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Is it OK to Keep a Gun Safe in the Garage | Pros, and Cons?

By USA Safe & Vault July 28, 2021 0 comments

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Despite the fact that it is still a debate about the safety of placing a gun safe in a garage, people use is it as a popular option especially when they have limited space at home. Although it is not an ideal place, I am still looking at the possibility to keep gun safes in the garage. 

Can gun safes be stored in the garage?

Yes, it’s still possible to place gun safes in the garage but you need to cope with some problems such as extreme temperature, fire risk, and easy access. Considering those risks help you to install a gun safe in the garage safely.

There are some reasons why a garage is not recommended to store gun safes. Let’s dive in


A garage is likely high in humidity. Not only because it receives less sunlight, but also moisture often trapped inside because garage doors are not watertight design or aren’t completely insulated. The rain which carries cold temperature goes into your garage and increases the level of humidity inside.

Fire risk 

A garage is often used to store things such as gasoline and paints that can easily cause a fire. 

Easy access

A garage is frequently located in the front part of a house where people outside can see. Any interesting items inside may catch the attention of strangers outside. Besides knowing the possible risk of placing a gun safe in the garage, it is important to equip yourself with proper methods to store gun safes in the garage.

How to store a gun safe in the garage safely?

Keep it away from the doors

Since people outside can see inside your garage, you need to put it far away from the entrance. Make sure it is out of reach from children, strangers, and unrecognizable by the burglars. Never put any power tools close to the gun safes because burglars can use them to break the safe. 

Protect it from fire

Never put inflammable things such as gasoline, paint, paint thinners, and other chemicals near the safe. It is because the fire can damage the safe and the guns inside. 

Cope with humidity

The environment inside a garage is quite humid. This condition will make the guns prone to rust if you place the gun safe in the garage unheated. To keep the gun safe and its valuables inside remain safe, it’s important to measure the humidity level inside the garage. This helps you to choose the best treatment. Make sure to maintain the ideal temperature for gun safes. Gun storage will be safe when it is placed at a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and has 50 percent of relative humidity. To prevent moisture, you can use a dehumidifier or put a gel desiccant inside the safe.

FAQs | What Readers Want to know where do you put a gun safe?

Using gun safes as gun storage can help you avoid gun access from unauthorized persons, gun accidents, and reduce gun theft at the same time. One of the most important aspects of safely storing a gun in your home is where you put it. Putting gun storage in a convenient place means that you won't have to go on an epic quest every time you need your gun, and it will be harder for ill-intending guests to find.

Do gun safes cause corrosion?

Yes. The gun safe industry creates and markets all these anti-corrosion products to mask the fact that it's a real threat. Based on what type of materials the interior of your gun safe is made from, gun safes will start to corrode, for instance, gun safes made out of steel. In their quest to prevent rust inside gun safes, manufacturers have added coatings and liners that are now available on the gun safe market and they claim it is corrosion-resistant.

What temperature should guns be stored at?

It is important that gun owners check the gun safe's fire rating as well when gun storing their guns. Make sure that your gun storage unit can withstand high temperatures and flames for at least 30 minutes. Most gun safes come with a gun safe temperature rating that ranges from 0 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


You are able to store a gun safe in the garage but need to face several problems such as temperature, fire risk, and easy access from strangers. Understanding those problems helps you to choose the right treatments to make the gun safe you store inside remains in good condition. 

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