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Best Ammo Cans | Cheap Ammo Storage Options in 2021

By USA Safe & Vault August 26, 2021

Best Ammo Cans | Cheap Ammo Storage Options in 2022

There is no better way of protecting your ammunition from corrosion than storing them in a quality ammunition box. These are simply storage boxes that are specially built for the storage of ammunition. Most of them come with O-ring seals that protect your ammo or bullets from external elements such as water, dirt, dust, and debris.   They also have sturdy construction to ensure that your valuables are always safe. In this article, we shall reveal the best ammunition containers that are indeed worth your money. 

How to choose the best ammunition storage can

Plastic vs metal

Ammo cans are either made of durable plastic or steel. Below are the benefits of these materials.

  • Steel – In terms of durability and strength, ammo containers that are made of steel are the best.  They are able to withstand tough weather conditions due to their rugged construction. Most of them are equipped with foam or rubber gasket seals which ensure that the lid is completely closed.  Due to this, they are perfect for keeping air and moisture out of the container meaning that they minimize chances of corrosion and rust. 

  • Plastic – These ones are made of thick plastic which means that they are able to withstand damage. Unlike the steel ammo boxes, these ones are more lightweight which makes them easy to transport.  They are also cheaper which makes them ideal for those who are on a budget.


One of the major reasons why you are buying these containers is because you want to keep your ammunition and bullets free from external elements. Water, dirt, and dust can cause your ammo to corrode or rust. Therefore, you need to look for a model with water and airtight seals like those models that are equipped with a rubber gasket or O-ring seals. 

Storage size

The size of the ammo container should be determined by the amount of ammunition you have or the size of items you want to store. In case you have bulk ammo or you need a unit that you can also use to store your gears, electronics, or equipment, you should consider a larger model.  


Since you may need to travel with your ammo box to different places, you need to ensure that it is lightweight and easy to carry. It should also have comfortable and durable handles. In case you would prefer a large unit, make sure that it has reliable wheels. 


You don’t need a very big unit that will take a lot of space. If possible, look for a container with a stackable design or one that is not too big.

Locking method

This is an important feature because it prevents kids or unauthorized people from accessing your ammunition. The best ones are those with double padlock tabs. 


The diameter of a bullet is known as the caliber. When buying an ammo box, you need to consider the caliber of your ammo to ensure that it can fit the height of the container. Some ammo cans are suitable for 30 caliber ammo while others can store ammunition with up to 50 calibers.  In case you are not sure, you should check the details provided by the manufacturer. 

Our Top Picks

Top 9 Ammunition Storage Containers

  1. Redneck Convert 30 and 50 Metal Ammo Can 2-Pack – Best Overall

The Redneck Convert 30 and 50 Metal Ammo Can comes first in our list as one of the best ammo cans in the market. It comes as a set of two cans and both of them are equipped with rubber gasket seals which makes them air-tight. This ensures that your items are always dry or free from dust and debris. 

In terms of construction, this ammo can is built from heavy-gauge solid steel to enhance strength.  The rubber gasket seals on the lid to ensure that water doesn’t get in even if it is submerged in water.  The classic ammo green color gives it a military look. One of the cans has a measurement of 11 x 7 x 4-inches while the other one has a measurement of 12 x 7.5 x 6-inches.  In order to enhance portability, a flat-folding carrying handle is included. It also comes with a long-lasting lever lid to enhance the security of your valuables. 


  • Heavy-duty construction

  • Rubber gasket seals

  • Equipped with a locking latch and a hinged lid

  • Classic military green color

  •  Comfortable carrying handle

  • Spacious capacity


  • Not stackable 

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  1. Sheffield 12629 Field Box –Best Plastic Ammo Box

As compared to other ammo cans on the market, this one has the highest reviews.  The first thing you will love about it is that it comes with 3 locking options plus a tamper-proof design to enhance the security of your valuables. It also features a compression-fit lid which makes it resistant to dust and water. It has a perfect base-to-lid interlocking system that allows you to stack the cans easily for easier storage. This also protects them from tipping over.

For easier carrying it comes with an ergonomic handle that lays flat for easier stacking. The external measurement of this can is 11.50 x 5.06 x 7.25-inches while the internal measurement is 9.90 x 4.60 x 6.00 inches. Apart from using it to store your ammo, you can still use this box to keep your electronics,  equipment, tools,  fishing, or hunting gear among other things.


