Diversion Safes | 19 Creative, Cheap Ways to Hide Valuables

What do you keep in your home for safekeeping? Most people have safes to store their most valuable possessions. But what if you need to hide something from thieves or prying eyes? That's where diversion safes come in. In the United States alone, a break-in occurs every 30 seconds, with the average loss from each burglary action estimated to be almost $3,000. Additionally, cases of burglaries in the USA increased by up to 10% in just two months between June and August 2021. In addition to security cameras, secrecy and stealth are ways to protect your valuables from getting stolen. 

But before we dive deep into innovative hidden safes you can use at home to tuck away your treasures, here is what you should look out for when buying these safes. 

What is the Difference between Diversion Safes and Hidden Safes? 

When it comes to securing your valuables, you have a few different options. A diversion safe is a decoy and designed to look like something else while hiding your valuables. A hidden safe is designed to be discreet and out of sight.  In other words, a diversion safe relies on deception with the safe in plain sight, while a hidden safe relies on discretion.

Tips For Selecting a Diversion Safe

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a diversion safe for your valuables: 

1. Decide for what you need the diversion safe

A diversion safe is a hidden container that is disguised as an everyday object. This can be anything from a fake can of paint to a replica electrical outlet. By hiding your belongings in plain sight, you can deter thieves and protect your possessions. A diversion safe is a great way to keep your jewelry, cash, documents, or any other small valuables secure.

2. Where will you be using the diversion safe?

If you are looking to purchase a diversion safe, then there are two different types of diversion safes that will be available for selection. The first type of diversion safe is known as a disguised diversion safe. This diversion safe is usually hidden in plain sight within other items or by being covered up with other objects. Since this diversion safe is disguised it will be hidden away in plain sight. If you are looking to purchase one of these diversion safes, then you will want to consider where the diversion safe will be located. Some places where people choose to hide their diversion safes include inside appliances like microwave ovens and televisions, within bookshelves, or under floorboards.

3. Would you like the diversion safe to be easily accessible?

The other diversion safe available for purchase is known as a hidden diversion safe. This type of diversion safe can be hidden away behind items or built into other objects, however, it will not be disguised like the disguised diversion safes. You should consider where you would like to hide your diversion safe, and if there is a place where the diversion safe would be easily accessible.

4. How much space do you need?

Finally, it is important to consider how much storage space you will need for the diversion safe. This can be helpful when trying to determine which diversion safes are available for purchase. Most diversion safes can fit a variety of items, however, it will depend on the diversion safe itself. Some hidden diversion safes have multiple compartments that you can use to store different valuables, while others have just enough room for one or two items.

5. Do you need quick access to your diversion safe?

When looking for a diversion safe, you will also need to consider how quickly you will need access to your diversion safe. If you need quick access to your diversion safe, then it is important for the diversion safe to be able to open quickly by either having an electronic diversion safe or one which can be opened up easily with a handle or knob.

6. Would you like the diversion safe to be keyed alike or keyed differently?

When purchasing diversion safes, you can also choose whether or not the diversion safe is keyed alike or keyed differently. A diversion safe that is keyed alike will use the same keys for both locking and opening of the diversion safe. A diversion safe that is keyed differently will require a separate set of keys for locking and opening the diversion safe. This can be helpful to prevent people from trying to open up your diversion safe using the wrong keys. If you would like a diversion safe that is keyed alike, then it is important that the diversion safes share the same keys as any other locks which may be securing items that you may need quick access to such as a gun safe or other diversion safes.

Features to look for in a diversion safe

  • Size of the safe
  • Lockable or not 
  • Weather protection because the safe is located outdoors 
  • What would look natural in its surroundings
19 Creative and Cheap Products to Hide Your Valuables 
    Table of Contents:  
    Coke can
    Hair brush 
    Spray can 
    Hanger in closet
    Light bulb 
    Spray bottle 
    Peanut butter jar 
    Lint roller
    Deodorant stick 
    Shave Cream Can 
    Air vent 
    Flower pot 
    Sprinkler head 
    Salt can 
    Electric plug

      1. Rock – hide a key  

      Rock – hide a key


      If you are looking for a hiding place to stash away a key outside or somewhere to keep a small item for someone to pick up later when you are not at home, this RamPro Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock might be the answer. Inside the rock is sufficient room to keep a spare key for a car, house, or shed. From the outside, the safe seems like a normal rock and would not draw attention even from the sharpest eyes.

      2. Book 


        For a more classic diversion safes style, don’t look any further than the Jssmst Diversion Book Safe with Combination Lock. The safe is locked by a 3-number combination lock and comes in a range of different designs and book titles.

        3. Bottle 


          One of the most stressful things about going outdoors is the probability of leaving your valuable things alone at some point when taking a quick nap or a dip in a pool. But with the Diversion Safe Water Bottle with secret compartments, you can hide keys, cards, cash as well as other valuables. 

          4. Coke Can 

            Coke Can

            Imagine you are at the beach and want to leave your belongings for a minute to take a dip or buy something from a stall. The possibility of leaving behind your belongings can be nerve-wracking. But with this Coke Soda Can Diversion Safe Stash will give you a place to stash away your essentials. 

