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Gun On Bed- Sleep More Safely With Your Gun

By Maria Paiz October 23, 2023

Gun on Bed? Top 3 Bedside Gun Storage Picks

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Keeping your gun at arm's length is a good idea, especially when you want to protect yourself and your family from burglars. But keeping your gun lying around is a dangerous practice that should be avoided.

Many gun owners understand the need for quick access to their firearms, especially at night when most burglaries occur. The question "Should I keep a gun on the bed?" often arises in these discussions.

There are many reasons one would choose to keep their gun close to them at night. Whether you want to keep your family safe from intruders or just like to have your gun close, keeping your gun on the nightstand is not recommended for obvious reasons. It is important to remember that a firearm is kept for protection, so it should not put other house members, especially children, in danger.

The good news is that there are ways in which you can keep your gun close to your bed and keep it safe from others in the house. Specially designed headboards and nightstands are just some options that look and cost the same as traditional furniture but have a concealed compartment where you can store your gun.

This article aims to answer that query, providing you with a comprehensive guide on maintaining gun safety while ensuring quick access. We will discuss gun storage options that are secure and convenient for unforeseen circumstances when you need your firearm.

Why Isn’t it Safe to Keep a Gun on the Bed?

Gun on Bed, Danger.

There are many reasons why keeping a gun on a nightstand during the night is a bad idea, from your small children getting access to it, which could be extremely dangerous, to the burglars who break into your home and find the gun first. Also, keeping a gun under the pillow is not safe since it can go off even if the safety is on. So, how can you keep your gun safe near your bed at night? This is where gun storage options come in.

What to Consider When Looking for Gun Storage Near Your Bed?

photo of a gun on a nightstand

Finding the right gun storage requires understanding your unique needs and circumstances. Do you need a solution that offers quick access? Should it be well-hidden, or would you prefer it to be in plain sight but securely locked? Your answers will guide your choice.

Look for gun storage that offers a balance between quick access and safety. This could be a biometric safe, a bedside gun holster, or a specially designed gun bed. YouTube is an excellent resource for video reviews and demonstrations of these options.

Remember, proper storage not only keeps your firearm safe but also prevents unauthorized users from accessing your guns, especially at night when you might be in a deep sleep.


Top 3 Picks for Quick and Secure Bedside Gun Storage

Let's face it; there are countless options for gun storage these days. In this section, we've sifted through the clutter and handpicked our top three choices for the most convenient and secure bedside storage. Each offers a unique mix of stealth, quick access, and safety. Get ready for a deep dive into each option, with images and videos to help you understand how they work.

Many of us sleep better knowing we've got a firearm within arm's reach for protection. However, storing that firearm safely is just as important to prevent accidents. The good news is, there's no shortage of products designed to do just that! Stick around to discover the perfect bedside gun storage for you.


1) Memomad Bali Storage Headboard



memomad Bali Storage Headboard with 4 Doors (King Size, Caramel Brown Wood)


These innovative solutions allow for the concealed yet accessible storage of firearms. A shining example is the Memomad Bali Storage Headboard which comes complete with compartments, shelves, and drawers, offering plenty of storage space. Since the headboard is bulky, ensure you have enough space beforehand. The Memomad Bali storage headboard is both beautiful and practical for any bedroom.

This stylish piece of furniture isn't just a comfortable headrest; it serves a dual purpose by providing several concealed compartments for storing your firearm, books, blankets, and much more.

To help you better understand this product and how to assemble it, numerous videos on YouTube review the Memomad Bali Storage Headboard in depth. From these videos, you can gather how easy it is to put together this headboard and how well it can blend into your bedroom decor, thanks to its availability in three sizes and two colors.

Gun-on-Bed-Memomad-Bali-Storage-Platform-Bed-(Full Size, Caramel)–

Remember, the bed you choose to pair with this headboard matters. This storage headboard isn't compatible with box spring beds, so be sure to keep this in mind when considering your purchase.

