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Sportsman Steel Safes FAQ

Gun Safe FAQ's

We are often asked, why get a gun safe, what kind of safe and other important considerations. We have provided the following gun safe information as a general guide in your decision making process. For further information and a free safe quote please contact one of our gun safe specialists toll free at 1-800-266-7150.

Why should I purchase a gun safe?

Purchasing a gun safe is the most responsible decision a gun owner will ever make. Gun Safes have a 99.99% success rate when it comes to protecting children from firearm accidents. Locking your rifles, shotguns and pistols in a secure place prevents children from injury due to firearm accidents. Securing weapons in a gun safe is a great safety precaution, but also reduces the chance of theft. Security experts say a DOJ approved Gun Safe is the best way to reduce theft and protect your family. Sportsman Steel Safes offers a gun safe line that has been top rated in Gun Test consumer reports. The purchase of a gun safe in California is required if you do not wish to own gun locks. You will never regret buying a great gun safe.

What about discounted gun safes for sale are they really a bargain?

Many gun stores claim to have Gun Safe Discount Sales. If you're a gun safe dealer or manufacturer and want to start selling discount gun safes, shop on-line and look for three things. Discount gun safes with step doors, two relockers and "Made in America Stickers". Some gun safe manufacturers have Gun Safes Discount Sales. But watch out for those cheap gun safes. They're probably cheap gun cabinets. So contact gun safe manufacturers direct and ask for their gun safes discount sales. When you cut out the middleman and buy factory-direct, discount gun safes are built like premium fire safes.

Where do you find a gun safe discount sale? You have to ask gun safe specialists like sporting good clerks, hunting guides and gun stores. They'll tell you Gun Safe Discount Sales will make the bargain hunter in you fork over your dough quick. But don't! Contact factory gun safe manufacturers direct. You'll get more gun safe for the money from manufacturers that have Gun Safe Discount Sales multiple times a year. They also sell gun safes cheap, especially if you're buying two or more. So... if saving money's your objective, watch for the factory-direct Gun Safe Discount Sales.

Is it better to buy a new gun safe than a used safe?

Gun safe enthusiasts who think they want a used gun safe should look at Sportsman Steel gun safes. Hunters looking for bargains should be less interested in buying a Used Gun Safe and more interested in buying a great security gun safe. Firearm owners can have collections worth more than $10.000 and buying a new gun safe over a used gun safe is comparatively inexpensive. When you call a factory direct safe company, such as Sportsman Steel Safes they usually have a used gun safe on their showroom floor.

On-line Google users searching the net for cheap bargains or special discounts should call gun safe manufacturers like Sportsman Steel Gun Safes. Used gun safes are discounted everyday. Especially, if you buy two or three at a time. Used gun safes will save you 20% but usually don't come with life warranties. The best way to buy used gun safes is by buying them direct from the factory. Not from a private party. Warranties on used gun safes are not transferable. Sure you get a cheaper gun safe but it's used and worn-looking. But you don't have to buy used gun safes when Sportsman Steel Safes sells inexpensive new gun safes everyday.

Can I buy a safe directly from a gun safe manufacturer?

The best way to get great deals on gun safes is contacting safe manufactures direct with no middleman. And don't buy a gun safe on-line from a gun safe company with little or no experience. Top gun safe companies such as Sportsman Steel Safes have been in business for decades. Typical start up gun safe web stores don't have industry support and have to buy there way to the top of search engine rankings. Some Safe Manufacturers publish the inner workings of their safes to show they're not made in China. Burglars know Chinese gun safes are easy to penetrate. Most gun safe manufacturers relocate their relockers and internal mechanisms yearly.

Do I need a handgun safe?

Handgun Safes are great security safes. They're small gun safes, but effective. It's not safe leaving a handgun under your mattress. Lock it in a handgun safe. And you don't have to buy a small gun safe if you want a handgun safe. There are plenty of small handgun safes that are big enough to act as home and office safes too. Plus, Handgun Safes are cheap gun safes. You can't put a price on human life. These small gun safe might save your child's life.

Who makes the best gun safes?

Who makes the best gun safe? America, that's who. Gun safes sold on-line are almost always made in China. The best gun safes are made in the United States. Whether you're looking for a Rifle gun safe, new, used or antique firearms safe, the Best Gun Safes are American made. But the Best Gun Safe award goes to the commercial safe. They have 1/4" steel bodies, step system doors, four point sealing doors and fireproofing that's cement or ceramic insulation. The best gun safe is not made with drywall fireproofing. The best gun safe is not sold on-line. You must contact a gun safe manufacturer personally. And make sure it's American. If a on-line company claims to be American, call an American gun safe manufacturer like Sportsman Steel Safes.

Can I protect my guns with a cheap gun safe?

If you just want to lock up your guns from a child, a Cheap Gun cabinet will do. They're inexpensive and pretty reliable. But you don't want to buy a cheap gun safe from an on-line gun safe company with no record. A company that has only been selling gun safe for a few years. They usually go out of business. Cheap gun safe is usually from china and have fraudulent fire ratings. The best way to buy a cheap gun safe is buy it from an American gun safe manufacturer. And don't trust a salesman. It's easy to figure out the defense between a great safe and a cheap safe: the gun safe with the most fire-board, 2300 Degree Ceramic and steps in the door is the best. And remember, if you get a deal on a cheap gun safe, it's usually from China.

