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About the Company:

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After two decades of grappling with homemade drawer systems, the founders of DECKED realized the need for a superior solution, sparking the creation of a product aimed at improving the everyday lives of working individuals.

Born out of a simple napkin sketch at a local diner, DECKED became a relentless endeavor that took almost three years of design and engineering before its birth in 2014. The company's core philosophy revolves around the belief that saving time during the day allows more room for what truly matters.

Manufactured with an obsessive dedication to good ergonomics and efficient organization in Defiance, Ohio, DECKED products are 100% made in the USA. Not only does the company take pride in designing, engineering, and manufacturing their products from recycled materials domestically, but they also hold a deep sense of pride in treating their workers well and enhancing the daily lives of their customers.


Manufactured in Defiance, Ohio, we have gone to great lengths in R&D, engineering, and manufacturing to make life easier for our customers. Our resource page provides you with Decked Truck Bed Customer Service contacts, frequently asked questions from our customers, links to manuals, and resource guides.  


Decked Truck Beds Customer Service | Contacts and Resources

Decked Customer Service Phone number: 208-806-0251
BUSINESS HOURS: Mon. – Fri. 8:00am – 5:00pm Mountain Time 

    Decked FAQs

    Our customers frequently ask us questions related to locks, installation and troubleshooting.  

    What does "Weather-Proof" mean?

    Our Drawer Systems are weatherproof, but you can still get some water in them (they don’t seal like Tupperware). Anything that is airborne, like mist, dust, or really fine particle of snow, can get in the drawers – usually in small amounts. In most cases, the drawers will stay dry, but please use caution (e.g., car washes). Also, the four ammo cans are not waterproof, but you can drill drain holes in the bottoms if you wish.


    Will Decked Products affect the paint on my bed?

    Anything you put in the back of your truck can scratch or wear the paint, including a Drawer System, Tool Box, or CargoGlide. DECKED products may blemish your paint and possibly even scratch it a little if grit gets underneath them. This is not typically an issue for our customers, and only light cosmetic damage can be expected, if any.

    Do Decked products come with accessories?

    All DECKED Drawer Systems come standard with the following accessories included at no extra charge (and included in the FREE Drawer System shipping policy)

    1 D-Box Desert Tan
    1 Crossbox Desert Tan
    Set of 2 wide Drawer Dividers (fits both full-size System Drawers and wide midsize System Drawer)

    All DECKED Tool Boxes ordered come standard with the following accessories included at no extra charge (and included in the FREE Tool Box shipping policy)
    1 Tool Box Tray
    1 Snack Tray

    All DECKED CargoGlides XLs come with included at no extra charge (and included in the FREE CargoGlide shipping policy)
    High Sides

    All DECKED CargoGlides come with included at no extra charge (and included in the FREE CargoGlide shipping policy)

    Accessories offered in addition to the items above include Drawer Locks, Core Trax Tie Downs, Piecekeepers gun holders, Drain Plugs, Narrow Midsize Drawer Dividers, T-Tracks for Yakima and Thule Racks, the DECKED, D-Bag (DrawerBag), emergency/survival kits, and much more.


    What is HDPE and why do you use it?

    DECKED spent 18 months investigating materials that would work best for our Drawer System and Tool Box. We chose to use High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to build our Drawer Systems and Tool Boxes due to its extremely durable composition and weatherproof nature. We add a UV enhancer to the HDPE in our Drawer Systems and Tool Boxes to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays. Our HDPE components are precision formed, meticulously engineered, and supported by a steel subframe – resulting in products that last long and work as hard as you do.


    Are Decked products dangerously flammable?

    No. DECKED products have been tested extensively and approved for health and safety standards. Our Drawer System, Tool Box, CargoGlide, and Accessories have passed the FVMVSS 302 flammability certifications.

    This standard allows for a 102mm/sec burn rate, and DECKED products passed at 32.6mm/sec. Our main material, HDPE, is self-extinguishing. However, lighting yourself on fire and crawling into a drawer is still not recommended.

    More Questions?

    For more questions and answers on Compatibility, Installation, Shipping, Support, Drawer System, Tool Box, Cargo Glide, and Fleet/Commercial, visit the Decked Help Center.


    DECKED Help Center


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