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How Heavy is a Liberty Safe?

By Riva Vera Patriana July 23, 2021 0 comments

How Heavy is a Liberty Safe?

Simply put, safes are generally very heavy. Whether it’s a home safe that is small in stature or a gigantic full-sized safe, none are easy to move. When it comes to Liberty safes and other brands, most entry-level gun safes tend to weigh around 200 to 600 pounds. 

Mid-range safes often weigh between 600 to 1,000 pounds while high-end models can weigh anything from 1,000 to 1,600 pounds. When you get to the colossal sizes of the commercial-grade safes, you will be dealing with weights between 2,000 pounds to an eye-watering 5,000 pounds.

Many factors go into the weight of safes such as their size, the gauge of steel used to build the safe, the layer of fire-board installed, and the overall design of the safe. 

The larger a Liberty Safe is, the heavier it will be. This is because it will contain more steel, fireboard, shelving, and more components. There are exceptions as some bigger safes are made with thinner steel so may weigh less than a small safe with thick steel. Generally speaking, though, the bigger the safe, the heavier it is.

The gauge of steel is an important factor with the weight of Liberty safes. The gauge is a measurement used to determine the thickness of the steel. This may be confusing but the lower the number, the thicker the steel. A liberty safe with a 10-gauge steel body will have thicker steel than one with a 14-gauge body. And, of course, thicker steel weighs more than thinner steel.

Many safes are insulated to protect valuables against flames and heat. Those with multiple layers of fireboard to maximize insulation will weigh more but keep your valuables even safer.

A liberty gun safe that holds 12 to 24 guns usually weighs around 245 to 375 pounds. One that can hold 30 to 48 guns tends to weigh about 508 to 646 pounds. Larger safes such as the Colonial can weigh a whopping 1028 pounds. One of the heaviest safes Liberty offers is the Presidential model which weighs a colossal 1,585 pounds. 

How much does a Liberty Centurion Safe weigh?

The Liberty Centurion is an entry-level gun safe from Liberty. Although entry-level, there is no compromise in quality and security. 

You should be able to find these safes in a range of different retailers for an affordable price. As these safes are not as big as some of the higher-end models, they do not come with a huge selection of security functions. However, there are options to add certain accessories when you purchase the safe but at an added cost.

Liberty Centurion safes can store 12 to 24 guns, depending on the size of the safe you opt for. They tend to weigh anything from 245 pounds up to 386 pounds.

In the Centurion range, you can choose from the Centurion 12, 18, or 24. The Centurion 12 (External dimensions of H 59.5” x W 18.25” x D 16”)  weighs 241 pounds, the 18 (H 59.5” x W 24.25” x D 20”) weighs 333 pounds, and the Centurion 24 (the largest at H 59.5” x W 28.25” x D 20”) weighs 386 pounds. You will be looking to spend around $549 for the Centurion 12 up to $749 for the Centurion 24.

How heavy are the Liberty Lincoln and Liberty Presidential safes?

The Liberty Lincoln safes come in two different sizes. These are the Lincoln and the Lincoln Modern. The main difference between the two is that the Lincoln Modern has a more modern appearance.

The Lincoln safes up the bolt count, spoke amount, fire rating, and are available in a range of different colors. They also come with an added jewelry drawer for valuable accessories and a stronger, better door than earlier versions.

The weight of the Liberty Lincoln safes ranges from 730 pounds to 1,133 pounds due to thicker steel construction and more materials built-in.

The Liberty Presidential safe is a unique model that stands apart from the rest of Liberty’s products. It incorporates some of the features that Liberty National Safes possess and these help the Presidential Safe up its fire rating twofold. The steel is a 7 gauge and it has a whopping 18 locking bars.

It is aesthetically pleasing with an upgraded 5 spoke handle that is very similar to a sailboat’s wheel. 

As for weight, it depends on which model you opt for. The Presidential 25 is the smallest of the range measuring 60.5” x 30” x 24.75”. This weighs 1,021 pounds while the Presidential 40 measures 66.5” x 36” x 27.75” and weighs 1,333 pounds. The largest and incredibly impressive safe of the Presidential range is the 50 model. Measuring 72.52 x 42” x 27.75”, this colossal safe weighs 1,585 pounds. 

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