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If you work in a pharmacy or any other healthcare facility, you need to have a secure place where you can store the medicines. In this regard, a pharmacy safe will be the most suitable storage unit. Unlike cabinets that are just locked using a padlock, pharmacy safes have heavy-duty construction and are also equipped with advanced electronic locking systems.

As a result, they are the best for protecting narcotic medications and other items from burglary, robberies, and even internal theft. They also protect medications from misuse and abuse. However, buying just any pharmacy safe is a bad idea because not all of them are reliable. To make your work easier we have provided a list of the 9 best pharmacy safes that are worth your money. 

How to Choose the Best Pharmacy Safe


The size of the safe is the most important thing you need to consider.  Since you will need the drug safe to store different medications, you should consider a spacious model. Some are also equipped with adjustable shelves for easier organization. You also need to consider the purpose.  Before buying, check the capacity to ensure that it suits the intended purpose. Still in size, you need to ensure that you have enough space where you can store it. In case you have a limited space, you should look for a slim model like the Mesa Pharmacy Safe MRX200E.

Steel gauge

When searching for a sturdy pharmacy safe, you need to consider a heavy-duty model. Since most of them are made of steel, it is important you look for the strongest. The thickness of steel is determined in gauge. In this regard, you should look for a gauge with the lowest number. For example, 10-gauge steels are about 1.42 times stronger than 11-gauge steels. This also means that 12 gauge steel is stronger or thicker than 14 gauge steel. If you are searching for a sturdy or secure pharmacy safe the Fireking Double Door Pharmacy Safe B6032 will be a suitable option because it has an 8-gauge steel construction. 

Lock type

Drug safes are equipped with different locking mechanisms.  Some are opened using a key while others come with an electronic lock. In terms of safety, electronic locks are the most secure because they require a special pass code which is not easy to guess. 

Fireproof and waterproof

Another important thing you need to consider is whether a safe is fireproof or waterproof. Such safes are the best because in case of fire accidents or floods, they are able to protect your items. The Phoenix Safe 504 Fireproof  is undoubtedly the best fireproof and waterproof drug safe you can find today. 

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) approval

In order to avoid misuse of narcotic drugs, DEA provides strict guidelines concerning storage of controlled substances. This means that you cannot use any narcotic safe or cabinet.  The DEA guidelines vary according to the type of storage you use.  However, these requirements are the same for both Schedule I and II controlled substances. These guidelines also apply to Schedule III, IV and V.

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Mesa Pharmacy Safe MRX200E

Best overall

Fireking Double Door Pharmacy Safe B6032

Most secure

Fireking Pharmacy Safe B3521

Best burglary resistance

Mesa Pharmacy Safe MRX100E

Most spacious

Fireking Double Door Pharmacy Safe B3641

Best value

Phoenix Safe 504 Fireproof

Best fireproof and waterproof pharmacy safe

Global Narcotics Cabinet 

Most compact

Omnimed Narcotics Cabinet 181651

Most secure

Lakeside Manufacturing Narcotic Cabinet LNC-11D

Best for budget


The 9 Best Narcotic Pharmacy Safes

1. Mesa Pharmacy Safe MRX200E – Best overall  

Mesa Pharmacy Safe MRX200E is a one-door pharmacy safe which is suitable for rooms with a limited space.  It has a slim width of 14-inches which means that it can easily fit in tight spaces where lockers and the standard safes cannot fit.  The unit is made of 11-gauge steel which means that it has a heavy-duty construction. In order to enhance strength, it features tamper-proof door hinges. 

On top of that, it uses an advanced SecuRam ECSL-0601a and Electronic Lock to protect your items.  The 8 pre-drilled anchor holes allow you to secure the unit safely on the floor. The door is reinforced with a heavy-duty dead bar to prevent forced entry. It also features ¾ -inch solid steel live locking bolts to enhance strength. If you are searching for a spacious pharmacy safe, this unit is among the best since it has a very spacious interior. 


  • Removable shelves

  • Very spacious 

  • Slim design

  • Tamper-proof  door hinges

  • Rugged dead bar prevents breakages

  • 8 pre-drilled holes for easier installation


  • Expensive 

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2. Fireking Double Door Pharmacy Safe B6032 – Most Secure

The Fireking Double Door Pharmacy Safe B6032 is equipped with an 8-gauge steel door which is sledgehammer and pry-resistant.  It also features an 8-gauge full-welded body to enhance strength and durability.  This narcotic safe also comes with 7 chrome live locking bolts which prevent pry attacks. There are auto door dents which throws the bolts to the safe when you shut the door of the safe. This ensures that employees don’t forget to turn the handle once they have shut the door.  

