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Gun Safe Brands - Which To Buy, Gun Safe Brands to Avoid

By Maria Paiz October 23, 2023

Gun Safe Brands to invest in and gun safe brands to avoid. *This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, but it never influences our product selection process.




Owning a firearm, from single handguns to expansive collections, demands vigilant security and adherence to regulations. As gun owners, safeguarding these weapons from unauthorized access—including children, family, and intruders—is paramount. The key lies in finding a trustworthy gun safe brand, emphasizing fire protection and robust storage.

In today's saturated market, gun safes come with advanced features like biometric scanners, electronic locks, and hidden compartments. Whether you're seeking a bedside gun safe, a handgun safe, hidden safes or spacious safes for long guns, we're here to guide you.

Dive into this article as we spotlight which are the top gun-safe brands and which safe brands to avoid.

Top things to know before buying a gun safe.

Things To Know Before Buying A Gun Safe

Investing in the right gun safe is crucial, especially given that high-quality options can be costly. This means you need to make sure your money is well-spent. 

Your Requirements

Understanding your requirements is the most critical factor when buying a gun safe. Start by assessing your specific needs, considering both your budget and the type of firearms you own.

Do you need an affordable safe at a reasonable price? Or are you willing to invest in a pricier option as long as it's made in the USA? Identify the features that are essential for your needs and match them with the amount of money you're willing to spend. The more information you have, the better your outcome in selecting the perfect gun safe.

Whether you're in the market for a residential security container, gun cabinets, compact handgun solutions, or even Liberty gun safes, known for their exceptional fire ratings and quality control, this guide will help you find the best fit for your unique needs.

The Price Isn’t Always Right

Price can be deceiving when buying a gun safe. While we often equate higher prices with superior quality, this correlation isn't consistent across all gun safe brands. It's essential to focus on the features, ratings, and reviews of different gun safe models rather than relying solely on their price tags.

Be discerning and avoid getting swayed by flashy advertisements. Familiarize yourself with various gun safe brands, including the ones to avoid. Dive deep into the details, and always read the fine print. It often holds vital information that's easy to overlook.

Essential Security Features:

The heart of any gun safe is its security features. When shopping, consider the material's robustness, particularly the thickness of the steel and the door. Pay attention to the locking mechanism, be it a mechanical lock or an electronic lock, and ensure it suits your preference.

Make sure the gun safe has undergone rigorous security tests. Many top-tier safes are evaluated by Underwriters Laboratories, earning them specific safe ratings. Key features to prioritize include fire protection, proven to safeguard against house fires, a relocking system, intruder alarms, and potentially even biometric scanner access for quick and secure entry.

Budgeting Wisely:

While affordability might be tempting, it's crucial not to compromise on essential features when storing firearms. If the perfect gun safe is out of your current budget, consider saving up for a bit longer. Investing in a quality safe ensures that your firearms, from long guns to handguns, are securely stored. If you select something that goes above and beyond what you currently need, you also ensure that you have secure storage space taken care of if and when you purchase more guns.  It's not just about buying a gun safe; it's about buying peace of mind.


The 5 Best Gun Safes Brands To Buy

Now that we have helped you gain an understanding of what to look out for, let’s narrow down the best gun safe brands in the US market today. 

Please note that the list does not denote each brand's efficiency level. The placement is entirely random.


SecureIT Tactical Safes:

gun safe brands, secure it logo

SecureIt Tactical is revolutionizing the gun storage industry by offering an extensive array of options in the gun safe category. Rooted in the principle of identifying faults in traditional gun storage options and avoiding them, they provide unparalleled security and functionality.

The brand's in-built cradlegrid system ensures proper storage of guns without them crowding together, effectively eliminating the common problem of weapons toppling over. Separate slots for gears and accessories are also provided, creating a well-organized and efficient storage solution.