  • Base-to-lid interlocking design

  • Resistant to water and dust

  • 3 pry-resistant locking methods

  • Stackable and compact design

  • Carrying handle included


  • Not waterproof

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  1. MTM AC3C 3-Can Ammo Crate 50 Caliber – Most Spacious 

If you are searching for a heavy-duty crate for storing your ammo, the MTM AC3C 3-Can Ammo will be a perfect choice. It comes with 3 MTM 50 caliber ammo cans which make it perfect for storing bulk ammo or different types of boxed ammo. Each of the 3 crates can nest to each other easily to create compact storage. It also comes with large handles for easier transportation plus 4 tie-down spots that allow you to hook it to boats or ATVs.

In order to enhance durability, it is made of robust polypropylene to last.  It also comes with a water-resistant O-ring seal which ensures that your items are always dry plus a rugged latching system that creates a strong seal.  Besides that, it has a double padlock tab to enhance security. You can use it to store food, batteries, ammunition, medical supplies, emergency gear, and other valuables.


  • Water-resistant O-ring

  • Strong and comfortable handle

  • Made in the USA

  • Double padlock tabs

  • Durable polypropylene construction 

  • Robust dual latching system


  • Nonsubmersible 

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  1. MTM Case-Gard ACR12 Ammo Crate Utility Box – Most sturdy

This ammo can is specially designed to store ammo but you can also use it to store your shooting, hunting, or survival gear.  You can also use it as power tool storage, RV camper accessory storage, clothes scent locker, power tools storage, etc. The unit comes with 2 heavy-duty handles which allow you to easily carry items that weigh up to 100 pounds. You can also use the side latches for carrying. It also comes with molded-in stack ridges which allow you to stack it easily.  

In addition, it is equipped with the MTM’s tongue and groove O-ring seal to ensure that your items remain dry. Additionally, it comes with double padlock tabs and 2 sturdy latches to ensure that your items are very safe.  It is made in the USA using rugged polypropylene plastic. Again, you can easily hook it to a boat or ATV using the 4 tie-down points.


  • Water-resistant O-ring seal

  • Weight capacity of 100 pounds

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Side latches for easier carrying

  • Double latches plus double padlock tab


  • None

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  1. Plano Storage Trunk- 108 Quart – Best construction 

The Plano Storage Tank has a weather-resistant construction which enables it to provide the best protection for your valuables.  It is also equipped with different unique features which you can rarely find in other models.  The unit also has a very spacious interior which means that you can use it to store oversized and bulky equipment. In terms of construction, it is made of a long-lasting and impact-resistant plastic.  

Unlike others, this one comes with inbuilt wheels and recessed handles for easier transportation.  In addition, it comes with tie-down brackets and molded grooves for easier stacking.  It also comes with advanced latches and a lockable design. It is airline approved and it also has a capacity of 108 quarts. Another great thing about it is that it comes with pre-installed string dampeners and CNC machined aluminum flight track which makes it quiet and accurate.


  • Equipped with wheels

  • Molded grooves makes it easy to stack

  • Reinforced and removable lid

  • Pre-installed string dampeners

  • Airline approved

  • Long-lasting


  • Not heavy-duty

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  1.  Solid Tactical 50 Cal or 30 Metal Ammo Can – Best water and moisture protection

Another top-quality ammo can that will give you the best value for your money is the Solid Tactical 50 Cal or 30. This unit is made of durable steel and its construction also features a powder-coated interior plus exterior.  It comes with sturdy rubber seals which keep your good safe from dust and water.  A desiccant pack is also included to keep the unit safe from moisture. 

When it comes to storage, these cans are easy to stack on top of each other to save space. They also come with removable lids and they are a suitable choice for garages, sheds, and basements. If you are searching for reliable ammo can for storage of ammunition, boat storage, tactical gear, battery storage, small tools like nails and screws, or other items, this unit be a great choice. 


  • It comes with a desiccant pack

  • Solid construction

  • Waterproof and submersible

  • Powder coating

  • Stackable design

  • Removable lids


  • Pricey 

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  1.  MTM ACC9 Ammo Can Combo –Best for bulk ammo

The MTM ACC9 Ammo Can Combo is another excellent model you can use for storing and protecting your bulk ammo. Its external measurement is 7.4 x 13.5 x 8.5 inches while the inner measurement is 5.8 x 11 x7.2 inches. Although it is not waterproof, it comes with a water-resistant O-ring seal which protects your ammo from water. This unit is spacious enough to accommodate up to 1000 rounds. 

