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Custom Gun Safes - Reed Safes, Pendleton Safes and More

By Maria Paiz October 23, 2023

Custom Gun Safes

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Gun ownership is a significant responsibility, and safeguarding your firearms is paramount. Whether you're an avid collector or simply seeking peace of mind, custom gun safes have become the go-to option for many gun enthusiasts. These sturdy and uniquely designed safes provide the ideal combination of top-notch security and bespoke custom style.

Yes, gun safes are an investment, but they pay lifelong dividends in security, safety, and satisfaction, so I find that going the custom way is worth it!  This article explores why investing in a custom gun safe is wise for every responsible gun owner.

Why Custom Gun Safes Are a Must-Have

Custom gun safes, a pair of custom American flag Pendleton Safes.

Owning a gun safe is part of the requirements of being a responsible gun owner for several reasons: law compliance, keeping them from falling into the wrong hands, etc.  That being said, owning a custom gun safe is even better!  

Why? Because they offer you tailored options to your tailored needs and can reflect your personality, style, and taste.

If you're like me, you probably want more than just a secure place to store your guns and valuables. You're looking for a safe that adds a touch of elegance and aesthetic appeal to your home's interior.

As a gun owner, I value the attention to detail and the customization that caters to my specific needs. Custom gun safes provide the perfect blend of utility and style, allowing you to tailor the design to your personal taste and security requirements. It's not just about owning a gun safe; it's about having a unique and functional piece that complements your lifestyle and enhances your home.

Investing in the Perfect Custom Gun Safe

Custom gun safes, two custom Pendleton gun safes in an office, Pendleton Safes.

Selecting the right gun safe is a crucial decision that involves considering factors like ratings, size, and locking systems. The right safe protects your firearms and valuables from unauthorized access and natural disasters, and may even qualify you for full insurance coverage on your firearms.

Custom gun safes offer more than security; they're an investment in a lifetime of style and protection. These safes are crafted with top-quality materials and can be tailored to reflect your personality and values. Your custom safe can adapt as your needs change, offering more storage or even transforming into a new vault room.

Navigating the custom safe market can be straightforward. Start by understanding standard sizes and finding dimensions that fit your space. Explore manufacturers that offer detailed customization, from gun rack design to interior features. Most reputable manufacturers provide free quotes, allowing you to explore options without commitment.

The Creative Process

A custom gun safe is more than just a secure storage solution; it's a centerpiece that can be showcased in your home! One of the most exciting parts about investing in a custom gun safe is the endless possibilities for personalization. The ability to tailor every aspect of a safe to your needs and tastes is a game-changer!

You can customize the textures, colors, materials, racks or display areas, back walls, or LED Lighting (to illuminate and showcase your collection)

The process of building a custom gun safe is a collaborative and exciting journey. It starts with an initial consultation to discuss requirements and options and then gets to the design phase, where you play with functionality and aesthetics.

Once the design is finalized, you get to watch your ideas come to life! 

Navigating the custom safe market can be overwhelming, but understanding standard sizes and finding dimensions that fit your space would be a good start.

Custom Gun Safe Manufacturers

The best custom gun safes are REED and PENDLETON. Let's look at some of the best features offered by them.


REED MS7 Custom Safe Collection

Reed is a renowned custom-safe manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the industry. As a US-based company, Reed takes pride in offering handcrafted gun safes tailored to meet its customers' specific needs. Their commitment to quality and security is evident in their two premium product lines: the Platinum and Gold collections.

The Gold Collection:

Is made with 7 gauge (3/16″) mild steel on the sides, top, bottom, and the back of the safe with a solid mild steel plate door available in thickness from 1/4”, 3/8”, or 1/2”.

The Platinum Collection:

Is made with 7 gauge (3/16″) 409 stainless steel on the sides, top, bottom, and back of the safe with a solid stainless steel plate door available in thickness from 3/8″ to a 1/2″.

Among Reed's standout offerings is the MS7 Collection model, which can hold up to 38 guns. This safe boasts a robust 7-gauge steel construction and offers a 1 ½ hour fire rating, providing exceptional protection for your firearms and valuables. With Reed's reputation for craftsmanship and its made-in-the-USA distinction, you can trust in the reliability and durability of their safes.

Best Features:

  • They offer fire protection for an hour and a half, at 1200° F, also with the additional protection of a fire and smoke seal lining along the interior of the door.

  • Protection of safes is provided with approximately ½ inches of a solidified door plate.

  • Added levels of security are available via the 409 model of stainless steel.

  • Reed Safes offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers defects in material or workmanship in your new Safe from Reed.

  • There is a slider system that is vertical, which serves to protect the safe, additionally making the process of storing and retrieving guns extremely convenient.

  • There is also the inclusion of motion-activated LED lighting alongside a door organizer; these features enhance the usability of these safes.

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Custom Gun Safes, Pendelton custom knight safes in various colors.

Pendleton Safes are built for security to store your gun collection and valuables. They offer customized safes to their customers according to their needs and demands. These are the highest quality and most innovative safe on the market today.

One of the best models of Pendleton, having an unprecedented storage capacity, is the Knight Series Safes.

