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Coin Safe- Best Safe for Coins.

By Maria Paiz October 23, 2023


Coin Safes, Best Safes for Coins 

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With 2.5 million burglaries in the US annually, protecting your belongings from thieves is critical to avoid financial losses. If you store coins made from precious metals like silver or gold in your home, investing in a coin safe becomes paramount. Coin safes are an ideal option for homeowners looking for a reliable way to protect their valuables.

They are engineered with high-quality materials like reinforced steel and include tamper-resistant designs and complex locking mechanisms that efficiently deter even the most experienced thieves.

Aside from keeping your coins safe from thieves, coin safes protect your precious metals from fire damage, water damage, and other environmental elements like humidity and moisture. Below is a list of the top coins safes available to help you find the best safe for your coins.

Why Should You Store Coins at Home?

Coin Safes Coin Collection


Storing your coins at home is ideal when it comes to accessibility. Individuals who prefer to keep coins in safe deposit boxes in banks may have to travel to the bank whenever they wish to see their coins. In contrast, storing your coins at home offers you the advantage of easily being able to access your coins whenever needed.

This also helps foster a sense of ownership, which may be absent when storing coins at a distant location. Furthermore, keeping your coins at home allows you to easily access and display your coins when guests or fellow coin collectors come over.

Custom Arrangement and Presentation

Most coin collectors enjoy arranging and presenting their coins in visually appealing manners. However, this is impossible when storing your coins at a different location due to the fear of break-ins. Instead, storing your coins at home in coin safes offers you the mental peace of knowing that your coins are secure and allows you to present and arrange your coins in visually appealing ways whenever you please.

Improved Security

Keeping your valuables like gold and silver coins at home is a great way to ensure high security. Some believe storing gold coins in safe bank deposits is the best option to ensure safety. However, they overlook that banks are always a high-risk area for burglaries. Therefore, your home may be a better and safer location to store your coins.

Furthermore, storing your precious metals in a coin safe allows you to secure your valuables and protect them in emergencies like burglaries, house fires, or natural disasters. Modern coin safes' robust locking mechanism and steel construction can withstand everything from impact and forced entry attempts to fire and water damage.

Breaking into these safes is almost impossible and requires enough time and specialized tools, which most thieves don't have. Additionally, you can find different sizes and variations of coin safes, from large to small safes, and hide them in walls or floors to keep them from the prying eyes of intruders. Hiding your precious metals in a coin safe within a wall or under flooring is an excellent strategy to enhance the security of your coin collection.

Protecting Against Environmental Risks

As discussed above, coin safes come with unique features like fire-resistant properties. If you live in areas where forest and house fires are common, purchasing fire safes with a UL Class 350 1-hour fire rating can help keep your precious metals safe from fire damage. These fire safes can withstand external temperatures of over 1700° F and maintain internal temperatures of not more than 350° F for over an hour.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Fireproof Safe for Coin Storage

Below is a detailed review of the top fireproof coin safes to help you pick the best safe for coins. The coin safes outlined below are made by some of the best safe companies that produce high-quality coins, documents, cash, and gun safes.

SentrySafe Fire/Water Digital Safe (Model EF4738E)

Sentry Fire and Water Digital Safe EF4738E

SentrySafe is a renowned brand that sells various safes for different applications, including gun safes, document safes, home safes, cash boxes, and more. The SentrySafe fire/water digital safe tops the list of the best fireproof safes for coin storage. It comes with a UL class fire rating and can endure one to two hours in temperatures as high as 1400°F.

Moreover, it has received an ETL Verification and offers protection for your valuables in around 12 inches of water for 72 hours. This provides peace of mind to individuals living in areas with frequent floods or forest fires. 

Since the SentrySafe fire/water safe is digital, it doesn't require a key. Instead, it can only be opened through a security code that buyers can set according to their preferences. The safe also features four deadbolts, sturdy steel construction, five live-locking bolts, bolt-down hardware, and a robust thick door for enhanced protection against theft.

