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Is It Safe to Put a Gun Safe on the Carpet?

By USA Safe & Vault July 24, 2021 0 comments

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Selecting the best room at home for gun safes can be a difficult task as it is heavy and requires support. One question gun owners often ask us is if it’s safe to put gun safes on the carpet. A gun safe is usually made of metal or steel, and the weight of the safe can vary significantly. They are also designed to be bolted down with screws or bolts when they are installed in a home. We will review some of the pros and cons associated with placing your gun safes on carpeting so you can make an informed decision about what type of flooring you want for your gun safes. If you haven’t already, make yourself familiar with the gun safes that are available in the market today.

Here's How A Gun Safe Will Ruin The Carpet


The first downside to gun safes on carpeting is the potential for gun safe rust. While there are gun safes made of steel or metal, some gun owners will use a less expensive and lighter material such as wood or plastic which can be damaged by water if not properly cared for. Placing your gun safes directly onto carpeting can increase the risk of gun safe rust.

Scratches and dents

Carpeting is not a very durable surface and gun safes can scratch or dent it over time as more use occurs for gun storage. A great tip is, you need to make sure you are taking good care of your gun safes when they're on carpeted surfaces if scratches and dents bother you aesthetically.

Fire hazard

Third, carpeting can be a fire hazard in gun safes if not properly vented and there is an electrical short. The gun safe could catch on fire as the temperature of the gun safe rises rapidly because it has no airflow to cool down inside your home. It might also cause other objects around it to catch on fire or be damaged by the gun safe's heat.

Carpet compression

Fourth, gun safes are designed to withstand a certain amount of weight and pressure due to how they're made. The carpeting could compress under the gun safe eventually leading it to fall over because there is no support underneath for it when you place gun safes on the carpet.

To reduce that bad possibility of gun safe ruin the carpet, let’s take a look at what you can do to place gun safes in a carpeted areas.

  • Choosing the right place – a gun safe is quite heavy so whenever it moves or slides, it may scratch your carpet. In this case, you need to select an area in your home preferably on the first floor that is leveled and stable.  Be sure to measure the gun safe before you place it on carpeting.

  • Removing gun safes when not in use – gun safes can last a long time, and they’re even more of an investment if you purchase them from a reputable manufacturer such as Liberty Safe or Stack-On Safes. However, remember that gun safes can scratch carpeting and gun safes are heavy so it requires a firm, level surface.

  • Invest in gun safe mats – gun safe is made of metal or steel, which may damage your carpet over time if you place them directly on the floor. Gun safe mat will help protect your carpets as well as prevent scratches from occurring near gun safes you place on the carpet.

  • Proper installation – if you want to use gun safes with heavier weight, be sure that they're bolted down with screws, wall studs, or bolts and securing with a hammer drill bit when they are installed in your home. This will help prevent gun safes from shifting on the carpeting and causing damage to the carpet floor.

How To Protect Your Carpet When Placing A Gun Safe

Measuring the weight of a gun safe 

Knowing about the measurements and the weight of the safe that you will buy is useful as it affects how you choose the space at home and how to secure the carpet.

Providing supports for gun safes

Knowing what to put under a gun safe on a hardwood floor is important to make it more stable. Wood pallets, rubber mats, and bricks are common things used underneath a gun safe. Bricks become an inexpensive choice and provide airflow. People also use rubber mats by using them as gun safety feet or cover areas under the safe. However, wood pallets are more popular among all. It is not only affordable but also distributes the safe’s weight effectively. 

Bolting and drilling down gun safes properly 

Bolting down a gun safe through the carpet not only will make it stable but also protect the carpet and the whole gun safe. When being conducted carefully, the bolting process can minimize damage to the carpet. Before starting how to bolt a safe to the floor carpet, you need to measure the safe and where the bolts will be done. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to put a gun safe on the carpet?

Gun safes are heavy and can scratch carpeting, so gun safe mats or wood pallets are good choices to put underneath your gun safe.

How do you bolt down a gun safe to the carpeted concrete floor?

Before bolting it down on the ground, measure where the bolts should go through first then install for more security. You will need screws or bolts for the pre-drilled holes that are gun-safe-approved.

What is the best way to protect your carpet when placing a gun safely?

Knowing what type of gun safes you have and their weight will help you choose where in your house it should be placed on, as well as knowing how to place gun safes securely so that they won't move or budge.

Where should I put a gun safe in my house?

Choose the best location that is leveled and it should provide stability. Make sure it will not be sitting on carpeting because gun safes can scratch the flooring or gun safes are heavy. A wall safe is a good choice for securing your firearm in the garage or basement. A well-hidden and nicely finished safe that will be safe from moisture, garage heat, and theft can be installed flush on the wall behind an unheated garage door or drawer. Read Best Time of The Year to Buy a Gun Safe.

Should I bolt down my gun safe?

It is important to bolt gun safes down securely because gun safes tend to shift on carpeting. Without bolting it down concrete anchors or with the wedge anchors, gun safes can scratch and damage carpets; the right screws or lag bolts that are gun-safe-approved should be used for installation purposes.

Do I need to bolt my gun safe to the floor?

Take into consideration what type of heavy safe you have by choosing from gun safety mats, rubber materials, wood pallets, or bricks. Placing gun safes on the carpeting floor can cause gun safe mats to wear out over time and scratches may occur near the gun safes that are placed on the floor.

What can I put under my gun safe to protect the floor?

A garage mat made of rubber or vinyl will secure the garage floor from scratches and scuff marks that can be caused by placing garage shelves or garage drawers on it. This will also prevent harmful chemicals from seeping through the garage mats and penetrating the concrete garage floor, which causes rusting of anything that is exposed to it.


If you want to safely store your guns in the home, it’s important that you have a safe place for them. Installing a gun safe on carpet can be done without ruining it if you select the right location with good stability and know-how to conduct an installation of a gun safe properly. With these tips, we hope that installing your new gun safes will be easier than ever before!

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