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Where is the Best Place to Secure a Large Safe in Your House?

By Maria Paiz August 23, 2021

Securing Your Large Safe at Home


As a gun owner, I know how crucial it is to keep our firearms and valuables secure. But when it comes to large safes, it's not just about locking them up; it's about where you lock them up. A hulking safe might keep your items secure, but if it's as visible as a sore thumb or sitting on a weak floor, it's not doing its full job. That's why finding that perfect, discreet, and sturdy spot in your house is more than just a choice—it's a necessity. So, let's figure out the best place to keep your large safe at home, ensuring it's out of sight but always within your reach.

Identifying the Ideal Location for a Large Safe at Home

When you're looking to secure a large safe in your home, it's vital to choose a spot that's not only concealed but also structurally sound. The size and weight of a large safe means it can be a prominent fixture in your home, so the goal is to integrate it seamlessly into your living space. Here are some key Considerations for placing a large safe in the best location possible:

Floor Types:

First, assess the strength of your flooring. Safes are heavy, and you must ensure the floor can support that weight, especially if you're considering hiding it under the floor. This might be more challenging for homes with carpeted floors, , so it's worth exploring other areas where the flooring can be modified to accommodate the safe.


Wall Options:

Another strategy is to embed the safe within a wall. This approach requires some structural modifications but can effectively conceal your safe. It's a smart move as it often goes unnoticed by intruders, blending the safe into the very fabric of your home.


Avoiding Common Mistakes:

It's crucial to avoid typical spots like the garage, den, guest bedroom closet, or any other common areas. These places are often the first targets for burglars. Your goal should be to outsmart potential intruders by choosing a location that isn't obvious.

3 Best Spots for Your Safe

After considering these important factors, it's time to pinpoint the most suitable place in your home for that hefty safe. Your choice should balance concealment and accessibility, ensuring your valuables are secure and reachable when needed.

False Wall or External Wall


Integrating a safe into an existing wall, especially on the ground floor, offers an excellent blend of concealment and accessibility. Burglars typically overlook such areas, making it an ideal location. Alternatively, constructing a false wall to hide the safe adds an extra layer of security, effectively deceiving intruders and protecting your valuables.

Basement or Crawl Space


Placing your safe in the basement or a crawl space is a strong choice for security. These locations are less frequented and can provide solid protection. However, it's essential to consider the environmental aspects, such as moisture and dampness, which could potentially harm the safe and its contents. Ensuring proper ventilation and rust protection is key.

Concrete or Steel Base Slab


Securing your safe to a concrete or steel base slab is a robust security measure. This method allows for the safe to be firmly bolted down, preventing any easy removal by intruders. The material's durability ensures a long-lasting and reliable anchoring point for your safe.

FAQ Guide (What Readers Want to Know)

Where Can I Hide a Gun Safe in My House in Plain View?

Hiding a gun safe in plain sight is a strategic move, but it's essential to think creatively. Common hiding spots like behind bookshelves or wall pictures are often the first places burglars check. Instead, consider more unconventional locations where a safe can blend seamlessly with your home decor, yet remain out of the usual search areas for intruders.

Should I Bolt My Safe to the Floor?

Bolting your safe to the floor is a wise security measure. It significantly reduces the risk of the safe being moved or stolen. However, keep in mind that once bolted, the safe will be stationary, limiting its mobility. This is something to consider if you anticipate needing to move the safe for home renovations or other reasons.

Safes in the Master Bedroom or Guest Bedroom Closet?

For quick and easy access, especially in emergencies, the master bedroom is the optimal location for a gun safe. Placing it near your bed ensures you can reach it swiftly when needed. Additionally, it's important to consider the safety of children and other family members, making the bedroom a preferable choice over more accessible areas.

What Can You Store in a Safe?

A robust safe is versatile in its usage. It's ideal for securing a variety of valuables, from important documents and financial records to money and jewelry. The goal is to protect these items from theft and potential damage due to environmental factors or accidents.


So, what's the best spot in your house for a large safe or gun safe? It's where it blends seamlessly into your home yet remains conveniently accessible. For gun owners like us, this isn't just about storage; it's about smart, strategic placement.

Whether it's artfully concealed behind a false wall, tucked away in the basement, or securely bolted to a concrete slab, the key is in the balance of concealment and accessibility. Remember, a well-placed safe protects your valuables and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your firearms are stored safely and smartly.

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