Thanks to its substantial 4.7 cubic foot capacity, the safe is ideal for individuals with extensive coin collections. It weighs approximately 217 pounds, meaning even the strongest thieves cannot carry it. Apart from holding coins, you can also use this home safe to store other items of value, including documents, gold or diamond jewelry, money, etc.

The safe is available for around $874.99, which may be pricey for specific customers. However, it has remarkable security features and is composed of high-quality materials, making it well worth its market value. Below are the pros and cons of purchasing the SentrySafe fire/water digital safe to help you decide whether it is worth buying:



●      Fire/water resistance features

High cost

●      Digital lock


●      Ample storage space



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SentrySafe Money Safe (Model 1200)


Sentry Safe 1200

The SentrySafe Fireproof Money Safe is runner-up in the list of the best fire-proof safes for coins. It is a common choice among coin collectors looking to enhance the safety of precious metals in their homes. The safe comes with a UL class fire rating and can endure anywhere from one to two hours at 1550°F. 

Moreover, it can keep the items inside safe from fire damage for up to two hours. It is constructed with heavy-duty material and features an anti-theft flat key lock that keeps the lid shut during fires. The safe weighs only 13 pounds and features a sturdy ergonomic handle, allowing you to carry it anywhere easily. It comes with a floor mount and has a small capacity of 0.18 cubic feet. This makes it ideal for individuals looking for a secure way to store their small coin collection.

You can purchase the SentrySafe Fireproof Money Safe from Amazon at prices as low as $29. This makes this safe the ideal pick for individuals looking for budget-friendly safe options. Below are the pros and cons of purchasing the SentrySafe fireproof money safe to help you decide whether it is worth buying:



●      Low cost and value for money

●      Minimal storage capacity

●      Fire protection features


●      Compact and light-weight



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Honeywell 2901 Waterproof, Fire & Theft Safe

Coin Safe Honeywell 2901

The Honeywell 2901 safe is the second runner-up in the list of the best fireproof safes for coin storage. It is certified and can protect the contents within the safe for 30 minutes in temperatures as high as 1550°F. Apart from protecting your valuables from fire, the safe can withstand up to 8 hours submerged in water. The safe also features technology features like a 6-key digital pad and can be unlocked through a customized security code or a key.

The Honeywell fire safe has a thick door, bolt-down system, and hardware kit that helps secure the safe to cement or wooden surfaces without impacting the water or fire protection rating. The fire safes' dimensions (12.3 H x 8.5 W x 11.6 D) and weight (43.2 lbs) make it an excellent pick for individuals looking for a safe that only takes up a little space. The safe can easily accommodate a mid-sized collection of coins or other valuables.

You can purchase this fire safe for as low as $219.95. It is a bargain considering the high-quality features and five-year warranty. This safe is an excellent option for budget-conscious buyers who wish to enhance the security of their valuables, like gold or silver coins, while remaining within budget. Below are the pros and cons of purchasing the Honeywell 2901 safe to help you decide whether it is worth buying:




●      Water and fire protection

●      Not suitable for extensive coin collections

●      Anti-theft security features


●      5-year warranty



Easy ordering, low prices, and free shipping at Amazon. Click To Buy.


Buying Guide: Features to Consider When Looking for a Safe

Since every buyer has varying preferences and needs, it is essential to consider several features before finalizing your purchase. Doing so can help you avoid situations where you might regret your purchase and instead make a well-versed decision. 



Decide on the purpose of the safe before heading to a safe retailer. A safe retailer’s inventory might be filled with many options for coin safes, making the buying process difficult. Determining the purpose of the safe and what you will store in it will allow you to narrow down your search and choose a safe suitable for your needs. Moreover, discuss your plans for the safe with the retailer to get advice on which safe will be best for your needs.  

Furthermore, determine whether you will only be using the safe to store your gold coins or will you also use it to store other items. If you wish to use the safe only for storing coins, you can purchase a safe designed only to hold coins. However, if you want to store other precious items in your safe, you can buy a safe designed to keep various items, including cash, guns, gold, diamonds, money, coins, etc. 



