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Best Safe Lights 2023 | Guaranteed Better Visibility for Your Gun Safe

By Maria Paiz October 23, 2023

Best Gun Safe Lights
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A gun safe is one of the most important items you should have if you own firearms.  However, most of them don’t come with an interior light, making it difficult to see your items clearly at night. This means that you will need to invest in a high-quality gun safe light to light up the safe.  

The good news is that gun safe lights are very affordable and easy to install. They are also available in different designs, allowing you to choose the one that matches the size of your safe. There are so many gun safe lights out there, but the truth is that not all of them will give you great value for your money. This article will reveal the best gun-safe lights worth your money.


Top 10 Best-Selling Gun Safe Lights on the Market


1. ILLUMISAFE Lights Gun Safe Motion Sensitive Detector




The ILLUMISAFE Lights Gun Safe is among the top-quality gun safe lights that are highly reliable.  Attaching to the door safe is very easy, whereby the adjustable LED lights illuminate inward to provide a better range of light.  You can use it in areas with no electricity or limited access to power since it is battery-operated. It requires 3 AAA batteries, which are purchased separately.   

Another great thing about it is that it turns on automatically once you open the door of your safe and turns off after 60 seconds once you close. This means that you don’t need to turn it on or off, making it very convenient to use. 

The back base attaches to the mounting base magnetically for easier battery replacement.  It is also super-easy to install since no hard wiring is required. Each pack comes with screws, light, and an optional Velcro hook strip, which you can use to attach to the fabric inside the safe. This works even for those safes that are lined with a carpet. 


  • Motion sensor activation

  • It has a magnetic base for easy battery replacement

  • Easy to install

  • Attaches  conveniently to the door safe

  • Super bright


  • It doesn’t come with batteries 

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2. TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit



TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting is another best-selling model that will give you great value for your money.  It has 12-inch LED light bars, a UL-listed A/C power adaptor, a motion sensor, and 12-inch extension cables. Compared to the battery-operated models, this one is the best if you want to install permanent lights.  Again, it is super-easy to install even with the common household tools. Each light bar provides up to 150 lumens, providing very bright light that perfectly illuminates the whole gun safe.  

Each of them also features 18 high-efficiency LED chips to provide the perfect amount of light. If you have a very big gun safe, you can add extra light bars to suit the size of the whole unit. The motion sensors that come with these lights can detect movements up to 26ft. Regarding durability, the lights have a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours or three years. Again, they come with a satisfaction guarantee warranty.  You can also install them in your cabinets, closets, and other areas where light is needed.


  • Six 12 feet light bars included

  • Easy to install 

  • Suitable for large gun safes

  • Doesn’t require batteries

  • They can be installed in different places

  • The lifespan of up to 30,000 hours 


  • Sensor takes long

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3. Keh Controls Gun Safe Light



One of the most outstanding things about the Keh Controls Gun Safe Light, is the unique design that makes it easy to install even at the corners of the safe. It comes with mounting screws and a 3M Velcro-style hook, allowing you to install the lights easily.  It uses 4 AA batteries, which last for several months.  The LED strip is 12 feet long and produces up to 6500K lumens, which means it is very bright. Again, it doesn’t require ambient light to function.

Besides that, it provides a discreet bluefish light that allows you to light the safe even without alerting the intruders. It also features soft off-and-on lighting that makes it convenient to use. The light comes ready to use, meaning you can install it right from the box.  The package comes with up to 16 side hooks for easier installation.


  • Provides up to 6500K lumens

  • 3M sticky hook for easier installation 

  • Doesn’t require ambient light to function

  • three remote motion sensors

  • Lights without alerting intruders


  • Might be a bit tricky to install 

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4. Liberty Safe Bright view Wireless Motion Sensor LED Safe Light




Liberty Safe Bright LED Safe Light has an excellent design that makes it easy to use. It has mounting screws, loop strips, and adhesive-backed magnets for easier installation.  Again, it comes with a detachable mounting bracket, allowing you to remove the light easily. This mounting bracket also allows the light to rotate to direct light where needed.  It provides up to 75 lumens of super bright light, making it ideal for all gun safes. It also features durable LEDs with a battery run time of 70 hours.  

