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Are Gun Safes Worth It? Absolutely, with 15 Solid Reasons Why

By USA Safe & Vault September 12, 2021 0 comments

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If you're new to the gun world or just making your first gun safe purchase, you might be wondering why you should bother to buy a gun safe at all. A lot of gun enthusiasts say that they don't need one — especially if they have more than a few guns. A gun safe can be a costly purchase, but it's one that every responsible firearms owner should consider making. 

Is a gun safe worth it? 

Absolutely. While gun safes can be expensive it is a long-term investment and worth it. Insurance companies prefer that firearms be secured in a gun safe to reduce liability and to provide full insurance coverage.  In many states securing a gun safe is the law.  While a cheaper locked cabinet can suffice, a certified gun safe preferably with fireproof and burglary protection is best. 

If you don't want to risk having your firearm fall into the wrong hands, then it's absolutely essential that you have a place to store it. We have 15 good reasons to justify buying one or more gun safes.

1. In some states and locations it is the law. 

In gun-toting Arizona, it is hard to own a gun without a gun safe. So, if you live in an anti-gun state, or gun-toting state, gun safety laws and gun laws might force you to own a gun safe. Know your local laws to keep out of trouble.

2. It could reduce your home insurance premium. 

To gun-owning gun owners, gun safety is a serious matter. Gun safes can help protect your gun from theft or accidents. Some homeowner’s policies cover gun accidents. However, gun safes often are not covered in your gun-owning gun owners’ policy. 

3. Protect your valuables, documents, money, and jewelry.

A gun safe can be multi-purpose and can also protect your valuables, documents, money, and jewelry from gun thieves or gun accidents. 

4. Prevent the theft of a valuable firearm collection.

Don't invite gun thieves to break into your gun safe, and steal them. 

5. Prevent gun-assisted suicide.

Gun-related suicides are one of the leading causes of gun-related deaths in the US. The gun safe's dual security features make it easier to keep your gun away from others, as well as protect yourself and other gun owners from gun-related suicide.

6. Keep your guns safe from children accessing them and accidental discharging.

Your gun safe will keep your gun away from children who may be curious about it, and if they do get to use it in an accidental discharge case, you can't be held liable - gun safes are legally required to be locked.  If you have small children or gun-toting visitors, gun safes provide an easy way to keep gun-play in check, and gun-play that's out of hand.

7. Protect your gun collection from being stolen if you are forced to leave it somewhere.

You might not be able to take your gun with you when fleeing a disaster, but gun safes can easily be moved and can make sure that no one will find it in the case of an emergency.  If your gun is stolen, the gun can't be sold on the black market — a gun safe helps to keep this from happening by protecting your gun from being sold in illegal gun deals where criminals could buy it and use it against law enforcement officials or in crimes committed with that gun after

8. Show off your gun collection in a gun safe instead of hiding it away

Gun safes with display cases were a popular choice for firearm storage.

9. Allow gun owners to safely store their guns in a gun safe, shield the gun from children

Guns are not toys. They can be very dangerous. Guns should always be kept out of reach of children in your house, and in other houses too.

10. Gun safes can also be used to store ammunition and gun accessories such as hearing protection

Most gun safes are made to withstand the heat of a fire. They won't break down from being in a fire.

11. Protect the community and prevent accidents or death by keeping your guns locked up

Always keep guns locked and out of reach of children and never leave a gun out and unattended.

12. Keep your guns out of the hands of a thief. More than a third of burglaries occur during the day, while you're home

Get a case and a safe that can hold one gun or several. Many come with a combination or key lock. 

13. Keeps guns out of the hands of people who are at risk of suicide or hurting others

Helps you keep your guns in pristine condition by preventing corrosion and rust. Keeps guns away from humidity and moisture.

14. Your guns will be there when you need them and accessible in the event of an intruder 

You can keep other important documents and cash in your gun safe for safekeeping.

15. Sleep better at night when a safe protects you from break-ins while you're at home or away 

Get multiple safes based on your needs. Gun safes are portable — move them to multiple locations in the house 

Bonus Reason:

16. Avoids misplacing anything that is important to you even if it is not valuable (e.g. the second set of house keys)

Save time looking for valuables in the midst of an emergency by keeping it all in one place.

Top Reasons Not to Get a Gun Safe

To be fair, there are also some reasons why gun owners often do not get gun safes and think that gun safes are NOT worth it.

Gun safes can be expensive

Gun safes are expensive. Most gun safes range from about $150 - $5,000 in price. That's a lot of money and it is tempting to consider all the guns you can buy for $5,000! We believe that you can’t put a price on security and safety though.

Lack of a good location for the safe

Gun safes have to be located in the gun owner's house, and usually bolted down, or it will not be secure. Often it is hard to find a good location in a small home.

But for gun owners who do not have a gun safe, this may mean guns are kept in their car, which is never a good idea for many reasons. 

Weak protection with some safes

Gun safes--especially cheap safes--do not provide gun owners with the best protection to keep their gun collection secure. Often they lack the right level of burglary protection and fire protection, which makes them expensive and worthless cabinets.  A false sense of security can be worse than no security.

Not enough space for a collection

Many gun owners have multiple guns that gun safes cannot accommodate. This means that some or all guns can be unsecured because it is too expensive to get a big enough gun safe.

Maintenance hassles

Gun safes require care and maintenance that can be an aggravation. Maintaining the right humidity in the safe, ensuring that the locks are adequately serviced and that the batteries for biometric locks are fresh, are some of the ongoing efforts needed when you buy a safe.  

In summary

We hope this has helped answer any questions that may have been lingering about buying your first gun safe or upgrading an old model. If you are looking for a safe to store your gun, check out what we have to offer in our gun safe collection, and how we can make it more affordable for you to make a gun safe worth it for you.

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