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Hollon Safe FAQ

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The Hollon Safe Company is known to many because of their most popular safes.  Our resource page provides you with Hollon Safe Customer Service contacts, frequently asked questions from our customers, links to manuals, and resource guides.  


Hollon Safe Customer Service | Contacts and Resources

Hollon Safe Customer Service Phone number: (888)455-2337
Hollon Safe Technical Support phone number:  (888)455-2337
Hollon Safe website
Hollon Safe Corpus Christi Mailing Address:
227 44th St, Corpus Christi, TX 78405 


Where to Buy Hollon Safe?

While we suggest buying from (just saying!) because we are an authorized dealer for the Hollon Safe Company.  We offer:

  • Free curbside shipping
  • No sales tax for most locations outside Michigan
  • Price matching with other online retailers
  • Veteran and first responder discounts, and
  • Free accessory with most of your purchases

However, we also understand that you might have other reasons to still buy from others.  Here's where you can find the list of authorized Hollon Safe Distributors and Hollon Authorized Dealers near you.


Hollon Safes Catalog

Most customers can get all the information they need from our collection of Hollon Safes.  However, often we find it convenient to download a print catalog to fantasize about our selections or to leave the catalog around the house to drop gentle hints on what we want for Christmas.


Hollon Safes Lifetime Warranty | What is it and for how long am I protected?

Hollon Safe backs all our fireproof safes with a lifetime warranty against fire. We will gladly replace any Hollon Fireproof Safe that has been damaged in a fire with the same or a comparable model to include all freight costs to the original address of purchase. Customers will be required to supply all requested documents to an authorized Hollon Safe representative prior to replacement.

Limited Warranty

Starting January 2015 Hollon Safe warranties all parts and labor, including all Hollon digital components, on all safes purchased for period of 1 year from date of purchase against manufacture defects. We provide a 2-year warranty on all replacement parts. Extended warranty includes Hollon digital components. Other brand digital components, electronic keypads, will only be warranted for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. Only digital components that are factory installed or installed by a Hollon Safe technician prior to shipment will be covered under this 1 year warranty. Hollon Safe will not warranty any digital component installed on safes that are installed within a floor. This warranty does not cover any damages caused by mishandling, neglect, water, tampering, improper installation, removal and/or re-installation of the safe.

Hollon Safe must be notified within a period of seven days of the receipt of any safe damaged during shipping in order to uphold the warranty and/or damage claims. Warranties on damage claims will only be accepted if the customer has properly executed the outlined Damage and Delivery Policy and Procedures. Re-setting of any combination on a Group II dial lock must be performed by a qualified locksmith otherwise the warranty will become void. 

Warranty Claims


1) A warranty Claim Number must be issued by a Hollon Safe Representative before ANY WARRANTY SERVICE IS PERFORMED. Any warranty service performed before a warranty claim is issued and parts have shipped will be subject to denial. Hollon Safe’s Technical Support Department is available Mon-Fri from 8:30am-5:30pm CST.

2)  Issuance of a Warranty Claim Number does not constitute admission of liability on Hollon Safe’s part but recognizes that a potential problem may exist. All troubleshooting steps and procedures must be followed by Hollon Safe representatives and all claimant(s) before a warranty claim number is issued and warranty service is performed. Warranty work will be performed by authorized Hollon Safe service technicians only. Any work performed by an unauthorized service technician will be automatically denied by Hollon Safe.

3) A Hollon Safe Work Order Form will be sent out with any parts. This form must be returned signed by claimant along with any parts that have been replaced before payment is considered. If defective or unused parts are not returned to Hollon Safe then the warranty invoice will be denied.

4) If warranty issue(s) are found to have been caused by user error, neglect and/or abuse on the part of claimant then the warranty claim will be automatically denied and claimant will be responsible for any and all charges and return shipping of any part(s) or safe(s) to Hollon Safe.

5) For Complete details on Hollon Safe’s Warranty policies please visit our website at

Hollon Safes FAQs

Our customers frequently ask us questions related to locks, installation and troubleshooting.  

FAQs on Locks

What happens if I lose my code?

For security reasons you must go through the company you purchased the safe from. Once we verify information we will be able to assist you. This option is not available on all models. On some models, once the code is lost a locksmith will have to be contacted in order to open the safe.

What happens if I enter the wrong code too many times?

The lock will go into lock out mode. This normally lasts anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the lock itself. During lock out mode you will not be able to do anything to the lock and you may hear a beeping noise. DO NOT take out the batteries as this will only start the process over again.

What kind of batteries should I use for my safe?

We recommend Duracell Coppertop batteries.

What is the preset code for my Hollon Safe?

HS Series (Home, Office, and Data Safes) – Preset Code *4560#.  
Click here for instructions.

FB Series (Fire & Burglary Safes) – Preset Code *1234#.  
Click here for instructions.

IT7000 Depository and Cash box Preset Code – *777777#.
Click here for instructions.

How do I open and use my Hollon Home Safe with electronic keypad 

How do I open my self Hollon Safe Home Safe with mechanical dial? 

FAQs on Installation

How do I bolt down my safe?  

Please, contact a local locksmith or a contractor. You may also call us for FREE and we will help you find someone in your area or you can check our dealer locator on this website for nearest stocking dealer.