            5. Hair brush  

            Hair brush


            If you find yourself on the road regularly and need an inconspicuous hidden safe to store your valuables or extra cash, you will not find a better option than this Diversion Safe Hair Brush by Stash-it

            6. Spray can  

            Spray can


            A spray can that looks exactly like a real product, this Tire Foam Diversion Safe Can will help you hide jewelry, money, and other pieces of valuables. Moreover, it is a travel size!

            7. Hanger in closet 

            Hanger in closet

            The MyMealivos Hanger Fireproof and Water-resistant hidden safe can easily fit inside your closet and comes with pockets to hide your valuables at home or on the road. It removes the drawback of the conspicuousness of mainstream safe boxes and can blend in your closet among other clothing. 

            8. Light bulb

            Light bulb

            Are you looking for a place to stash away your valuables at home, travel, or office? Try this light bulb that was designed from genuine material with compartments that can accommodate money, jewelry, pills, as well as other small invaluable. 

            9. Spray bottle  

            Spray bottle


            This spray bottle provides a place to hide your valuables in plain sight at home or in travel. The Safety Technology DS-SPRAY Spray Bottle Diversion Safe looks like a genuine spray bottle and helps you stash jewelry, cash, or any other valuables where no single soul will suspect. It can blend well with other items in the bathroom, kitchen, or garage. 

            10. Peanut butter jar  

             Peanut butter jar


            The Jiffy Peanut Butter Diversion Stash Safe Model ticks all the boxes for a discreet hidden safe. It sports a Jif Peanut Butter colors and design, which burglars will not look at twice. The genuine appearance of the jar enables you to hide your valuable pieces in plain sight alongside other food items. 

            11. Lint roller  

             Lint roller


            Still functioning as a lint roller, you can hide your treasures inside this dual-purpose Southern Homewares Lint Roller without giving away what is stashed inside. Burglars will not think twice about opening this safe because it looks realistic and blends seamlessly into any setting. 

            12. Deodorant stick  

             Deodorant stick


            This Men’s Speed Stick Diversion Can Safe is perfect for you if you are an ardent traveler or business person who often stays at hotels or bed and breakfast and wants a place to hide money, keys, and other small valuables. 

            13. Chapstick  



            If there is the last place anyone will think of looking for valuables in a chapstick. This Chapstick Diversion Safe Stash is ideal for stashing small valuables such as money, jewelry, and keys among others, without anyone noticing. In fact, nobody wants to touch a used chapstick! 

            14. Shave Cream Can  

             Shave Cream Can


            This hidden safe is made from authentic products to make them fit in nicely with other bathroom products. No one will suspect this is a Shaving Cream Diversion Can Safe

            15. Air vent  

             Air vent


            If you have an air vent, consider installing this Professional Grade Products WS1 Wall Safe to hide your valuables. This hidden safe will trick observers into thinking that this is just an operational air vent. Flower pot 

            16. Flower pot 

             Flower pot


            Keep your valuables such as extra cash, keys, jewelry, or other small valuables in this Diversion Flower Pot Safe With Lock. It has separate keys for opening it can be installed anywhere at home.  

            17. Sprinkler head  

             Sprinkler head


            Made of industrial-grade ABS, this Hider Sprinkler Head provides a perfect solution for hiding cash and other valuables. 

            18. Salt can  

             Salt can


            This salt can also provide a hidden safe for your valuables. It is made from authentic products, which makes it indistinguishable from the real product, thanks to the Morton Salt design. 

            19. Electric plug  

             Electric plug


            Featuring an electrical outlet just like any other electric plug, this US Patrol Hidden Wall Safe Secret Stash Electrical Plug is ideal for stashing your valuables on the walls. It features a cutout saw as well as template for quick installation. 


            What kind of magnetic locks are used on hidden gun safes?

            There are a few different types of magnetic locks that are used on hidden gun safes. The most common type is a Reed switch, which uses two pieces of metal that are separated by a magnet. When the magnet is close to the Reed switch, the circuit is closed and the door opens. There are also Hall-effect switches, which use a transistor to detect when a magnetic field passes nearby. This type of lock is often used in cars because it can detect when someone is trying to break into the car. Finally, there are permanent magnets that can be attached to the safe door. When the magnets are close to each other, they create a strong magnetic field that keeps the door closed. 

            What’s a decoy safe?

            A decoy safe is a newly created term for a safe that actually isn’t a safe. It’s made to look like a safe, but it’s really just an empty box with no security features. So why would someone want one? To trick burglars into thinking they have hit the jackpot! A decoy safe can be the perfect addition to your home security plan.

            Do disguised safes work?

            Decoy safes are safes that have a fake door or facade that is designed to mislead thieves and burglars.  are typically cheap and easy to install, making them a great option for homeowners who want to add an extra layer of security to their home. While they may not be the most secure option, they can be a great deterrent for would-be criminals. 


            It's hard to trust people these days. Whether it is the next-door neighbor or an intruder, there are plenty of reasons why you might want something hidden from prying eyes. You may not have a safe in your home but that doesn't mean that you can't find ways to keep valuables secure without one. Diversion safes offer a clever way to hide anything inside them and they're usually disguised as some other common household item like a clock radio while security cameras or even secrecy are also great ways to protect what belongs to you on all levels. What type of diversion safe do you use? Have any tricks for hiding things around your house? 

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