Knight Series Safes offer unprecedented storage capacity in a compact footprint, making it easier than ever to protect and manage extensive and varied collections. Pendleton™ Knight Series Safes incorporate a solid steel exterior of 3/16" minimum thickness, plus an 11/16" reinforced door frame with a 2" structural striker for rigidity. The Knight’s wide-access door provides more visibility, fast and easy access and includes corner shelving for convenient handgun or accessory storage.

Top Features of Pendleton Custom Safes:

Custom gun safes, Pendleton custom wild animal safe.
  • Custom gun safes, tailored to your collection.

  • Pendleton's unique wild animal-safe design.

  • Ultimate organization for streamlined access.

  • Quick and intuitive gun management.

  • 400 LED lights ensuring clear visibility.

  • Moisture-controlled environment for preservation.

  • Compact footprint with remarkable storage efficiency.

  • Tactical firearm accommodation, including .50 BMGs and SBRs.

Pendleton's Customization Options:

  • Diverse shelving layouts: Traditional, TAC-75, Handgun, Collector's.
  • Personalized interior and exterior design choices.
  • Adjustable shelving to accommodate varying firearm lengths.
  • Configuration gallery to design the perfect safe layout.
  • Combination shaft option for enhanced storage versatility.

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Other Brands that offer customization options:

American Security:

American Security (AMSEC) is one of the best manufacturers in this industry. The brand offers two main types of safes - Residential Security Containers and TL-rated safes that are intended for commercial use. They also offer an extensive product line of more than 400 standard models of burglary and fire-resistant safes.

AMSEC offers options to customize your safe's color, hardware color, lock options, and interior options. 

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Browning is another leading manufacturer of gun safes, known for their quality construction, proprietary technology, and patented interior designs. One of the standout features that set this brand apart is its innovative approach to storing long guns in the door, offering a unique blend of style, security, fire protection, and storage solutions.

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Fort Knox:

Fort Knox is another company that makes gun safes that are built to a high standard. They manufacture fire resistance and burglary resistance gun safes and are the industry's leading providers of fire protection safes. The Safes are available in three models; Marquise, Legacy, and Treasury.

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Liberty Safes:

Liberty Safes is renowned for consistently producing a wide range of high-quality safes. They are particularly known for their heavy-duty security and fire protection gun safes. With over 30 different models of top-tier home, security, and gun safes, Liberty offers options that are fire-rated to provide protection ranging from 30 minutes up to 2.5 hours.

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In the age of personalization, custom gun safes are no longer mere security tools but a blend of functionality, aesthetic value, and personal expression. They represent more than a safe place to store your guns or rifles; they are a symbol of your individuality and tastes. Whether you opt for an American flag design, a vault room, or a specific steel thickness, each element adds to your custom safe's unique beauty (and functionality).

From the initial design to the final delivery, the journey to creating a custom gun safe is an exciting collaboration that results in a product that can last a lifetime. It's an investment in quality, style, and peace of mind, reflecting a growing trend that caters to discerning individuals who value both form and function.

Diving into the world of custom gun safes is like stepping into a realm where practicality and artistry unite. If you're curious about investing in your own bespoke safe, I'd suggest kicking things off by checking out the manufacturers mentioned in this article who are known for their customization prowess. And hey, don't be shy about asking for free quotes – it's a no-strings-attached way to explore your options and get a feel for what's out there. Trust me; it's worth it.


FAQ Guide (What Readers want to know)

What exactly can I customize in gun safes?

You can customize the size and capacity, the interior and exterior design, lock type (either traditional or electronic), steel thickness, fire rating, and special features like an American flag or back wall design.

How does the process of building a custom gun safe work?

The process involves initial consultation, design phase, construction, and installation. It's a collaborative effort that allows you to tailor everything from the vault door to the safe interior.

Can custom gun safes accommodate long guns and other valuables?

Yes, custom gun safes are designed to offer space for long guns, rifles, and other valuables. You can even design custom gun racks and shelves for specific storage needs.

How do the steel thickness and fire rating affect my custom safe?

Steel thickness adds to the overall security, and fire rating ensures protection against fire hazards. These can vary based on your specific needs and preferences.

What are the delivery options for custom gun safes?

Most providers offer delivery, and a select few offer installation services to ensure that the custom safe fits perfectly in your chosen room or space.

Can I add any unique aesthetic features to my custom gun safe?

Absolutely! From unique lock designs to custom LED lighting and special motifs, you can add numerous aesthetic features to make your safe stand out.

Is investing in a custom gun safe a lifetime investment?

Yes, the quality of materials like steel, the build process, and customization to your needs ensure that a custom gun safe is a lifetime investment in security and style.

Can I request detailed information and a free quote before making a decision?

Most providers offer detailed information and free quotes to allow you to explore options and make an informed decision. You can tailor your safe to fit your budget and requirements.

Are Custom Gun Safes Impenetrable?

While no safe is entirely invincible, custom gun safes are notably resilient. They're built using robust materials and unique locking systems tailored to the specific safe company. Breaking into a well-made custom gun safe requires specialized tools and techniques.


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