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Hollon Shipping Policy

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About the Company:
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Hollon Safe Co., founded in 2008 by seasoned professionals in the safe and lock industry, quickly rose to prominence as America's fastest-growing manufacturer of superior safes. With a mission to provide robust, durable safes that withstand rigorous inspections and testing, the family-owned business offers exceptional value by passing their cost savings from lower overheads onto their customers.

Committed to customer service, Hollon offers free shipping on orders of six or more safes and pledges to boost their dealers' sales through a comprehensive Retail Training Support Program. With personalized service and top-tier products, Hollon stands ready to extend their success to everyone who joins their mission.

Shipping and Terms

Do not sign for shipments until you have thoroughly inspected for any damage. Hollon Safe is not responsible for shipments that are not signed for as damaged upon arrival. 

Shipping & Delivery


All orders weighing over 125 lbs or more are shipped via LTL freight carriers unless otherwise noted. The freight carrier provides either dock or curbside delivery based on location. Curbside delivery is defined as the delivery of the freight as close to the actual delivery address as possible. Please remember the size of the tractor-trailer and certain safety precautions may prevent the freight carrier from delivering the freight at the actual curb or delivery address. Lift-gate service is available at no extra charge, and it is the sole responsibility of the customer to coordinate inside delivery of the freight with the trucking company, sub-contractors, and/or themselves. The freight carrier is not responsible for the inside delivery of any freight, and inside delivery is not a service that Hollon Safe offers.

In some remote rural areas, islands, toll bridge access areas, union states, ferry tolls, etc., may be subject to additional charges. If charges apply, the customer will be notified before shipping for approval.


***Any address corrections, re-consignments, or storage issues due to freight being undeliverable will not be the responsibility of Hollon Safe and may result in additional fees.***

Hollon Safe uses the services of FedEx on all safe order weighing 124lbs or less. All safes are shipped via FedEx for cost effectiveness. Safe shipment can be upgraded to 2nd Day Air per customer’s request and at cost the customer, if available.

Any address corrections, re-consignments, or storage issues due to freight being undeliverable will not be the responsibility of Hollon Safe and may result in additional fees. The customer will be contacted and advised of any additional fees prior to Hollon Safe providing the freight carrier with any written or verbal authorizations regarding any changes in the shipment. Upon contact, it will be the customer's responsibility to resolve the issues in a timely manner. Hollon Safe reserves the right to authorize the return of any freight found undeliverable where the customer, after repeated attempts, is found to be unavailable for contact.

The customer will be charged for all freight to and from the point of delivery regardless if the buyer was eligible for free shipping in all instances where freight is determined to be undeliverable and is returned to any Hollon Safe warehouse. Freight that is returned because it is deemed undeliverable will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Inspection for Damage Process 

All LTL freight deliveries MUST be inspected for damage at the time of delivery. The banding will need to be cut and the box taken off the safe in order for proper inspection. The safe itself should be inspected for any signs of damage, including indentions and friction marks.

Any signs of damage MUST be noted on the delivery receipt for any attempt of a discount or refusal for a replacement, and you MUST notify Hollon Safe within 24 hours. Please note that the driver cannot leave until the delivery receipt is signed for. If you are uncertain of the proper procedures, please contact Hollon Safe immediately.

Again, Do NOT sign for the shipment until you have thoroughly inspected for any damage. Hollon Safe is not responsible for shipments that are not signed for as damaged upon arrival. Occasionally there may be damage that is not apparent upon receipt of a shipment. Some freight carriers allow up to 15 days from receipt of shipment to accept claims of concealed damage, others do not. After the allowable time of concealed damage claims has passed, Hollon Safe Company cannot assist with freight claims. For this type of damage, a replacement safe is not an option. Any discount will be given once the claim has been approved.

All freight shipped via Hollon Safe is shipped in an upright position, banded down to a wooden pallet. Any signs of damage, freight not being delivered upright position are justified reasons for the customer to require further inspection of the actual freight itself. If the damage is minimal and acceptable to the consignee, they will be required to make note of the damage on the delivery receipt at time of delivery prior to signing the delivery receipt. Under NO circumstances shall the consignee discard the pallet or packaging material until the safe has been determined to be in good working condition and/or all claim issues have been resolved. When the delivery receipt is signed by the consignee in good condition. Failure to follow the procedures above will remove all liability of damage from Hollon Safe and require the consignee to file any claims against the carrier themselves.

For all parcel shipments, the customer must notify Hollon Safe of any damages within 24 hours of receipt. Customer will also be required to provide Hollon Safe with a brief description of the damage. If the customer declines to keep the damaged safe, it will be the customer’s responsibility to repackage and hold the safe until a claim can be submitted and FedEx can retrieve the damage safe, the process can take up to approximately two weeks. 

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