Beyond the conventional, SecureIt's offerings include lightweight gun safes that are easy to use and do not require a forklift for moving. They are easily portable without compromising on quality. This aligns perfectly with their innovative Snap Grip Saddle System, where guns securely "snap" into their racks, and their patented design for integrating modern weapon systems into welded steel cabinets.

One of the standout features is the hassle-free entry, allowing swift and convenient access, a crucial requirement in times of emergency. With large storage capacity, these safes are an excellent buy for those needing to store multiple firearms, including both long guns and handguns.

High-density weapon storage, optics storage, armory design services, and the integration of weapon and SL3 / BII Gear are among the many solutions they provide. SecureIt also emphasizes safety with features like two points of resistance, ensuring guns won't fall out of the racks, and secure organized storage for everything within the armory.

Their vast experience across U.S. military branches, law enforcement, and consumer markets has led to flexible weapon storage solutions and ergonomically engineered armory designs. Whether you are a professional armorer looking for a complete armory overhaul or an individual gun owner seeking a reliable and efficient storage solution, SecureIt Tactical's mission-driven approach has got you covered. Contact them today to explore their versatile and innovative gun storage products tailored to your unique requirements.

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AMSEC (American Security) Safes:

Gun Safe Brands Amsec Logo

Founded in 1946 by Glenn Halls, American Security (AMSEC) has earned its place as an industry titan in gun safe production. Originating from a humble workshop in Paramount, California, today, AMSEC is globally recognized for its high-security safes and solutions.

A standout feature is their diverse range of over 400 standard models of burglary and fire-resistant safes, each having undergone stringent tests by the esteemed Underwriters Laboratory (UL). This ensures that every AMSEC safe, be it TL-rated or RSC, adheres to the highest safety standards.

Crafted with meticulous precision, both their US-manufactured and imported products boast of unmatched quality and resilience. Whether it's for safeguarding a single firearm at home or a comprehensive security solution for big businesses, AMSEC's offerings are diverse, catering to varied needs.

Their commitment to innovation doesn't stop at standard offerings. With an adept engineering and design department, they produce custom safes specifically tailored to the unique requirements of different industries.

Accessibility and support are cornerstones of the AMSEC experience. Their extensive network of factory-trained technicians, complemented by a 24/7 helpline, ensures users receive immediate assistance whenever they need it.

The brand's longevity, spanning over 75 years, speaks volumes of its unwavering commitment to quality and service. With more than 1,137 authorized retailers across the nation, choosing AMSEC means investing in a legacy of trust and excellence. Protect what's invaluable to you with AMSEC because, for them, your security is their ultimate mission.

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Barska Safes:

Gun Safe Brands, Barska Logo

Founded with a commitment to delivering quality and affordability, Barska is synonymous with innovation and reliability in the gun safe industry. With corporate offices, warehouses, and distribution in Pomona, CA, this global brand has established a strong presence not just in the U.S. but in over 40 countries.

Their gun safes are known for amazing quality, made with high-density optical glass and prisms, and reinforced with solid-steel deadbolts on the door. These features provide increased security, ensuring that thieves or children cannot penetrate the safes. Additionally, the safes offer fire protection, a critical feature for storing firearms and important documents.

One of the standout features in Barska's gun safes is the state-of-the-art biometric authentication system. This high-tech feature allows gun owners easy access to their firearms, cutting off any unauthorized attempts to open the safe immediately. Whether it's a bedside gun safe or a larger solution for a growing gun collection, the biometric scanner ensures that your valuables stay safe.

Their commitment to quality control and use of high-quality materials is evidenced by the Department of Justice's approval of Barska's gun safe for governmental use. Their products, including long gun safes and compact handgun safes, have been designed and built using the latest technology, promising years of durable use.

Beyond gun storage, Barska's extensive line includes precision sport optics, protective travel cases, and more. They provide reasonable price options without compromising on quality, making them a preferred choice for gun owners looking for both affordability and excellence.

