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Hollon Safe Reviews - Is a Hollon Safe Worth It?

By Maria Paiz October 23, 2023



 Did you know the safes and vault market is expected to grow to $8.25 billion by 2027? This can directly result from the rising crime rate, which has forced more households to get safes and vaults. A safe provides foolproof security against theft of valuable items and gives you peace of mind. When choosing a reliable safe for your home, Hollon Safe Company is one of the top players. The following information will help you understand why this brand is the top choice for many. 

Hollon Safe Company is among the top safe manufacturers in the United States. They are headquartered in Corpus Christi. This famous brand can meet your demands if you need premium quality safes. Their safes meet and exceed all industry standards regarding security, quality, affordability, and services. The company also offers extensive security features within its safes, setting it apart from its competitors.


What Are Hollon Safes?

Hollon Safe is a safe manufacturing company owned by Zack Gilmore, a former locksmith. The company manufactures high-quality safes that exceed industry standards of quality, safety, and strength, all at notably lower prices than competitors. The company was established in 2007 in Corpus Christi. Mr. Gilmor began his journey manufacturing safes in a small shop. After four years of hard work and dedication, he increased sales by 300%.

Afterward, he sold the business at a high profit and launched Hollon Safe, which became today's million-dollar safe manufacturing business. Hollon Safe offers its customers an extensive range of safes that suit your demands.

You can find budget-friendly safe options with similar features as you find in competitors like Guardian Safe. While valid, the premium category safes, like Hollon Republic gun safes, offer high-end features at competitive rates. You can compare different models and choose the one that resonates with your requirements. 


Where Are Hollon Safes Made?

Most Hollon safes are made in the USA. Unlike other safe manufacturers, the company doesn't compromise on quality by outsourcing its safe manufacturing to foreign countries to save on labor and manufacturing costs. The safes are made from global and American parts, with each safe boasting high-quality craftsmanship, durability, and design.


What Makes a Hollon Safe Different from Other Brands of Safes?

The founder of Hollon, Zack Gilmore, wanted to avoid standard quality safes being sold at hefty price points. He launched Hollon to manufacture sales that preceded the standards of quality and craftsmanship, all at prices two to three times lower than the safes sold by competitors. For example, the Hollon Republic Gun Safe boasts unmatched features like a solid steel 10-gauge body, fire protection, bolt size, 1/4" steel door, UL RSC, and u-channel.

The Hollon safes are sold at prices ranging between $100 to $5,000.00 or higher (depending on the features, model, etc.). The costs of their safes are significantly lower than similar safes sold by competitors, including guardian safes. Therefore, they are ideal for individuals looking for premium safes and getting the most value for their money.

Diving into Hollon Safes' Premium Features

Hollon safes come with unmatched features, including:

Fire Protection

Fire-resistant Hollon safes come with a 120-minute fire protection rating. They are manufactured with highly durable materials that can withstand fire damage against temperatures as high as 1400°-1850°F for over two hours and protect the contents in unexpected emergencies. Furthermore, the safe also boasts an expandable intumescent door seal that expands to 8 times its actual size when exposed to heat and efficiently seals water and smoke (only applicable to fire-resistant safes).

Ballistic/Drill-resistant Ball Bearing

Ballistic and drill-proof features have become paramount in safes to ensure optimal security against planned attacks. Hollon safes are made with highly durable explosion and drill-resistant ball bearings that protect the safe lock from the impact of explosions and keep them from opening with tools like drills. The safe lock on all Hollon safes also features a patented design that offers ultra-low power benefits. 

Heavy-duty 10-gauge Steel and 3-gauge Steel Door

Unlike other safes on the market, the Hollon safes boast a steel body that is a testament to Hollon's aim to offer high security. Steel is ideal for safes due to its strength, resistance, and durability. It allows manufacturers to create complex locking systems and incorporate fire resistance features into safes, empowering them to provide exceptional safety to valuable assets. Apart from the robust body, the 3-gauge steel safe door is an impenetrable barrier against burglars. Please note that the 3-gauge thickness only applies to specific models. You should check the specifications of your preferred safe before buying it.

Spring-loader Relocker and U-channel Features

The innovative spring-loader relocker feature ups the security level of Hollon safes by protecting the safes against punch attacks and any other attempts at compromising the safe lock. Moreover, the u-channel feature in the bolt work mechanism offers additional protection to the locking bolts, keeping them safe against force attacks and tempering.

UL-RSC Burglary Rating

The UL-RSC burglary rating further supports the Hollon Safes' claim of offering unmatched security standards. This certification gives customers an idea of the safe manufacturers' commitment to selling safes that transcend industry fire protection and security standards. The UL-RSC burglary rating and tons of Hollon reviews of happy customers online offer assurance and peace to old and new customers on the Hollon safes, uncompromising security.


