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Black Friday Shopping Tips - What I Found Insiders Do For the Best Deals

By Maria Paiz October 22, 2023

 Black Friday Shopping Tips, what insiders to to get the best deals.


Every year, I look forward to Black Friday season with excitement and dread.

Excitement that I’ll find some good discounts and dread that I might overspend or get something that only adds clutter to my life. So, I’ve put together some tips that I have found that I hope you will find useful because veteran shoppers have talked about these in forums and blogs. Follow these and just maybe, you’ll get what you want and actually save money! 

Deal shoppers tend to split into two groups. The first, like the thrill of finding the best price, they've always wanted a handgun safe, for a mere $150. They say to themselves -” At $150 I would be OK with just about any decent safe.” 

The second group likes to patiently wait for BFCM (Black Friday / Cyber Monday) sales to buy something they always wanted at the best possible price.  The first caters to wants, and the second caters to needs. 

No matter what your motivation for a good deal, use these tips to get organized. I find that a couple of hours of planning is well worth the savings, especially if you plan on spending over $1,000 on items you want or need.


Black Friday Tips - 11 Steps to Bagging the Best Deal

As the Black Friday shopping season looms closer, smart shoppers are already on the hunt for early Black Friday deals. Black Friday weekend is not just a day but a marathon of so many deals that can feel overwhelming!

Whether you're browsing major retailers or scouring your favorite stores, there's always a way to save money. The key? Keep an eye out for online deals. Some of the best Black Friday deals are hidden in the pages of online retailers. And remember, many of them offer exclusive deals you won't find in brick-and-mortar locations.

We have you covered if you are looking for where to find the best BFCM deals or what products can be picked up for a steal and the latest deals.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

1) Make a spending budget

Budgeting refers to how to manage money. It puts guardrails around your spending. It’s even more important if you pay on a credit card or finance your high ticket purchase. Stick to your budget, but give yourself some leeway to ensure you can fully take advantage of the deals that work for you. 

2) Make a List of What You Want to Buy

Deals can usually be tempting and sometimes very exciting when shopping online. Look through Amazon's Black Friday sale on new TVs, gun safes, hunting accessories … whatever, but go back to what you want and need and not what is on sale.

3) Be Careful Paying With a Credit Card on Black Friday

Credit cards can provide benefits such as rewards and warranty protection. However, keep away from hitting your spending credit. If you are financing, look for interest-free promotions.  In my mind, spending a lot and getting a big discount on the spend is not a "save." After all, it’s not what you spend but what you keep.

4) Look on websites and shop online.

Today, you hardly need to step out of your home to look for a good Black Friday bargain. Many sites - ours included - do the hard work for you. Our listing of stores with BFCM deals is an online shopping portal that offers you an easy way to view all of the latest promotions and offers. 

5) Do Your Research Well Before Friday

For select products, research prices well before Black Friday. Knowing the item's original price will help you determine the substantial markdown versus an offer for lower savings on online purchases. In some cases, you might be able to start shopping well before Black Friday.

6) Use your Loyalty Programs

Occasionally, loyalty programs will provide special Black Friday offers! After all, the best deals tend to be set aside for the best customers. Even if you don’t get the lowest price, you might get free delivery or additional discounts (like 5% off) just for your loyalty. 

7) Use Money-Saving Shopping Apps

Most major online shops are already posting amazing offers. Use an app (such as Honey) or search online (“money savings app”) to see what additional hidden discounts can be gotten just for purchasing with the app.

Use apps to find online sales and offline discounts, find Black Friday ads, search print flyers and catalogs of local stores, compare prices, and much more.

8) Look for Early-Bird Shopper Discounts

There is a good chance you can take advantage of early access discounts. You might even have the best chance of completing all of your shopping during the Thanksgiving holiday and getting some of the biggest discounts then. Stores often promote specific offers during November and December and are usually limited to specific days and time periods. However, by speaking with a sales agent, you might be able to secure a discounted rate before these offers officially begin. Be aware that items tend to sell out quickly.

9) Compare Sale Prices for the Best Deals

Black Friday sales are notorious in some ways because they don't always work out perfectly. Even if a purchase is currently discounted at one store, that does not mean that the price is not cheaper in other stores. Almost all retailers have price matching when you find it cheaper elsewhere. 

10) Get Cash Back on What you Spend

Yes, it's possible for a customer to get cash back for his or her purchases during Black Saturday. By downloading one of the best free cashback apps you can earn money back for every penny you spend on it. Often the payments can be made with the help of a credit card and other rewards.

11) Come Prepared Asking for Price Matches

Many stores offer matching prices so that retailers will lower their mark-up prices to meet the competitors' pricing. Price matching allows you to purchase a product at the lowest price with your favorite retailers if they sell out in a store with less-price advertisements for the product. Check a store before making a purchase and you will not be surprised to find that the store has no matching pricing. For example Best Buy gives its customers a "price-match guarantee" in cases where their products match precisely, and if the product can be obtained from the other retailer instantly.

FAQ Guide (What Readers Want to Know)

What is the best time to shop on Black Friday?

Generally, shopping is done in the early morning. The hottest offers start at 5:30, and many store opening hours are longer for customers. Most popular offers tend to be pretty quick, so it's worth registering early to avoid missing anything. The crowds are usually piled up between 8 and 9 p.m. and peak between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. It's the perfect time to stay away from shoppers.

What sells the most during Black Friday?

Top sellers include home fashion toys, beauty, and Amazon devices. Customers supported small businesses this weekend as they generated nearly $1 million in sales. The most popular products are the Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, iPad and AirPods.

Is it better to shop before or after Black Friday?

Get ready for the Black Friday deals Sunday or Monday before Thanksgiving, says Kristin McGrath. "Being prepared gives you the best chance at getting low prices on popular stores."

Is it a good idea to shop on Black Friday?

Yes - but only if you follow the right strategy that focuses on what you need, instead of what deals are offered. Black Friday offers plenty of value, although not all offers are good. 

Are Black Friday deals real?

Yes. Black Friday deals are real. While it is normal for people to be skeptical that these deals are too good to be true, during this time, you can likely find a huge discount year round with stores dropping prices up to 70% to beat rival companies. You can track pricing on a number of sites to get the best possible offer at the same time.

Why is it called Black Friday?

The term Black Friday originates from its association with the American tradition of shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. It marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, with retailers offering significant discounts and promotions to attract shoppers. This phenomenon has gained popularity not only in the United States but also in various countries worldwide, making it a highly anticipated event for consumers and businesses alike.

When is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is always after Black Friday on the following Monday.

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