Each of them uses 3 AA batteries, which are purchased separately. The two lights use motion sensors that automatically activate the sensor when you open the safe. Once you close the safe, they go off after 1 minute. These sensors are designed to detect motion up to 10 feet away. You can also tap the light to turn it ON or OFF if it is not responding. 


  • Installs within minutes

  • Durable LEDs

  • The battery has a 70-hour run time

  • Detachable mounting bracket

  • 75 lumens of light

  • Detects motion up to 10 feet away


  • Weak adhesives

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5. Hornady Gun Safe Light/ Motion Sensor



Hornady Gun Safe Light is a perfect choice to install inside the safe for illumination.  It features 20 durable white LED lights, which provide up to 70 lumens of light.  The unit has a motion sensor that detects movement within a 10-foot range. The light goes off 20 seconds later if no further movement is detected. This battery-operated motion detector is also perfect for cabinets, staircases, corridors, drawers, garages, closets, etc. Due to its design, you can use it to light large and small areas. 

Additionally, you can set it manually to remain on or off throughout.  It is 13 inches long and requires 6 AAA batteries purchased separately. It has a hardware bracket and magnetic base to attach to metal surfaces like walls or doors for easier installation.


  • It comes from a reputable brand

  • Easy to install

  • 20 durable white LEDs

  • Automatic and manual settings

  • Provides up to 70 lumens of light

  •  Perfect for different areas


  • Weak magnets

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6. Cannon Safe Gun Safe Light Inc SSL-03/ Lock Security Safe Light 


Cannon Inc. SSL-03 Gun Safe Light is a battery-powered Gun Safe light that will give you a reliable lighting performance.  It is very different from the others and uses a magnetic attachment.  It also features a combination lock plus an illuminated keypad for easier use.  It is designed to work well with different electronic locking systems used in gun safes. In terms of performance, the light contains a 2-minute light-up function, which provides temporary light by just pushing a button. 

It also comes with a red LED lighting function that lights up all electronic keypads without affecting your eyes.  This is an excellent feature when you want to access it at night. Apart from using it as a gun safe light, you can also use it as a flashlight. It is powered by a 3V Lithium-Ion battery, which lasts up to 6 months.


  • Easy set up via a magnet

  • It can double as a flashlight

  • Requires  a digit combination to access

  • Affordable price

  • Gives you quick access to the safe when the lights are off

  • Long-lasting 3V lithium battery 


  • Magnet is not very strong

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7. Vaultek VLED6 Motion-Activated Universal LED Light with Rechargeable Battery 



The Vaultek VLED6 is a motion-activated LED gun safe light that you can use to illuminate a safe or a closet. Due to its compact design, you can use it in other low-lit areas like bathrooms, trunks, or RVs. The compact design also allows you to move with it freely, meaning you can also use it as a handheld flashlight. It features a magnetic backing that lets you easily attach or remove it from steel surfaces.  

Again, it uses an inbuilt rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 hours when providing continuous light.  It takes 1 hour to recharge using the cable. The inbuilt motion sensor has an excellent detection range of 3 feet, which means the light is activated when it detects movement. You will also love its minimalist design, making it a great addition to any gun-safe interior.  


  • Motion detection range of 3 feet

  • Lightweight and minimalist design

  • Compact but bright

  • You can use it in other areas apart from gun safes

  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery lasts for 4 hours

  • Super easy to use


  • None

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8. Browning DC LED Light 



Browning DC LED Light is another top-quality gun-safe light you should consider for your gun safe. It provides up to 75 lumens of light, meaning it can illuminate the whole interior.  It is very safe and easy to install since it has everything you need for setup. 

