingerprint but it did not work or I needed to try at least 10times in order to open it. Why?

A: Your fingerprint lining will wear and tear from time to time. So please register your safe at least every 6months. By practising this it will give you less trouble when try to open the biometric safe. So please try to register your finger again at least 5-10times using the same finger. This is because each time when you want to open the safe you will place your finger onto the scanner differently. sometime to the left sometime to the right.


Q: Which one of your Anchormaster telescopes do you recommend for astronomy?

A: The best Anchormaster Telescope for astronomy would be the 36 Power Model, AE10824


Q: Can you tell me how to use these binoculars to take a picture? AH11410

A: Before you are able to take a picture. There are a few things that need to be covered. 1. A SD Card is required to take a picture 2. That SD card needs to be formatted in FAT32 3. The camera needs to be turned on to picture mode 4. The “shutter button” takes the picture. 5. “Shutter button” is located on the right


Q: I was trying to find out what gauge steel is used? I am looking for a key lock box that is made of at least 26 gauge steel.

A: AX11692 is 16 Gauge steel.


Q: Why doesn’t the safe automatically open? I hear the bolts disengage.

A: If the safe is a top opening safe, use the handle to lift up the lid.


Q: Purchased a Barska Biometric Fingerprint safe from you several years ago but only recently activated it for use. The set up was fine and the fingerprint was able to be in use for me and for my wife. Now when we attempt to open the safe it takes numerous tries to get it to open. It just doesn't seem to be working at all.

A: In order to improve success rate you need: 1. Choose the most beautiful fingerprint for registration 2. Register the same finger up to 10times. Make sure “place and hold” and “release” the finger each time you register it. This is because each time you try to open the same, you place your finger differently.


Q: What does Factory Default Mode mean?

A: If your safe is in Factory Default Mode, any fingerprint can open the safe.


FAQs on locks

Q: I can’t unlock my safe successfully even if the safe shows green light.

A: Please follow the instruction BC603 


Q: The inside battery is LOW and I can’t open the safe using my fingerprint on the Biometric scanner.

A: OPTION1: Check if the safe has an external battery function. If so, use the external battery pack in order to open the safe. OPTION2: Use your emergency key to open the safe.


Q: My Biometric safe takes too many tries to open my safe?

A: We recommend registering 5-10 of the same fingerprint. Try moving the finger around so the scanner gets a good snapshot of your fingerprint.


Q: Why can’t I turn my Emergency key after I inserted it?

A: A: Make sure the bolts are in the extended position; otherwise the key can’t be turned B: If the item is closed with the batteries the safe has to open with the fingerprint module (unless batteries are depleted).


Q: Is there an Emergency key? If I lost it, how do I order it?

A: Please go to the link below and you can order a new key for your safe.


Q: What happens if my fingerprint does not work even if I try it multiple times it just keeps beeping?

A: Use your Emergency key to open the safe. Reset the safe to factory default mode, and then register your fingerprints again.


Q: The inside battery is LOW and I can’t open the safe using my fingerprint on the Biometric scanner.

A: A: Check if the safe has an external battery function. If so, use the external battery pack in order to open the safe. B: Use your emergency key.


Q: Why is it that sometimes I can open the safe with my fingerprint and sometimes I can’t?

A: In order to avoid this problem in the future, please register your same fingerprint at least 10 times (include multiple angles) so that the Biometric scanner can recognize your print even if you place your finger at a different angle.


Q: Will the safe alert me if the battery is LOW?

A: For some safes, the safe will sound a chirping alert, signifying LOW battery, when you try to use the fingerprint system. Otherwise it won’t alert you of LOW battery.


Q: After installing the batteries the safe isn’t working.

A: Please check the polarity of the batteries. (They should alternate.)


Q: Why can’t I open the door after I turn the Emergency key?

A: A: For safes with a handle, you need to turn both Emergency key as well the handle in order to open the door.B: For safes without handle, you need to pull outward the safe's door from the left side or fingerprint module.


Q: Why can’t I keep the Emergency key inside the safe?

A: You may need the Emergency keys in case the Biometric scanner is not able to recognize your fingerprint or the batteries are low or depleted. Keep the Emergency keys in a safe place away from the safe. 


Q: I have a combination lock box, I set a combination, but now I can’t open the box, what do I do?

A: You need to remember your combination. When setting the combination, you place the reset button from position B to A, set your combination and then you need to place the reset button back to position B. If you cannot open the box, please contact (909) 445-8168 or

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