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Are Hidden Wall Safes Fireproof | Buyer Beware Tips

By USA Safe & Vault July 28, 2021 0 comments

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A wall safe doesn’t only serve as convenient storage but also hidden protection to your valuables. Aside from its ability to properly conceal your valuables, I wonder about its ability to withstand a fire. Are all wall safes also designed to be fireproof?

So, are hidden wall safes for the home fireproof?

Usually not. Check ratings for the special fireproof model. A hidden wall safe is designed to be installed into the wall where it’s invisible to burglars so this ability that makes it provides high security. We can find few fireproof models but we cannot expect much that they will stay long during a fire. Read Will Money Burn In a Fireproof Safe

There are some characteristics of hidden wall safes that you need to know before getting one. 

  • Install to the wall – unlike other safes that can stand on the floor or need to be bolted down, wall safes are installed to the wall so they bring designs that make them perfectly fit the wall. 

  • Locations of installation – it is often installed in unseen locations where only homeowners know about it such as on the back of wall-mounted television, hanging pictures on the wall, or behind furniture. 

  • Trick a burglar – a wall safe is hidden somewhere unseen at home making burglars hard to locate. Considering burglars have the possibility to find valuables at home, using a hidden wall safe can be an effective solution.

After explaining the characteristics of hidden wall safes, let’s get to know about their ability to survive a fire. 

How do hidden wall safes protect from fire?

  • Provide fire protection

Getting a fire-rated wall safe can be easier when you already have fire sprinklers. If you haven’t, you should add fire protection to the items you keep inside a wall safe. 

  • The material of hidden wall safes

Wall safes are designed to be installed into a wall or wood studs so it shouldn’t have too much weight. Protective fire materials and thick steel are usually used in traditional safe to protect it from a fire are very heavy and it doesn’t support the wall installation. Hence, we cannot expect a similar level of protection between fireproof wall safes and fireproof traditional safes. 

  • Hidden wall safes with great UL rating

We can still find good fire-rated wall safes based on UL rating that preserves the internal temperature not higher than 350 degrees F within 1 hour and these wall safes are available in 100 pounds. This weight is considered to be light enough for wall installation. Paper burn at 450 degrees F, this UL-rated safe with its lack of heft can be a great choice for you who are looking for a fireproof safe that can be hidden from view.


What is the best fireproof wall safe for home use?

It's vital to find the best fireproof wall safe for home use to protect your valuables. When you take all factors into consideration such as fire safety, security and durability it becomes clear you need the best fireproof wall safe for home use possible in order to keep your valuables protected for many years to come.

Are home safes fireproof?

Home safes are not typically fireproof. You can, however, purchase a fire-resistant home safe that will withstand a fire for a given amount of time.

Can a safe survive a fire?

A fire safe is rated to withstand fire for a certain length of time, which is clearly stated in the fire rating used by the manufacturer. The fire rating indicates how long fire protection will last inside the safe. 

Can you bolt a safe to the wall?

To bolt a fireproof safe to the wall, it is important to measure the size of the safe and align it in an appropriate place on the wall. Next, drill holes into the fireproof safe and mount them on the wall with bolts. Finally, paint over any visible damage and secure your fireproof safe and continue to use it as you normally would.


Since hidden wall safes are supposed to be installed on the wall, they aren’t equipped with proper fire protection material so most of them cannot survive in a fire. Even when you still want to protect valuables from fire, there are great UL-rated wall safes that typically can survive in a fire within an hour. 

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