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What Is A Home Invasion - 9 Key Statistics On Home Invasions That Can Keep You Up at Night

By Maria Paiz October 23, 2023

What is a home invasion?

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Home invasions are the worst nightmare for every homeowner. Unfortunately, home invasions have been on the rise, with approximately 2.5 million burglaries in the US and half of them being home invasions. With hundreds of new cases of home invasions being reported every day, it has become critical for homeowners to prioritize home security.

 This article will shed light on what is a home invasion and discuss some home invasion and burglary statistics to help readers understand the importance of home security in current times.


Home Invasion vs. Robbery

It is common for people to confuse home invasions with robberies. However, home invasions are a completely different scenario than robberies. While most burglaries, or robberies, refer to people entering a property intending to steal valuables, home invasions involve criminals entering a priority to terrorize occupants through violence or threats.


9 Home Invasion Statistics That Will Give You Nightmares

Nine home invasion statistics that will give you nightmares.

Below are nine chilling home invasion and burglary statistics that will motivate you to improve your home security:

1. An Estimated 1.65 Million Home Invasions Occur Annually

According to the Small Business Blog, an estimated 1.65 million home invasions happen in the U.S. each year. This figure accounts for approximately 66% of the 2.5 million burglaries that occur annually. These chilling statistics show how common home break-ins have become in the United States.

2. Almost 619,811 Burglaries Were Reported in 2021

Statista reports suggest approximately 619,811 burglaries were reported in 2021. The property crime statistics have significantly dropped compared to home burglary statistics from 1994, which indicates that around 2,362,539 home burglaries occurred that year. Although there is a remarkable decrease in burglary statistics, we still have a long way to go.

3. Burglaries Result in Around 100 Homicides 

Annually, there are approximately 100 burglary homicides in the United States. The FBI figures suggest that there were around 13,455 homicides, out of which 102 occurred during home burglaries. Although home burglary homicides are rare, there is always a risk of burglaries becoming lethal for homeowners, making it critical for every US homeowner to install a home security system.

4. Most Burglaries Happen During Daylight

Although statistics show homes are at a higher risk of burglaries during nighttime, a 2016 survey indicated that most burglaries occur during daylight between noon and 4 p.m. Furthermore, FBI data showed that out of 616,307 reported burglaries, 153,894 happened during nighttime. These statistics prove that although it is important to prioritize home security during nighttime, burglars may prefer to commit property crimes during the early hours of the day when homeowners may have their guard down.

5. 28% of Victims Are at Home During a Burglary

Although it is devastating to come home and realize your valuables have been stolen, it is even more traumatic to be at home during a property crime attempt. Statistics from the US Department of Justice show that a house member is present at home during 28% of home burglaries, of which 7% result in violent outcomes. This makes it essential for homeowners always to have their security system active.

6. Over 30% of Burglaries Involve a Weapon

According to data from 2003 to 2007, over 30% of violent home burglaries involved a weapon, with firearms accounting for 12.4% of the weapons, sharp tools accounting for 10.6%, and other types accounting for 7%. A weapon involved in a home burglary makes it incredibly dangerous since, when confronted with a homeowner, burglars may commit unthinkable crimes due to the worry of getting caught.

7. Only 12% of Home Invasions Are Planned

Burglary statistics show that most break-ins are unplanned, with planned burglaries only accounting for 12% of overall burglaries. Most burglars explained their crimes as a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Therefore, you never know when burglars may make their way through your open garage door or break in with specialized tools, making it critical for you to have a properly working home security system.

8. More Than $13.3 billion in Property Was Stolen in 2019

According to reports from the FBI, approximately $13.3 billion in property was stolen in 2019. Below is a table explaining the types and values of property stolen:


Type of Property

Value of Property ($)







Motor Vehicle Theft


Office Equipment






Household Goods




Consumable Items





9. Victims Lose an Average of $2,661 in Property Losses

The average burglary can result in homeowners suffering a loss of approximately $3,000. This can account for a significant portion of monthly pay for most households in the US. Apart from the financial losses, these break-ins can take an emotional toll on people, impacting their mental health and overall well-being.