You can attach it to your safe using the Velcro sticky glue provided or the mounting screws included in the package. Its measurement is 10 x 3 x 1.25, making it ideal for large gun safes. It also uses 3 AA batteries, making it convenient to use even in areas without electricity. A motion sensor activates the light once you open the safe. 


  • Very bright

  • Decent price

  • Reliable motion sensor

  • Works without electricity

  • Very safe to use


  • Mounting screws are too small

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9. Liberty  Safe Clearview Electrical Gun Safe LED Wand Light Kit


Liberty  Safe Clearview Electrical Gun Safe LED Wand Light Kit


If you are searching for a reliable light from a reputable company, the Liberty Safe Clearview Electrical Gun Safe will be an excellent choice. All parts, including the connectors, are made of high-quality materials to enhance durability. It contains 6 wands, each producing up to 150 lumens of light, making it among the brightest models you should consider.  For easier installation, it comes with self-adhesive backing plus easy connection snaps.  You can easily install these wand lights on the hinge or the other open side of the safe. You can tuck the wires around the hinge pockets or under the floor panels during installation. 


  • Extremely bright

  • Durable construction 

  • Easy to install

  • Suitable even for very large safes

  • Sticky tape at the back


  • Expensive 

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10. Lockdown Cordless 75 LED Vault Light with 98 Lumens



This Lockdown Cordless Light is a reliable light that you can use to brighten up small or large gun safes.  It comes from a reputable brand, so you can trust its quality. The light has a measurement of 3 x 7.5, meaning that it has a compact design that makes it easy to install.  It comes with a 1-year warranty, and the company also provides excellent customer support.

Additionally, it has a manual ON/OFF function, which allows you to control its functions. You can easily attach it to the safe's interior using a strong magnet backing at the included hardware. 

In terms of performance, this light features up to 75 LEDs, providing 95 lumens of light. This makes it suitable for dark-safe interiors or low-lit areas such as drawers, cabinets, etc. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries, providing continuous performance for up to 5 hours.


  • Very versatile

  • 95 lumens of light

  • ON’OFF manual setting 

  • It comes with the mounting hardware

  • Compact design


  • You need to recharge the batteries frequently 

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How to Choose the Best Gun Safe Lights

When choosing the best gun-safe lights, there are some features you should consider. These are:



The amount of light is measured in lumens. If you have a large gun safe, you need a light that produces more lumens, like the TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit (6), but you may not need a very bright light for small safes.  Instead, you can use the Illuminated Motion Sensor Light for smaller gun safes. You can also install several lights for a very large gun safe. LED light strip lights will be the best if your safe has shelves due to their flexibility.


There are different ways of installing lights in a safe, such as using Velcro adhesives, magnetic strips, screws, etc. Magnets are the easiest to use but will likely shift from their place when removing or adding items to the safe. 

Screws provide a more robust alternative because they ensure that the lights remain in their place permanently. Velcro adhesives are also reliable and easy to use since you need to position the light in the right place and then peel the adhesive from the back when mounting the light. You need to ensure that the light you picked comes with all the necessary items you will need to fix it.

Customer reviews

The best way to get first-hand information about the product is by reading customer reviews. Through the reviews, you can see what most customers like or hate about the product, which will help you to make an informed choice. 

Corded or cordless lights

Even if choosing between a cordless or a corded model is personal, a corded light kit is the best. The good thing about corded models is that they will still function even if the battery runs out. However, you may need to drill holes in the gun safe, which is more complex. This might also ruin the waterproof or fireproof properties of your gun safe if it has those features.

Types of Gun Safe Lights

The other thing you need to consider is the type of light that is suitable for your gun safe. Below are the most common types.

LED lights VS. CFL

LED gun safe lights are the most popular compared to other gun safe lights. The good thing about them is that they do not consume a lot of electricity, making them economical to use. They provide light through semiconductors or simply materials that are less conducive than metal. On the other hand, CFL bulbs are fluorescent bulbs that are used in different places. Compared to the LED models, these ones are cheaper but consume more electricity. Again, they are less durable than the LED gun-safe lights.