Their global presence and dynamic supply chain allow them to be highly competitive, offering products individualized for corporate customers and complying with retail supply chain demands. With over 1,137 authorized retailers nationwide, including the top 100 U.S. Sporting Goods Retailers, Barska's offerings enhance the consumer's lifestyle, protecting not just guns but other valuables.

In the realm of safe brands, Barska stands as a testimony to innovation and quality, integrating the best optical components to obtain bright and clear images. Whether you are a professional looking for business safes or an individual seeking a portable safe for your handgun, Barska's wide range of products has got you covered. Explore their versatile and secure gun storage solutions today, and invest in a legacy of excellence and innovation.

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Liberty Safes:

Gun Safe Brands, Liberty Gun Safe Logo

Established in 1988 in Utah, Liberty Safe is a leader in the safe manufacturing industry, known for innovation and durability. Committed to American-made quality, they utilize military-style locking bars, American-made steel, and state-of-the-art technology like roll-form technology and robotic welding to ensure top-notch security.

One of Liberty Safe's standout features is their industry-leading fire protection, which is rigorously tested to replicate actual house fire conditions. Their safes have withstood more real-world house fires than any other brand.

Their eco-friendly approach includes removing 95% of VOCs and recycling overspray, reducing their waste footprint. With almost 400 American workers, Liberty Safe takes pride in the fact that around 95% of the products they sell are made in the U.S.

Offering private-labeled safes for corporations like Bass Pro/Cabela's and selling Liberty-branded safes through major retail chains and independent dealers across the U.S., Liberty Safe's products are accessible and reliable.

In summary, Liberty Safe represents a legacy of technological innovation, American-made quality, fire protection excellence, and eco-friendly practices. Whether seeking high-end safes or basic security solutions, Liberty Safe's offerings are designed to meet the market's diverse needs.

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Browning Safes:

Gun Safe Brands, Browning Gun Safes Logo

Browning Safes is a legacy brand rooted in innovative engineering, offering unmatched protection for firearms and valuables. Originating from Provo Steel & Supply Company in 1947, founded by F.L. (Shorty) Shurtliff, the company soon identified a market need for gun safes and began their journey in 1977. By 1983, Browning, with its legendary firearm heritage dating back to 1878, partnered with ProSteel as their exclusive safe supplier.

Browning Safes, now manufactured by ProSteel Security Products, epitomizes quality construction. Their patented features such as the DPX® Door Storage Panel with Quick Access Barrel Rack and DXP Scope Saver provide innovative storage solutions. The Axis® Adjustable Shelving ensures adaptability to evolving storage needs, while the OmniBarrier® Lock Protection System and Formed Door ensure unparalleled security. Additionally, the patented Force Deflector™ Locking System, Pry-Stop End Bolts, and Gear Drive™ Locking System are all designed to resist tampering, prying, and drilling, keeping your valuables secure.

Its extensive list of patents and proprietary technologies reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. Not only do Browning Safes provide top-tier protection against theft and intrusion, but they also excel in fire tests.

To sum it up, Browning Safes represents a blend of historic roots, forward-thinking engineering, and unwavering commitment to safeguarding what matters most. Whether you're securing firearms or treasured possessions, Browning Safes offers reliable, heirloom-quality solutions that will serve generations.

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Gun Safe Brands To Avoid

Gun safe brands, gun safe brands to avoid.We've looked at the must-have features offered by reliable gun safes. However, despite regulations regarding the manufacturing and sale of gun safes, some products on the market today may overlook various security concerns, making tall (and often false) claims.

When shopping for gun safes, you need to be aware of certain pitfalls. Here are some features that could be signs of an unreliable gun safe brand, as compiled from user and expert reviews.

Insecure Locking System:

A secure locking system is paramount for the safety of your firearms. Some gun safes offer biometric fingerprint locking systems, but reports have emerged of these being easily hacked. Some gun safe brands allow for an override of the security code without much hassle, exposing a critical flaw in the design.

