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Gun Safes Amazon Carries | Best types, Quality, Cheap, Free Shipping

By USA Safe & Vault January 18, 2022

Gun owners are at the mercy of fate when their gun safes are exposed to fire or subject to theft. It's a pain in the neck to keep your valuables safe.  Never fear.  Good gun safes Amazon carries will increase your odds of dealing with these perils.  

Typically, this involves getting a floor standing high security, fire resistant gun safe that is expensive, hard to get home, and hard to install.  However, many gun owners have more handguns in addition to long guns.  For these, a small gun safe that is less expensive, portable, easier to buy and have delivered, is a great option.  For a small gun safe Amazon is a great option.  We found the selection to be surprisingly robust!    


For a fireproof gun safe Amazon offers incredible choice, and you get a trusted name and often free shipping to your home.  These safes normally have a heavy-duty steel construction to enhance durability and protection. They also come with different security features like biometric locks, locking bolts, tamper-resistant inner hinges among other features to prevent unauthorized entry. 

Amazon Gun Safes for Sale

Whether you are searching for a car gun safe, handgun safe, shotgun safe, rifle safe, or any other type of gun safe, Amazon is the best place to find them. They have different products for each category which allows you to compare the features of each model when picking the most suitable one. You can also go through the customer’s feedback when determining the quality of the product. This will give you first-hand information about the product because it is not easy to know the quality just by checking the features or design.


Besides that, Amazon offers free shipping for some gun safes apart from the larger ones or the most expensive models. As compared to other online stores, their products have the best prices. 


A word of caution: stay clear of Amazon used gun safes.  In our opinion, the few bucks you save with a used safe is not worth the hassles of a lack of warranty, lack of customer support, and lack of privacy.  Do you really want a stranger to know you bought a safe because you had something to protect?  

Our Top 8 Picks

ADIMO Safe 2.2 Cubic Feet Cabinet Safe - Best large gun safe and cabinet

Security Fingerprint Safe with Programmable Digital Keypad – Best handgun safe

WINCENT Deluxe Home Security Safe 2.55 Cubic Feet - Best rifle safe 

Barska Biometric Safe – Best shotgun safe

ONNAIS Gun Safe-Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols – Best gun safe for cars

SPIKA Home Security Safe Box Large Capacity – Best Biometric Safes

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker with RFID - Best Under Bed Safes for Rifles and Shotguns

Top 7 Gun Safes on Amazon 

When it comes to gun safes for sale, Amazon has so much choice you might find choosing a challenge. To make your work easier, we have provided the best gun safe for each category. Check them below. 


1. ADIMO Safe 2.2 Cubic Feet Cabinet Safe  - Best large gun safe and cabinet


ADIMO Safe 2.2 Cubic Feet Cabinet Safe


With a capacity of 2.2 cubic feet, this gun safe is spacious enough to store your guns and other accessories. It also comes with a removable shelf where you can safely keep your money, laptops, jewelry, documents, guns among other valuables.  The exterior of this safe has a measurement of 14.2 x 23.6 x 2.2 inches while the interior has a measurement of 15.7 x 12.8 x 19.5 inches. In terms of construction, this safe is made of low carbon alloy steel which provides secure protection.  


Five patented live-locking bolts plus a 2.75 inches thick door panel are included to prevent forced entry.  It is very secure since it has an LCD digital display with a 6-8 digits combination lock which enhances protection for your items. Apart from that, there is a second barrier or master key which means that even if someone has the passcode or emergency key, they will still not manage to access your items.  There is a security alarm that is activated in case the passcode is entered incorrectly 3 times.  To stop the alarm, enter the correct passcode or use the emergency key to open the safe. 


  • Heavy-duty construction 
  • LCD digital screen
  • Spacious interior
  • Digital lock plus emergency key
  • Inbuilt alarm
  • Mounting bolts are included
  • 5  live-locking bolts


  • The keypad might be hard to operate 

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2. Security Fingerprint Safe With Programmable Digital Keypad –Best handgun safe

    Security Fingerprint Safe With Programmable Digital Keypad

    Of the handgun safes Amazon carries, this handgun safe has an interior capacity of 1.3 cubic feet plus an adjustable double-layered space.  Again, it comes with a handgun rack that can fit up to 5 pistols when stored vertically.  Putting the pistols in the rack allows you to retrieve them easily any time you need them. In case you do not need the pistols, you can remove the handgun rack to create more space for other important items such as documents, jewelry, etc.  

    The safe provides 3 entry methods which include using fingerprints, keys, and passcode.  There is also a silent mode function that you can use to access your items quietly. The unit uses 4 AA batteries for controlling the battery-operated panel. For easier installation, it comes with pre-drilled mounting holes. In order to enhance safety, it is equipped with a reinforced solid steel structure with 3 live locking bolts. It also comes with anti-pry hinges which enhance protection against forced entry. 