Motion Activated Lights VS. Switch Lights

These are the most convenient to use because they light up automatically once they sense movements, like when you open the door of your safe. However, their detection range varies according to the model.  The most common ones are activated once you open the safe and then go off some seconds after closing the gun safe. Others require you to press a switch to activate them. These are inconvenient since you may need a flashlight or another light source to see where the switch is located.

Strip lights 

These are also known as LED tape lights. Unlike other lights, they feature a thin circuit board with flexible tape or a flexible LED ribbon. You can use them to create ambient light in a safe or room. You can install them using a self-adhesive backing or traditional fixings.

Mono-point Lighting Systems

Unlike the strip lights, the mono-point lighting system suspends and powers individual spotlight heads. In short, they are track heads mounted directly on a ceiling to supply power to a light source. They have a very unique design that makes them easy to use.

Magnetic Lights

Magnetic Lights are also popular; they feature a magnetic strip that allows you to mount them easily on the steel surface of the safe. They are also easy to install and easy to remove.

Battery VS. Electric

When choosing the best gun-safe lights, you must consider whether you prefer battery-operated or electric ones. The battery-powered gun safe lights require batteries, while the electric ones require electricity. Both are good, but the battery-operated models are the most convenient since you can use them without electricity. However, you should check the battery ruin time since most require frequent recharging. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up lights in my gun safe?

Different methods exist to install lights in a gun safe, depending on the type. However, most of them are straightforward to set up since they come with instructions on how to do it. The magnetic and those with Velcro adhesives are the easiest to install.

How do I set up cord-free lights in my gun safe?

Cordless or cord-free lights are the best alternatives if you are searching for something you can easily install within a few minutes.  These ones don’t have a cord, so you can fix them using a magnet or adhesive tape. They are the best for small gun safes, but corded versions will be the best if the safe is big.

How to mount LED lights in Gun Safe?

Even though LED lights are very easy to install in a gun safe, sometimes you might experience challenges, especially if the instructions are unclear. Some of the items you may need during installations are;

  • Light strip

  • Power source

  • Goldenrod dehumidifier 

  • 3M adhesives for sticking the electrical wires

  • Motion sensor plug

Below are the steps you should follow:

  1. Drill about a 1-inch hole in the gun safe body

  2. Install a receptacle on the hole

  3. Install the goldenrod at the bottom of the safe

  4.  Position the LED light around the door panel of the safe.

  5. Strip the sticky adhesive from the electrical wires as you run them through the wall of your safe.

  6. Set up the motion sensor switch under the top shelf to detect movements inside the safe.

  7. After you have done this successfully, the lights will turn on for one minute and close if no further movements are detected inside the unit.

How to drill a hole in a gun safe for lighting?

When drilling the gun safe for lighting, you should follow this procedure.

  • Remove the safe door, then lean it on the wall

  • Place the gun safe on cinder blocks and clear the area

  • Choose your preferred tool for drilling and then drill carefully through the safe's interior.

  • If you want to make clean and neat holes for the lighting, you should use a hole saw

  • Stop when the cutter reaches the metal at the back

Wrapping Up

Gun safe lights are among the most important accessories for easier access to the safe. The good thing about them is that they are very bright, enabling them to illuminate the whole gun safe. However, you need to choose a suitable model depending on the size of your gun safe. If you have a big gun safe, you should look for one that provides many lumens of light. 

To save time when searching for a reliable model, we have identified the 10 best gun-safe lights that will give you the best performance. All of them come with unique features and are also very cheap. 

Compared to other models on the market TORCHSTAR LED Safe Lighting Kit will give you the best value for your money due to its exceptional quality. It comes as a set of (6) 12 feet light bars, each providing up to 150 lumens.  They also have a lifespan of 30,000 hours or up to 3 years. Their price is also decent.


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