Ensuring your gun is both safely stored and quickly accessible is crucial, especially if you need to access it in the middle of the night. A solution like the Memomad Bali Storage Headboard allows you to achieve this balance, improving your peace of mind and contributing to a good night's sleep. 

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2) GunBed Hidden Compartment Headboard

Specifically engineered for immediate access and discreet storage, the unique GunBed Hidden Compartment Headboard integrates seamlessly into any bedroom setting while providing a safe and handy location for your firearm.

This headboard isn't just an appealing piece of bedroom furniture. Beneath the surface, it boasts a specially designed hidden compartment, perfect for storing larger guns like a shotgun. When a bump in the night makes your heart race, all it takes is a gentle nudge to the headboard, and your firearm drops straight into your hands - giving you a critical advantage.

With the GunBed, you aren't limited to a one-size-fits-all solution. They offer a variety of designs, ensuring there's a style to match every bedroom decor. 

Remember, it's essential to check if your bed frame is compatible with the GunBed headboard before purchase. Not sure how it all works? This YouTube shows the assembly and usage of this ingenious storage solution.

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3) Bed Bunker


BedBunker - King Size Bed Bunker

The BedBunker for a king-size bed is another great option. You can fit up to 30 rifles in a twin and 60 rifles in a queen-bed bunker, which is for those who really like their guns. There are also King Size models available. The BedBunker also has a two-hour firewall for protecting your weapons.

A BedBunker replaces the traditional spring mattresses with a quick access compartment where you can store away all your weapons just in case you need them. Since the BedBunker has been designed to keep your guns 500 degrees cooler, you need not worry about temperature issues while they're stored away. The BedBunker is your go-to option if you want plenty of storage space for your guns.

BedBunker Gun on Bed

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Verdict:/ Recommendation

Every gun lover will have their requirements when it comes to gun storage options to protect themselves at night. While the first option is great for small firearms, the Gun Bed is essential if you want to keep that Winchester close at hand. But, for those who would prefer having all (or some) of their firearms at arm's reach during the night, you can't go wrong with the trusty Bed Bunker.

Investing in secure, accessible, and reliable gun storage is crucial for any firearm owner. Remember, having a gun on the bed may seem like a convenient choice, but it brings more risks than benefits. Consider the options we've discussed here and choose the one that best fits your needs. Improving your gun safety practices doesn't just protect you—it protects everyone in your household.


FAQ - What Readers Want to Know

Where can you put your gun by the bed?

A wooden storage headboard or a gun bed are two great options to keep your gun close to your bed during the night.

What is the safest place to hide a gun near a bed?

The safest place to hide a gun when you are keeping it close to your bed is in a headboard or a gun bed.

How can I hide my gun at night for quick access?

One option is a bedside gun safe with biometric features. These safes can be opened quickly, often in under a second, and prevent unauthorized access. Another option is a concealed compartment in your headboard or a slide-out drawer in your nightstand. Some beds are even designed with built-in gun safes. Remember, the key is to balance accessibility with safety.

What factors should I consider when choosing bedside gun storage?

Consider the size of your firearm and whether the storage can accommodate it. Look for easy access, such as a spring-loaded compartment that can be opened quickly and quietly. The storage should also be discreet, blending seamlessly with the bed's design. Finally, consider the locking mechanism — biometric locks can offer an added level of security.

 What's the safest way to store multiple guns near my bed?

 If you need to store multiple guns near your bed, consider a larger bedside safe or a gun cabinet. Some safes have multiple compartments or racks designed specifically for storing more than one firearm. Be sure these are secured to the ground or wall to prevent them from being moved or tipped over.

 Is it safe to store my gun under the bed? 

Storing a gun under the bed can be safe, provided it's in a lockable storage box or safe and not simply hidden under the bedspread or mattress. Some under-bed safes are designed with slide-out drawers for quick and easy access. Always ensure the safety of children and other unauthorized persons by keeping the storage locked at all times.

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