In addition, it comes with a spring-loaded re-locker which ensures that the bolts don’t move in case of attacks. Another great thing about this pharmacy safe is that it comes with 7 adjustable shelves which allow you to organize your items for easier retrieval. For easier opening and closing, the safe is equipped with ball-bearing hinges. It is also equipped with an LCD screen that makes it easy to program.  Other features that come with the unit include dual or single control modes, penalty lockout, type 1 high-security electronic lock, programmable time window and time delay.


  • Heavy-duty construction

  • 8 gauge steel door

  • Programmable LCD screen

  • Interior floor holes for easier installation

  • Spring-loaded re-locker

  • 7 adjustable shelves


  • None

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3. Fireking Pharmacy Safe B3521 – Best burglary resistance 

This narcotic lock box is among the top-quality pharmacy cabinets that are worth your money. It has an outer measurement of 35 x 21.75 x 22 inches and an inside measurement of 34.50 x 20.75 x17.67 inches. The safe has a B-rating meaning that the door is 0.5-inch A36 steel and 0.25-inch formed full-body construction. Due to the heavy-duty construction, it is highly resistant to sledgehammer and prying.  

The door contains chromed live locking bolts with a diameter of 1-inch which prevents pry-attacks.  There is also a door dent that throws the bolts to the safe immediately after the safe door is closed. 

In addition, it has a spring-loaded re-locker which prevents the bolts from moving in case of attacks. The unit has a single door with 1 compartment and 4 sliding drawers. For easier programming, it has an LCD screen plus a programmable time window and time delay. In terms of security, it is equipped with a type 1 high-security electronic lock and a penalty lockout. 


  • B-rated door

  • 4 removable sliding drawers

  • Reliable electronic lock

  • Adjustable ball-bearing hinges

  • Scratch-resistant finish

  • Floor holes for easier installation 


  • Heavy 

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4. Mesa Pharmacy Safe  MRX100E – Most spacious 

Here comes another specially built narcotic safe for healthcare facilities and pharmacies. Just like the Mesa Pharmacy MRX200E this one too is equipped with top-notch security features to ensure that your medical supplies are very safe.  In terms of construction, this safe is made of 11-gauge steel to enhance strength and durability. It also comes with adjustable shelves to create more space for different items. This also allows you to arrange your medical supplies more easily. The door features sturdy steel and tamper-proof hinges for extra security. 

Besides that, this door is reinforced by a rugged dead-bar to prevent forced entry.  Seven 0.75 inches solid steel live-bolts are also included to enhance protection. For easier installation, this unit comes with 10 pre-drilled holes which also allow you to mount it firmly on the floor. Still on safety, the unit is equipped with a modern SecuRam electronic lock which is protected by a drill-resistant hard-plate. The interior has a capacity of 18 cubic feet which means that it is very spacious. 


  • Made of 11-gauge steel

  • Tamper-proof hinges

  • 18 cubic feet interior 

  • Rugged dead-bar

  • 7 adjustable shelves

  • Advanced electronic lock

  • 10 pre-drilled holes


  • Pricey but worth it

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4. Fireking Pharmacy Safe 3641 – Best value

This 2 door drug safe has an outer measurement of 36.50 x 41.00 x 21.75 inches and inner measurements of 36.00 x 19.50 x 19.50 inches It has an internal capacity of 7.92 cubic feet meaning that it can accommodate a lot of narcotic drugs.  The door is made of ½ inch A36 steel which makes it resistant to prying and sledgehammer attacks. There is also a spring loaded re-locker which ensures that the bolts don’t move in case of attacks. 

It also contains ball-bearing hinges which allows the door to open and close easily.  For easier installation, the interior part has 4 holes which allow you to secure it firmly on the floor.  Each side of the unit contains 6 pull out sliding drawers to boost storage. It also features auto door detent which throws the bolts to the safe when you shut the door.


  • Resistant to sledgehammer attacks and prying

  • Adjustable ball-bearing hinges

  • LCD screen for easier programming 

  • Scratch resistant finish

  • 6 sliding drawers on each side

  • Easy to install


  • None

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5. Phoenix Safe 504 Fire Fighter 1.5 Hour Digital Safe – Best Fireproof and Waterproof Pharmacy Safe

One of the most outstanding things about the Phoenix Safe 504 is that it can withstand an explosion up to 2000 degrees and high temperatures of up to 1850 degrees. Apart from that, it can withstand an impact of up to 30 feet in case it is dropped.  This means that as compared to other pharmacy safes, this one will provide the best fire protection to the narcotic drugs and other important items like documents.  

It also features a water-resistant internal seal which means that it also protects your valuables from water damage that may happen due to fire hoses or sprinklers. In addition, it has a digital fire protection of up to 60 minutes for DVDs, CDs, Memory Sticks and USB drives. The unit also features a reliable digital combination lock which ensures that your valuables are very secure. You will also be pleased to note that it comes with a 3 years warranty. 