Why choose Sportsman Steel Gun Safes?

The best way to figure out who makes the best gun safes is by watching which gun safe the US Government is buying. The FBI, Homeland Security, US Secret Service and LAPD chose Sportsman Steel Safes over all other gun safes. Probably because they offer 2300 degree fire insulation, step-system doors, military and police discounts. Premium Sportsman Steel Gun Safes are American made and offer double locks for maximum security. When the above government institutions scoured the net looking for their gun safes, they were probably looking for gun safes that resembled high-end commercial grade safes. Sportsman Steel Safes,  offers this level of security.

Are discount gun safes a good deal?

Discount Gun Safes are great safes if fireproofing is not important to you. These types of safe usually have 30 minute fire-rated; an unfortunate symptom of most discount gun safes. When you're buying an ammo safe, rife gun safe or home safe, try to get something that exceeds your regular discount gun safes. Make sure the safe has bent American steel, step system doors that seal on four levels and more than just drywall fire insulation. Your discount gun safes do not have these options and you'll see the difference it your safe goes through a fire. Buy discount gun safes only when they have thick steel and more fire insulation.

Do I need a fireproof gun safe and how much fireproofing do I need?

Make sure you have a Fireproof gun safe that exceeds 1200 degrees. A gun safe that is fireproof is the number one criteria for security. The chances of you having a fire are 5 times more likely than being burglarized. Having a waterproof gun safe is great too. When your gaskets expand during a fire, they seal your safe from hot air and water damage. When buying a fireproof gun safe make sure it has more than just drywall for fireproofing. 99% of gun safes sold online are cheap gun safes with drywall. The first thing you should ask a gun safe salesman is "Does your gun safe have drywall fireproofing?" If he says, "yes", look elsewhere. Are you only buying one fireproof gun safe? Look for a gun safe with 2300 degree ceramic or fire safe cement. Those are the best kinds of fireproofing.

What are the best fire resistant gun safes?

Without a doubt the best Fire Resistant Gun Safes are the gun safes with three things: 2300 degree ceramic fire insulation or cement, multi-steel step system doors and two fire gaskets. Gun safes that only have fire resistant drywall and one gasket are inferior. If a fire hits your house, almost everything of value will be damaged. Great fire resistant gun safes will make everything safe. A lot of know-it-alls say there are no fire resistant gun safes. That's not true. If your gun safe is fireproofed well, it will last through almost any fire. But it you buy a cheap fire resistant gun safe on-line beware. The ratings are suspicious. Again, here's the best way to pick a great fire resistant gun safe: looking for the safe with the most fireboard or ceramic, the most steps in the door and the most gaskets. The safe with most "stuff" in the walls and door is the most fireproof gun safe. It's that easy.

Is an inexpensive gun safe a good deal?

Inexpensive Gun Safes usually means low quality. I guess the word "inexpensive" is relative. inexpensive gun safes usually fall in the price range of $300 - $999. You can buy an inexpensive gun safe online, but that usually means it's Chinese. The reason you don't want to buy a Chinese gun safe is because the steel is very mild. A lot of gun enthusiasts buy two gun safes. One for expensive guns and one for inexpensive items. Inexpensive gun safes are good for low-end firearms, ammunition, paint-guns and knickknacks. Real gun safes with step doors and multi-level relockers are great to house high-end shotguns, assault weapons, scoped weapons and priceless heirlooms.

What about security gun safes?

Security Gun Safes are for those who aren't primarily interested in fireproofing, but are more concerned with burglary attacks. Buying security gun safes or what others call gun cabinets is a thing of the past. Gun safes are no longer expensive. And almost all come with some level of fireproofing. Plus, in many cases it your gun safe is fireproof, you can write it off. Contact a gun safe manufacturer and they'll tell you how to do it. Usually, the gun safe purchase will fall under the "Security Deposit Box Law" or if you own a business, you can use it to secure business documents. Many security gun safes are sold online still at very low prices.

Should I install a vault door?

Owning a vault room in your house is the hottest thing since the Jacuzzi. Everyone wants one and buying a vault door is inexpensive.

FEMA suggests owning a vault door room or hurricane shelter where the door opens inward. If your house collapse it will be easy to open the door and climb out over the rubble. Vault doors are usually rated for 2 hours because of the concrete rooms have 10" of concrete. Most vault doors come equipped with a panic room internal release option.

What about safes for the home?

Home safes can be used for a myriad of purposes from protecting valuables and important documents to securing firearms from children and burglars. Because fire is a major threat to homes, make sure any home safe you purchase is fireproof. Do not put your valuables in a cheap foreign made safe with flimsy construction and cheap fire insulation. A quality home safe should be adequate to house important documents, valuables and firearms. Talking to a gun safe expert about your requirements is the best way to assure you get the safe that matches your needs.

How long ago were modern safes invented?

Safes is a general term for a secure lockable box used for securing valuable objects against theft or damage. The first patent for a burglar resistant safe was by Charles and Jeremiah Chubb in 1835. Modern Safes come in all sizes and configurations and are usually made of steel and other components for fireproofing. Things to look for when buying a safe are: Burglar resistance, Fire resistance, Water resistance, Type of lock, Location of the safe (free standing safe, wall safe, vault door).


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