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Liberty Safes | Are they worth it?

By Maria Paiz October 23, 2023

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They might not be one of the most long-established or oldest names in the safe business, but in the thirty-two years since they sold their first safe, Liberty has forged the sort of reputation among gun owners that it usually takes a couple of lifetimes to achieve. In less than four decades, this Utah-based brand has gone from a start-up to the number one choice for full-size and compact gun safes in America.

Believing that reliability and safety shouldn’t be out of the financial reach of the average American family, Liberty safes are secure and affordable, and it was, and is, this combination of factors that has helped them to seal their unshakeable position as the premier manufacturer of gun safes in the United States.

Are Liberty Safes good? If good is measured by customer satisfaction, the reliability, durability of their safes, and the protection and security they offer, then without hesitation, the answer to that question is yes. Yes, Liberty Safes are good.  

Liberty Safe Classic Selection in White. Closed and Open photo of the safe.

Are Liberty Safes Worth The Money?

Liberty Safes' sales figures and dramatic rise through the ranks of a notoriously difficult industry to crack speak for themselves. Their legions of satisfied customers are a testament to the enduring ability of their safes to do exactly what Liberty promises they will - they’ll keep your handguns and weapons safe and secure no matter what happens.

But the real reason why Liberty Safes are worth the money is that they’re made from solid steel, priced at a point that most of their competition can’t even begin to hope to match, and every Liberty Safe comes with a lifetime warranty. 

So if a Liberty safe does fail to live up to your, and their, incredibly high standards due to a design or manufacturing fault or error, Liberty will either refund your money or replace your safe, no questions asked. 

Are the Liberty Safes worth the asking price? They absolutely are, as they guarantee one hundred percent customer satisfaction and security at an easily affordable price. 

Are Liberty Safes UL rated?

Liberty Safes is widely known for its unwavering commitment to using only the highest quality materials in its safes, as well as its dedication to constantly innovating and improving its products. Despite the fact that the technology behind the industry has remained largely unchanged since the introduction of steel safes in the 1800s, Liberty refuses to compromise on the quality of its offerings and strives for excellence in every aspect of its business.

All of Liberty’s safes are made from American steel and use UL-rated fire boards and UL-rated locks to increase the level of security they provide and ensure that they are far more resistant to fire than almost all their competitor’s safes are. 

Every gun safe that Liberty makes, from their entry-level Centurion to their top-of-the-range Presidential Magnum, is certified by the California DOJ (Department of Justice), and the only gun safe they make that isn’t fully UL-rated is the Centurion.

Is The Liberty Centurion A Good Safe?

As we’ve just referenced the Centurion and its lack of a UL rating, it’s probably an opportune moment to focus on it and whether or not it’s actually a good safe.  

It’s Liberty’s entry-level model, and even though it’s regarded as their “budget” model, the Centurion line is also considered one of the best gun safes that an amateur shooter or someone looking for an affordable way to secure their first handgun can buy. 

Made from fourteen gauge steel and using ten three sixteenth of an inch separate locking bars, which means that nobody bars you can ever get into the safe, the Centurion range also provides thirty minutes of guaranteed protection from fire damage. This means your guns should be safe until the Fire Department arrives, even in the toughest blazes.

What Is The Biggest Liberty Safe?

Nobody does big in quite the same that Liberty does. Their biggest gun safe dwarfs almost every other domestically made gun safe.  Known as the Fatboy, Liberty’s biggest gun safe can hold sixty-four guns and has a retro charm that makes it timeless as well as tough.

Liberty Safes Fat Boy Safe, biggest one.

Made from solid eleven gauge steel, it has twelve separate quarter-inch-thick steel locking bars and can provide up to seventy-five minutes of certified fire protection.  And it isn’t just certified against fire, as the California Department of Justice has also given the Fatboy their stamp of approval, and it’s fully UL-rated too. 

That means it’ll keep your guns safe from a home invasion and intruders who are foolish enough to venture onto your property without being invited. 

It isn’t just tough, it’s super tough, and it comes with Liberty’s lifetime guarantee, which means they’ll stand behind their safe as long as you need them to.  The Fatboy only knows how to do one thing: protect all of your guns from anyone except you. And it is incredibly good at what it does. 


Which Gun Safe Is Better - Cannon Or Liberty?

That’s a question for the ages, and when you compare two of the big three American gun safe manufacturers (the third being Winchester, obviously), it’s like comparing chalk and cheese. And at the end of the day, it boils down to one thing - which safe the individual gun owner prefers. 

Comparatively, there isn’t much that separates the two brands, apart from price, as both have done their utmost to design and engineer safes that are made to do one thing. Protect your guns and keep them safe.  

But based purely on functionality, the amount of protection that they offer, their separate warranties, and their reputation among the gun owners who use, and depend on them on a regular basis, the ongoing debate about which is better, Cannon or Liberty, always seems to swing the same way. 

It always, without fail, seems to favor Liberty, which invariably makes them the better gun safes. 

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