  • Made of galvanized steel

  • Fireproof design

  • Reasonable price

  • Steel bolts to enhance security

  • Digital combination lock

  • Internal seals protects it from water damage

  • Impact resistant up to 30 feet


  • Not very spacious 

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6. Double Door/Double Lock Small Narcotics Cabinet - Most compact

If you are searching for a compact pharmacy cabinet you can use in a doctor’s office, laboratory, patient rooms, hospitals, pharmacy or any other medical facility, this unit will be an ideal choice.  It has a rugged steel construction to enhance durability. It also features a scratch and chip resistant coating which gives it an attractive look. 

Apart from that, it comes with a full-size hinged door which contains a double sturdy gauge cam lock to enhance security. The keys are locked separately and each lock has its own key.  In addition, it has 1 removable and adjustable shelf. It also comes with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware for easier installation. 


  • Scratch resistant finish

  • Rugged steel construction

  • Full-size hinged door

  • Mounting hardware included

  • It comes fully assembled


  • Small size

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7. Omnimed 181651 Double DOOR Narcotic Cabinet – Most secure

The Omnimed 181651 Double Door Narcotic is among the best drug safes or pharmacy cabinets that are worth your money. It is made from a long lasting stainless steel that meets DEA schedule 2 requirements for drug storage. The unit has 2 hinged doors plus dual locking systems which ensures that your items are very secure. The outside door contains a triple bolt water lock that opens to reveal another door. This second inner door is normally secured by a flat key and it also features a heavy-gauge locking cam. 

Each of the 3 locks comes with separate keys. You will also find that the upper part of the cabinet is designed in such a way that it is able to lift for easier flipping.  As a result, the safe can accommodate right or left door access. In addition, it comes with 2 adjustable aluminum shelves to boost the storage capacity. It also features pre-drilled holes with stainless steel mounting discs to enhance stability during installation. Lastly, this unit comes with a 10 years warranty and 1 year warranty for the locks.


  • Rugged stainless steel construction 

  • Sturdy hinged doors

  • Meets DEA requirements 

  • Dual locking system

  • 2 adjustable aluminum shelves

  • 10 years warranty


  • None

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8. Lakeside Manufacturing LNC-11D Narcotic Cabinet – Best for budget

The Lakeside Manufacturing LNC-11D Narcotic Cabinet is a very reliable option for preventing patients from accessing medications without authorization.  It has a double door design and it is spacious enough to fit different medicines or other items.  You can use it in a pharmacy, doctor’s office or any healthcare facility.

The unit is made of powder coated steel meaning that it is durable and sturdy. It also comes with 1 adjustable shelf that is located behind the 2 closed doors. You will also love its compact size which makes it easy to mount on a wall. The outer measurements of this unit are 12 x 8 x15 inches while the inner measurements are 10.75 x 8.25 inches.  It comes fully assembled to make your installation work easier. 


  • Made of a powder coated steel

  • It comes fully assembled

  • Decent price

  • Compact design

  • Adjustable shelves


  • Not very spacious 

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FAQs | What Readers Want to Know

What’s the difference between safes and cabinets?

The major differences between safes and cabinets are the locking mechanism and construction. In terms of construction, safes have a more rugged steel construction than cabinets which makes them hard to break. They are also equipped with advanced locking mechanisms like the electronics or biometric locks which make them difficult to access for unauthorized people. In short, safes are more secure and durable than cabinets. 

What is DEA-Approved narcotic safe?

The DEA guidelines may seem complicated but they are meant to enhance safe and correct medical practices. Some of the DEA recommendations are;

  •  In case you store your substances in a steel cabinet or a safe which is less than 750 pounds, you need to cement it firmly on a wall or floor in such a way that it is not easy to remove.  The safe should also be able to withstand outside entry or forced entry.

  • In case the safe uses a combination lock, it should be limited to a specific number of employees.

  • Safes with key locks should also be accessed by a specific number of employees.

What is so special about a pharmacy safe or cabinet?

Pharmacy cabinets or drug safes have a heavy-duty construction which makes them resistant to sledgehammer attacks and prying. Most of them are equipped with adjustable sliding shelves for easier organization. Apart from that, they have reliable locking systems to prevent unauthorized access. They also come with ball-bearing hinges, programmable LCD screen among other features. 

Are pharmacy safes fireproof?

Pharmacy safes that are fireproof are not easy to find. However, the Phoenix Safe 504 Fire Fighter is fireproof, waterproof and impact resistant up to a drop of 30 feet. 

Final Verdict

A pharmacy safe is one of the most important items every pharmacy or healthcare facility must have. These units have a sturdy construction which prevents misuse or theft of narcotic medicines. Unlike cabinets, pharmacy safes come with advanced locking systems which only allow specific users to access. 

As compared to other pharmacy safes on the market, Mesa Pharmacy Safe MRX200E will give you the best value for your money. It is very sturdy and comes with a unique slim design which makes it perfect even for pharmacies or healthcare facilities with a limited space. 

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