Susceptible to Strong Magnets:

Some safes use a metal lock mechanism governed by a pin code. While this may seem secure, investigations have proven that these locks can be manipulated to open with a strong magnet. A safe's lock box should never be this vulnerable.

Weak Structural Integrity:

The materials used in the construction of the gun safe can be a significant determinant of its quality. If relatively low in quality, this can lead to weakened structural integrity, making them easy to break into and tamper with.

Easily Pried Open Doors:

The security of firearms is paramount, and some gun safes have been found with doors that could be pried open with bare hands. This problem often lies in the weakness of the hinges used on the safe door, indicating a wrong investment in the safe company's product.

Lack of Features Like Interior Light or Hidden Compartment:

Some brands may lack essential features like interior light or hidden compartments, which add to the functionality and security of the gun safe.



Choosing the right gun safe is crucial and demands careful consideration of features, brands, and quality. Avoid purchasing gun safe brands with known flaws, and focus on trusted options for long guns, handguns, and valuables safe storage. High-tech features, fire ratings, and a reliable locking mechanism are essential.

A stolen gun could have severe consequences; don't compromise on safety. Whether you need a bedside safe or a larger solution for storing bigger firearms, USASafeandVault offers a diverse range of quality gun safes to suit every need.

Explore our selection at USASafeandVault and consult our informative blog to find the perfect gun safe tailored to your needs. We ensure you invest wisely in security and peace of mind. Visit USASafeandVault Now and Read Our Blog for more insights. Stay Safe!

FAQ Guide (What Readers want to know)

What Should I Look for When Buying a Gun Safe?

Focus on quality construction, fire rating, locking mechanisms, and storage space. Make sure the safe is tailored to your needs, whether for handguns, long guns, or other valuables. Consider made in the USA products for guaranteed quality.

Are There Any Gun Safe Brands to Avoid?

Always conduct thorough research to find reputable gun safe brands. Avoid brands with known flaws or lacking essential features like robust locking systems and fire protection.

How Can I Store Long Guns Safely?

Look for a gun safe with sufficient storage space and specifically designed compartments to accommodate long guns. Brands like Browning Safes offer innovative features like the Quick Access Barrel Rack for easy storage and access.

What's the Difference Between a Handgun Safe and a Firearms Safe for Larger Guns?

Handgun safes are compact and designed specifically for smaller firearms, while safes for larger guns come with additional space and features to securely store long guns, rifles, and shotguns.

Can I Find a Gun Safe with Both Digital and Manual Keys?

Yes, many gun safes feature an electronic locking system alongside a backup key or manual locking mechanism. This provides quick access and a fail-safe if the battery dies.

What Are Some Best Bedside Gun Safes?

Bedside gun safes should offer quick access, a robust locking system, and the right size for your specific firearm. Explore USASafeandVault for some of the best options available.

How Important Are Fire Ratings When Selecting a Gun Safe?

Fire ratings are vital in ensuring that your guns and valuables remain protected in the event of a fire. Look for a gun safe with a verified fire rating to provide this essential protection.

Is There an Option to Keep Guns Out of Plain Sight?

Yes, some safes come with hidden compartments and tactical walls to conceal firearms. This adds an extra layer of security by keeping guns out of plain sight.

What Is an Override Key, and Why Might I Need One?

An override key allows you to access your safe if the electronic locking system fails or if you forget your code. It's a valuable backup to ensure continuous access to your safe.

Are Biometric Safes Reliable for Storing Guns?

Biometric safes use fingerprint recognition for access, offering quick and secure entry. They are generally reliable but should be considered along with other features like construction quality and fire protection.

What's the Main Selling Point of Made in the USA Gun Safes?

Made in the USA gun safes often come with guarantees of quality construction, adherence to safety standards, and support from a reputable safe company.

Can I Find Portable Safes for One Gun or a Small Collection?

Yes, portable safes are available for single-gun storage or a small collection. Look for ones with strong locking mechanisms and the capacity to fit your specific firearms.



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