Consider the size and storage capacity of the safe to ensure you are purchasing a safe large enough to accommodate your current coin collection and have room to store future coin purchases. Pay attention to other features, including trays, shelving, and other compartments, to ensure the safe is built in a way that will allow you to keep your coin collection organized.

Furthermore, pay extra attention to the dimensions of the safe. This will allow you to avoid purchasing a safe that doesn't fit within the wall or flooring you had planned to mount.


Fireproof Rating

Most people buy a safe to protect their valuables from theft. Thieves cannot break into safes. Hence, they help maintain the security of precious items within. However, people overlook other factors like fireproof rating that might put their valuables at high risk of damage. Safes with fireproofing features and ETL verifications can help protect your precious items in case of house fires.

Different safes come with varying fire resistance levels, usually calculated in minutes. Therefore, before picking a safe with fireproofing, pay attention to these details to ensure you purchase a safe that fits your preferences and offers the highest protection to your valuables. Most experts recommend buying a safe with a UL Class 350 1-hour fire rating.


Waterproof Rating

Apart from the fire rating, the waterproof rating of a safe is another critical feature to consider when buying a safe. The waterproof rating of a safe calculates the safe's ability to protect the precious metal inside from water damage. Whether it is flooding, accident spills, or damage within the wall where you keep your safe, waterproof features will help safeguard the items within your safe from water damage.

The waterproof rating of a safe usually consists of two digits: IP (International Protection. The first digit denotes solid particle protection, and the second indicates liquid ingress resistance. Therefore, to calculate the water resistance, you want to focus on the second digit of the code.


Locking Mechanism

Coin safes come with various locking mechanisms that fit the needs and preferences of different buyers. Some of the common locking mechanisms in safes include biometric locks, key locks, and electronic locks. All of these locking mechanisms have their pros and cons. For example, keys come with the risk of losing your key, and electronic locks come with the risk of forgetting your PIN code.

Considering the pros and cons of each option and asking yourself what type of locking mechanism you would prefer can help you pick a safe with the ideal locking mechanism for your needs and preferences.


Price and Warranty

Considering the price and warranty of a safe is critical for individuals looking to purchase a coin safe. Before browsing safes, you want to decide on a budget to ensure you look for safes in price ranges that fit within it. Additionally, also consider the warranty.

Most safe providers like SentrySafe offer a 1-year warranty on most of their products. In contrast, other safe companies like Honeywell offer 5-year warranties on their safes. Consider your warranty preferences and look for a safe accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Storing coins in homes within safes can offer several benefits, including high security, accessibility, and protection against environmental risks, among others benefits. The SentrySafe Fire/Water Digital Safe (Model EF4738E) is the top pick for individuals looking for the best safe for coins.

However, the alternative options discussed above also tick the box regarding safety, quality, and durability. All you have to do is consider your personal preferences and needs and use the newfound knowledge to find the perfect safe.

FAQ Guide (What Readers Want to Know)

What is the Safest Way to Store Coins?

The safest way to store coins is to place them in hard plastic holders. To secure coins against theft, place them in a high-quality coin safe in a discreet location within your home. Avoid storing coins against a cold wall or high-humidity areas.

What is the Best Container to Store Coins?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) free coin pages or albums are ideal for storing gold coins. Avoid storing coins in bookshelves or wooden cabinets. Instead, keep them in a metal cabinet or a safe. Keeping coins in a safe will protect them from damage caused by moisture or heat and keep them secure from theft.

What Plastic is Safe for Coins?

Inert plastics like polypropylene or polyethylene are safe for coins. These plastics have a non-reactive nature and are resistant to air and moisture.

Is it OK to Store Coins in Plastic Bags?

Although it is ok to store coins in plastic bags for the short term, storing coins in plastic bags for the long term can damage coins over time. Pick non-reactive plastics like polypropylene or polyethylene when choosing plastic bags to store coins.

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