    • Sturdy and secure construction
    • Removable handgun rack
    • Allows 3 entry methods
    • Adjustable double-layered space
    • Easy to install
    • 2-year warranty
    • Not fireproof 

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    3. WINCENT Deluxe Home Security Safe 2.55 Cubic Feet  - Best rifle safe


      WINCENT Deluxe Home Security Safe 2.55 Cubic Feet


      In case you are searching for the best rifle safe, the WINCENT Deluxe Home Security will give you great value for your money.  It is made of heavy-duty and thick steel material to enhance security and durability. In order to enhance protection against forced entry, it comes with 3 live-locking bolts which means that it is very secure. 


      Besides that, it allows you to set your own unique 1-8 digit password through the digital access pad. In case you forget the passcode, you can use the emergency key to access the safe. The unit has an alarm that rings for 60 seconds when someone enters the wrong passcode 3 times. 


      In terms of storage, this unit has a very spacious interior that can fit pistols, cash, documents, etc. This interior has a soft layer that protects your items from dents and scratches. For easier installation, it comes with pre-drilled holes and expansion bolts. 


      • Modern design
      • Reliable anti-theft features
      • 2.55 cubic feet interior
      • Interior padding to protect your valuables from scratches
      • Heavy-duty steel construction
      • 2 entry methods


      • A bit expensive

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        4. Barska Biometric Safe –Best shotgun safe

        Barska Biometric Safe

        For those searching for the handgun safe Amazon carries, the Barska Biometric Safe will be an excellent choice. The first thing you will love about it is the quick biometric scanner which gives you access to your items within 2.5 seconds. As a result, it is highly reliable in case of an emergency. The fingerprint scanner can store up to 120 unique fingerprints which means that it can be used by many people. There is a silent mode that enables you to pick your items quietly during an invasion or when you don’t want to disturb people. 


        In addition, it has a spacious capacity of 0.8 ft which is enough for storing shotguns, ammo, private documents, jewelry, medicine, etc. The safe is 100% secure since it contains a heavy-duty 14-gauge steel construction with 2 inbuilt pry-resistant steel deadbolts.  It also features tamper-resistant edges to enhance security for your valuables. Due to its compact design, you can easily install it inside cabinets, nightstands, closets, etc. It uses 4 AA batteries which have a lifespan of 10,000 scans or 1 year.


        • Tamper resistant edges
        • Compact design
        • 2 pry-resistant steel deadbolts
        • Protective floor mat
        • 2.5 seconds biometric scanner
        • 14 gauge steel construction


        • Not water resistant

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        5. ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols – Best gun safe for cars


          ONNAIS Gun Safe-Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols


          The ONNNAIS Gun Safe Biometric Gun Safe is undoubtedly the best gun safe for cars.  It has a very portable and compact design which allows you to carry it easily in your car. Due to its compact design, you can install it in your drawer, luggage cabinet, or other areas with a limited capacity. 


          Despite its small size, it comes with amazing features like the high-resolution 1.0 seconds biometric which opens the safe instantly once the correct fingerprint is detected.  This scanner can store up to 30 fingerprints for different users. Apart from that, this small gun safe Amazon has a programmable electronic keypad that you can use to set your unique 5-10 digits password.

          Two override keys are included which you can use in case you don’t remember the code or in case the biometric scanner fails. There is a low battery warning which alerts you when the battery is running out.  This allows you to replace the battery in time to avoid inconveniences.  It is made of solid steel to enhance durability while the interior is well-padded to protect your items from scratches.  Again, it is spacious enough to accommodate 2 standard size or regular frame pistols and other small items.


          • High-resolution 1.0-second fingerprint scanner
          • Low battery warning
          • The lid is pry-resistant 
          • Portable design
          • Spacious capacity 
          • 2 override keys
          • Doesn’t come with batteries

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          6. SPIKA Home Security Safe Box Large Capacity– Best Biometric Safes


            The SPIKA Home Security is among the most advanced gun safes that are worth your money. It is made of very thick steel and its construction features 2 movable locking bolts to enhance security. It also provides 3 entry methods which include fingerprint technology, digit lock system, and the manual key.  This gives you convenient access to your items and it also ensures that your items are very secure.  


            In terms of construction, this gun safe is equipped with many security features such as the spring-loaded deadbolt.  This deadbolt is located behind the door of the safe to prevent drill attempts. 

            In addition, it comes with an unbreakable locking edge to enhance pry resistance.  The unit has an external measurement of 19.6 x 14 x 13 inches and internal size of 18.5 x 13 x 11 inches. Inside the unit, there is an LED light that allows you to see your items clearly at night. It has a capacity of 2 cubic feet which is enough for storing pistols, jewelry, cash, etc.  The setting button is located inside the battery box and this prevents password resetting.