How to Keep You and Your Home Safe

Follow the tips below to keep your home safe from property crimes like home break-ins and invasions:

Get a Home Security System

Get a home security system

Home security systems have contributed significantly to reduced property crime in recent years. A home security system can be a game-changing investment for homeowners looking to prevent property crimes like invasions and break-ins. 

The latest home security systems are equipped with cutting-edge features like garage door sensors, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and alarms. These features keep homes safe from potential threats and alert homeowners of suspicious activity on their property.

Invest in Safes

Home Safes Hollon Safe

Investing in home safes is always an intelligent decision. By storing valuables in safes, homeowners can prevent unauthorized access and enjoy the peace of mind that their valuables will remain secure in case of a home burglary.

When choosing a safe, it is essential to consider the size and weight of the items you plan to store within it. Furthermore, always purchase safes constructed with high-quality materials like steel and ensure the presence of features like locking mechanisms and innovative biometric verifications to add an extra layer of security for your valuables.

Upgrade Your Locks

Home locks, home lock system

Upgrading your locks can help you stay one step ahead of thieves. When individuals with malicious intent notice your home is secured with the latest locks featuring pick-resistant and bump-resistant mechanisms, they are less likely to attempt a home burglary on your property. Consider upgrading your outdated locks with smart locks boasting remote control and keyless access features.

Don’t Reveal Too Much on Social Media

Don't reveal too much on social media

One of the best ways to avoid property crime is to refrain from revealing excessive information on social media. When robbers plan a robbery, they may look at the target victims' social media to get information on their financial situation or whereabouts. Therefore, while flaunting your valuables on social media can be tempting, avoid showing off valuable possessions like diamonds or cars online and being overly specific about your plans and location.

Keep Your Windows and Doors Locked

Keep your doors and windows closed

Home invasion statistics show that many burglaries happen due to homeowners leaving their windows and doors unlocked. Leaving your doors and windows unlocked can make your home susceptible to a break-in.

Therefore, always make it a point to check your locks and windows first thing in the morning,  during nighttime, and if you plan on leaving the property. Keeping your windows and doors locked and your security system active can help you avoid robbery attempts.

FAQ Guide (What Readers Want to Know)

Should I Leave My Lights on at Home?

Leaving your lights on at home can be a great way to prevent home burglary. However, leaving lights on 24/7 can incur high electricity bills. Therefore, it is best to invest in smart lighting to reduce your electricity bills.

What is the Best Home Defense Weapon?

Firearms make the best home defense weapons. They allow homeowners to neutralize threats from afar and successfully stop a threat on impact. Keep in mind that firearms need to be securely stored in a safe for them to serve the purpose of keeping the members of the household secure.

Do I Need a Safe Room in My Home?

Having a safe room in your home can be a great way to protect your family from a potential threat in case of a home burglary. Safe rooms are specifically designated rooms located in homes to help homeowners conceal themselves during a break-in or natural disaster and seek refuge until help arrives.

Is a Self-defense Class Worthwhile?

A self-defense class can empower one to take control of their security during events like robberies or break-ins. One can learn self-defense strategies during self-defense classes that may allow them to protect themselves and others in times of need.

How Common are Home Invasions?

According to the FBI, there are approximately 1.65 million home invasions annually. This means that, on average, at least one home invasion occurs daily.



The chilling statistics outlined above show how common home invasions and burglaries are in the US. With a burglary happening every 30 seconds, it can be challenging to keep your home safe from individuals with malicious intent.

We recommend buying a home safe to protect your firearms and valuables in case of home invasions and burglaries. Securing your valuable goods in a foolproof vault can save you from years of regrets and problems. Having a home safe and following the above tips, like keeping doors and windows locked and upgrading your locks, can help reduce the likelihood of break-in attempts.


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