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Where is the Best Place to Secure a Large Safe in Your House?

By Riva Vera Patriana August 23, 2021



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Having a safe in your home is one of the best home security measures you can take to protect your valuables from thieves.  But a large safe can be a problem for homeowners since it can be very heavy even without its contents and finding a good location that is discrete and structurally sound can be a challenge. 

So, where is the best place for a large safe at home?

A large safe is heavy and can be easily spotted so you need to find a perfect spot in the house and where it can be hidden. Either it is under the floor, the first floor, or inside the wall, that can be a good option but you have to make sure that you as the owners have easy access to it. 

There are several things that homeowners need to take into account when they purchase a large safe and decide the best place to store it at home.

Floor types

Check the flooring type or floor joists and find the possibility to put down the safe and cover it a bit with the flooring. This might not be working for carpeted flooring so look for another section where you can cut inside the flooring. Read Is It Safe to Put a Gun Safe on the Carpet?

Wall option

This can be another section where you can trim and put the gun safe inside. It can be tricky for burglars to locate the safe or gun storage. 

Avoid common places

Never put a large safe or gun safe in popular places: garage, den, guest bedroom closet, spare bedroom, coat closet, hidden places because those are potential places to visit by burglars when they come into a house. 

After considering some important factors for storing a large safe, let’s discover where the best place at home that can support that heavy gun safe is. 

3 Best Spots in the House to Secure a Large Safe

False wall or external wall

Putting the safe inside the wall can be a good option to store a large safe on the ground floor because it is unlikely to be found by burglars. However, there is another wall storing option which is you conceal the safe behind a false wall. This can be great to trick any burglars into reaching out for your valuables. 

Basement or crawl space

Although it requires extra effort, in the beginning, to get it down, the basement is chosen to be a secure place to put a large safe. It won’t be accessible after a fire or disaster but you have to be aware of the moisture and dampness as this condition makes the safe prone to rust.

Concrete or steel base slab

Attaching it into a concrete slab is also renowned as an ideal option. It is an effective method to secure a large safe. Slab provides an area where it can be bolted to the floor perfectly so that the whole safe cannot be easily removed by burglars.

Frequently Asked Question

Where can I hide a gun safe in my house in plain view?

This is a question that has been asked by many people who want to have the convenience of storing firearms at home without the risk of theft. The most logical places to hide something would be in plain view, right? Not necessarily so with a gun safe. When people think about hiding things in plain sight, they usually think of bookshelves or behind pictures on the wall. Unfortunately, these areas are the first places that burglars look when breaking into a home. The exact opposite would be true if you want to actually hide things in plain view then it is best not to use such obvious places.

Should I bolt my safe to the floor?

It is certainly a good idea to bolt your safe down. However be aware that once the bolts are installed you will not be able to move it very far if need be (for instance to temporarily store items in another room during home renovations, or perhaps, a temporary storage unit).

Safes in the master bedroom or guest bedroom closet?

The best place for gun safes is in the bedroom. In the master bedroom, preferably next to your bed where you sleep at night. You need to be able to get to it quickly and if you have children they could hurt themselves on an unsafe left in an open area of your home.

What can you store in a safe?

You can use the heavy safe to safely store a lot of different valuables. You might have important documents or financial records, money or jewelry you want to keep hidden from any would-be thieves or burglars in your home.


The best place at the house to store a large safe or gun safe is where it can be concealed from strangers but provide easy access for the owners. There are some best spots in the house for securing a large gun safe such as hiding behind a false wall, placing it in the basement, and attaching it to a concrete slab. 

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