            • Spring-loaded deadbolts
            • 3 entry methods
            • Anti-pry design
            • Hooks for hanging keys
            • The interior has a LED light
            • Hidden password button


            •  A bit heavy 

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            7. Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker with RFID -Best Under Bed Safes for Rifles and Shotguns

            Whether you are searching for the best under-bed safe for rifles or shotguns, the Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Safe will give you the best value for your money. It is made of 16-gauge steel featuring 4 internal hardened locking lugs to enhance strength. A 1500-lb rated cable is also included for additional security. Apart from that, this gun safe exceeds the ASTM International Safety Requirements for child safety and pry-resistance.

            It has also passed various tests including hinge attack resistance, pick/drop/ saw tests, lock strength among others. It has a compact design which makes it suitable for use as an under-bed safe, closet safe, or car trunk safe. It also comes with mounting holes for horizontal or vertical installation. In terms of security, it uses patented RFID technology which provides exceptional security against unauthorized access.

            • Certified for child-resistant and pry-resistance
            • Easy to install
            • 1500-lb security cable
            • Unique patented RFID technology for security
            • Compact design


            • Not very strong

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                  How to Choose the Best Gun Safe

                  When searching for the best gun safe, you should check these features;


                  The first thing you need to check is the type of materials used in the construction of the unit and the thickness. Most gun safes are made of steel but the thickness is not the same which means that you need to check the gauge. The lower the gauge the better. For example, 10 gauge steel is stronger than 14 gauge steel and 8 gauge steel is stronger than 10 gauge steel.

                  Locking mechanisms 

                  Gun safes come with 3 locking mechanisms which include;
                  • Biometric locks – Models with biometric looks are the most advanced and the easiest to access. You just need to put your fingerprint on the scanner when opening. They are able to store a number of fingerprints which makes them suitable for different users.
                  • Digital combination – These ones use a combination of digits to create a unique password. You have to enter the correct password to access the items.
                  • Manual keys - Both biometric and digital combination locks come with a manual key which you can use in case you forget the password or when the biometric scanner fails to recognize your fingerprint. In terms of security, gun safes that require only a key to open are the easiest to break. However, they are the cheapest.


                  Before you buy a gun safe, you need should consider the size of your firearms to ensure that they will fit. In case you will be using it to store pistols and handguns, you may not need a very big one. On the other hand, you should pick a larger one if you are intending to store rifles. The number of your firearms is another key thing you should consider to ensure that they will fit in the unit. 

                  Security feature

                  It is very important you check the security features included to ensure that it won’t be easy to break.  The best gun safes are those that come with pry-resistant walls or those with live-locking bolts.  You should ensure that the unit has as many security features as possible. 


                  What is a good handgun safe?

                  A good handgun safe is one that meets your needs (number of guns, access, etc.), protects you against your main peril (access by children, protection from intruder, fire etc.), and is affordable so that you can own one in addition to your free-standing expensive safe.

                  Where is the best place to put a gun safe?

                  The best place to put a gun is where the humidity is low, the safe is easily accessible should you need your firearm in a hurry, and where it is somewhat hidden.  Some typical locations are under the bed, in the closet, or in a secret, hidden compartment.

                  What is the best selling gun safe?

                  The best selling gun safe brand in the USA, is Liberty Safes.  Are there Liberty gun safes Amazon carries?  A few–though you are likely to get a better selection of Liberty safes at a Liberty Safe dealer.

                  What are the benefits of buying gun safes from Amazon?

                  If you don’t want frustrations when buying gun safes, Amazon is one of the best online stores where you are assured of getting value for your money. The good thing is that they have a variety of gun safes which gives you a chance to compare their features. This makes it easy to determine the most suitable for your needs. Apart from that, the products come at a better price than other online stores. The other major benefit is that you are able to check the product’s rating and read customer reviews before purchasing the gun safe to see if it is worth the money or not. They have the best shipping rates and terms to ensure that you are satisfied.

                  Should you buy a gun safe online?

                  You can purchase a gun safe online but you should only buy from a reputable online store like Amazon. It is also important you read customer reviews before you make your choice. To be on the safe side, you should look for models with the highest rating and number of customer reviews. 

                  How are gun safes shipped?

                  Amazon provides two ways of shipping gun safes to customers.  The first one is the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and the other one is known as Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM).  Some gun safe merchants may opt to ship the gun safes directly to the customers while at times Amazon is the one responsible for shipping. When ordering your gun, read all the details provided about shipping including the charges and the amount of time it will take to ship the product. 


                  Whether you have been searching for the best rifle safe, handgun safe, or any other type of gun safe, we hope that now you know which one you should pick. All the products we have reviewed are the best on the market since we picked those with the highest rating for each category. Their prices are also decent which means that they are indeed worth your money. We have also included some accessories which will enhance convenience when using the gun safe. 


                  To sum up, the best gun safes are those that allow you to store your guns and other valuables securely while also being able to be easily accessed in case of emergency. We hope this article has helped you find a safe and secure storage option for your needs!  Check out our selections of larger safes to complement the purchase of your small gun safe Amazon might have for you.

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