In order to protect your items, you can lock it with a padlock on the two sides of the lid.  Again, it comes with 10 color-coded sticker sheets which contain 4 color options.  Besides that, you will also find 10 ammo description cards and 1 large can which can accommodate up to 10 small cases. 


  • Water-resistant O-ring

  • Able to store up to 1000 rounds

  • Suitable for bulk ammo

  • Sturdy construction

  • Made in the USA


  • Might not be the best quality

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  1. Plano 131250 1320 Ammo Box – Best for budget

For those who are searching for a cheap but reliable ammo can, this one will be a fantastic option.  It has a measurement of 11.63 x 7.13 x 5.13 inches which means that it is smaller than most ammo cans on the market. It is also designed to accommodate a .50 caliber bullet. For easier carrying, it is equipped with a heavy-duty handle plus a bass balled latch.

In order to enhance the security of your items, it has a lockable design plus water resistant O-ring seal.  As a result, it ensures that your items are always dry and free from moisture. It also comes with padlock holes which allow you to double lock it. You will also find that it has a high number of customer reviews which means that it is highly reliable. 


  • Made of heavy-duty plastic

  • Water-resistant

  • Latch makes it easy to open or close

  • Affordable price

  • Spacious size

  • Easy to double lock


  • Smaller size than other ammo cans

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  1. Flambeau Outdoors 5415MC Mini Ammo Can – Most Portable

The Flambeau Outdoors 5415MC is specially built to provide the best protection for your ammunition and other small equipment.  It has an internal measurement of 6.75 x 3.375 x 5.5-inches and an external measurement of 8.375 x 4.125 x 6.5 inches. It features a small and stackable design meaning that it is easy to store and transport. The unit is made of a long-lasting resin material that is highly resistant to wear and tear.

It also comes with a weatherproof gasket that protects your ammo from moisture, dirt, and dust. Additionally, it is equipped with a very secure OTC latch for a secure closure while the comfortable handle makes it easy to carry. With this unit, you are always assured that your ammo and gears are safe and dry.


  • Made of a rugged resin material

  • Easy to stack

  • Secure OTC latch

  • Portable design

  •  Ergonomic handle


  • None

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ammo cans good?

Ammo cans are the best for storing ammunition. The good thing about them is that they are equipped with air-tight and water-tight seals which prevent water, dust and dirt from getting inside the container. As a result, they protect your ammunition from corrosion and rusting. 

Should I store my ammo in ammo cans?

Yes, the best way to keep your ammunition is by storing them in ammo cans. No reason to store these with your guns in a gun safe which will take up valuable space in the safe.  Ammo is generally not as concerning if it is not secured because it cannot be used without a gun.  You can however also choose to store ammo with your guns in a gun safe though mainly to keep all your firearm-related stuff organized in one place.  Note that some ammo is corrosive and can cause your guns to rust.  Finally, you can also opt to store your ammo in a fireproof safe--it is cheaper than a gun safe and more secure than an ammo can.

What is the best thing to store ammo in?

Ammo boxes or ammo cans provide the best storage for ammunition and they are the cheapest.  You can also use a gun safe or gun cabinet for the most secure ammo storage, and a fireproof safe that can be cheaper than a gun safe but more expensive than an ammo can.

Is it better to store ammo in plastic or metal?

You will find that ammo cans are either made of metals or plastic. In terms of reliability, metallic ammo cans are better because they have advanced rubber gaskets which keep your ammo free from dirt and moisture. On the other hand, plastic ammo cans are water resistant but not waterproof. 

How much do ammo cans weigh?

The weight of ammo cans varies according to the size and materials used in their construction. Generally, metallic ammo cans are heavier than plastic ones.  The true weight depends on the ammo in the can.

Final Verdict

If you have been searching for the best ammo can, you can never go wrong with any of those we have reviewed.  However, the Redneck Convert 30 and 50 Metal Ammo will give you the best value for your money. Unlike others, this one has a rugged metallic construction and it is also equipped with reliable rubber gasket seals. It also comes with a reliable locking system to enhance security.


Why Buy Ammo Cans? 25 Survival Uses

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