Types of Hollon Safes

Hollon specializes in selling a variety of safes, including gun safes, fireproof safes, office safes, home safes, etc. Below are some of the most popular safes the company offers:

HS Series by Hollon

Hollon Safes Home Series

The Hollon HS series, also known as the 2-hour home series, offers superior home-safe options like Hollon HS-310D ($334-$390) and Hollon HS-360E ($447-$500). This series of home safes is targeted toward homeowners looking to offer affordable fire and burglar protection to the valuables within their homes.

The Hollon HS series safes offer double the fire protection than other standard safes on the market. The walls on these safes are also thicker than the average safe, promising no-holds-barred protection against fire. The safes have been tested on temperatures as high as 1850° F and proven to maintain an internal temperature of 350° F in such conditions for as long as two hours.

It is worth noting that the 2-hour home series misses out on the burglary-attack protection (as in the Oyster series) and does not suit those with firearm storage needs (as in the Crescent Shield and Republic series). The complete list of safes offered in the 2-hour home series is mentioned below.

Oyster Series

Hollon Safes Reviews Oyster Series

The Oysters series is the name given to the fire and burglary safe line by Hollon. It boasts safes like the Hollon FB-450E and FB-685C that take fire and burglary protection to a new level. The FB-450E safe includes everything from 1.5″ moving front bolts and a vertical locking bar to high-intensity auxiliary relock devices.

It comes at an affordable cost of around $1,068.00, which is incredibly low compared to prices for similar safes sold by competitors such as Guardian Safe. In contrast, the FB-685C costs $1356 and boasts 4-way active locking bolts, high-security heavy vault hinges, and a high-intensity auxiliary relocker device.

Please note that the Oyster series can be an ideal fit if you want to upgrade from the 2-hour home series for added burglary-attack protection. However, it misses out on the features of the Crescent Shield and Republic series. Here is a list of all models in this category.

Hollon Gun Safes Line

Hollon Safes Crescent Shield Collection

The Crescent Shield Gun Safe Series, is among the newest line of Hollon gun safes. It boasts high-security design features at affordable price points. Premium models like CS-12 (around $1500) can house 12 guns, including innovative features like an intumescent fire seal and a full-bolt wrap. This series of Hollon gun safes is known for its 1.5" chrome steel bolts, which exceed industry standards by around 25%.

The Crescent Shield, Gun Safe Series can be an ideal alternative to the 2-hour home and Oyster series based on its firearm protection features. While true, it falls behind the Republic series for missing out on features like fire protection. Here is a list of all the models in this category.

The Flagship Hollon Safe Model

Hollon Safes Review, Republic Gun Series, Hollon Republic Two Hour Fireproof Gun Safe RG-39

Although Hollon has produced several outstanding safe models since its launch, it is known for the Republic Gun Safe. This model stands out among the other gun safes made by the company due to its high-quality and unique features like cushioned interior trim, RSC safety rating (fire test certification of 90 minutes), and the ability to withstand temperatures as high as 1400° F—the price of the Republic gun safe ranges between $2,822 to 4,871.00, depending on the model.

Hollon Safes Review, Republic Gun Series, Features

Republic Gun Safe is the top-of-the-line series offered by Hollon. It encompasses more features than the other three categories (highlighted above), with 300% thicker reinforcement than other options in the market. Here is a list of all the models in this category.

Final Verdict - Is a Hollon Safe Worth It?

Choosing a Hollon safe over other options in the market is a smart move. The safes offered by this top-rated brand offer top-notch features, including but not limited to fire and ballistic resistance, sturdy construction, and a top-tier UL-RSC burglary rating. Plus, they come at a reasonable price. Whether you're securing valuables or firearms, Hollon has a safe that fits. It's a decision you can trust for long-term and foolproof security.

FAQ Guide (What Readers Want to Know)

Are Hollon Safes Made in the USA?

Hollon safes are manufactured in the USA, headquartered in Corpus Christi, TX. The safes are made with high-quality American and global parts.

What is the preset factory Code for Hollon Safe?

The current preset factory code for Hollon Safes is 1234#. You can use this code to access your Hollon safe upon purchase.

Why is My Hollon Safe Beeping?

A Hollon safe that beeps multiple times and stops can indicate a weak battery. The safe may also beep several times if it is in lock-out mode. This usually occurs when the incorrect code is entered into the safe multiple times.

How Can I Find Hollon Safes Dealers Near Me?

You can use the dealer locator on the official Hollon Safe website to find a Hollon Safes dealer nearby. Feel free to check and compare each dealer to find the best fit for your needs.

Hollon Safe Customer Service Resources

If you have any queries or complaints, you can dial 888-455-2337 to get in touch with the Hollon Safe customer care representatives.

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