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Moving a Gun Safe on Your Own - Step by Step Guide

By Maria Paiz October 23, 2023

How to move a gun safe on your own.


A gun safe is a heavy yet delicate item that requires attention to detail and proper handling. Although it is heavy-duty, you do not need professional, safe movers or professional assistance. If you're considering moving a gun safe by yourself, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process. From gathering the necessary equipment to selecting the final placement, you'll find actionable and safe steps to help you when moving a gun safe by yourself.

6 Steps for Moving Gun Safe

How to move a safe by yourself.

Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, following these steps will guarantee a successful moving gun-safe operation without hiring a local moving company. Read each step thoroughly to move your safe carefully and avoid any mistakes.

Step 1: Gather the Right Equipment

Gathering the right equipment is essential when you’re looking to move a gun safe without hiring professional movers. Given the weight and size of most gun safes, a heavy-duty appliance dolly or stair-climbing dolly can be an ideal choice. You may also require hand trucks, moving blankets (thick moving blankets or furniture blankets will also do the trick), high-quality work gloves, close-toed shoes, and security straps. 

Ensuring you have the proper equipment will make the task more manageable and keep everyone safe.

Step 2: Empty the Gun Safe


Hollon BHS 22-E


Before attempting to move it, you must empty the gun safe. This includes removing guns, ammunition, and accessories. Gun safes can weigh significantly more with their contents, and reducing this weight will ease the safe moving process. Removing the door of the gun safe may be prudent as it can often weigh a significant amount.


Step 3: Measure the Gun Safe

Measure your Safe before you move it on your own.

Knowing the dimensions and weight of the gun safe is crucial. You'll need to measure the height, width, depth, and, if possible, weigh it. 

This step ensures that the gun safe fits through doorways and tight corners and helps you choose the right heavy-duty appliance dolly or hand truck for the job. 

Consider the floor surface you'll be moving the safe across, as it will influence your equipment choice.

Step 4: Strap the Safe to the Dolly

Protecting the gun safe is essential. Wrap it in cloth or other soft materials to prevent scuffs or damage. Secure the gun safe to a heavy-duty appliance dolly with security straps. 

Ensure the straps are tightly fastened, but don’t exert too much pressure on the safe. This step will make moving a safe with a dolly much more comfortable and secure.

Step 5: Moving a Safe with a Dolly

Moving a safe with a dolly

When moving a safe with a dolly, it's essential to maintain a slow and steady pace. Start by tilting the hand truck or dolly backward until the gun safe's weight is balanced on the wheels. 

Ensure the pathway you've chosen is clear of any obstructions. As you proceed, be cautious about the floor surface. Consider placing a roll-out mat to prevent damage or scratches if you have wooden or tile floors. 

Remember, during this safe moving process, maneuvering through tight corners might be challenging, so always approach them with caution.

Step 6: Secure the Safe

Once you've managed to move the gun safe near the moving truck, the next crucial step is ensuring its secure transportation. 

Using a loading ramp can be very beneficial when loading the guning truck. It provides a gradient that makes the process manageable and convenient. 

After the safe is in the truck, use robust straps to secure it. This is crucial, as any movement during transport could damage the gun safe or other items in the truck.

Tips for Moving a Gun Safe

When moving a gun safe, there are additional measures and precautions one should consider to ensure a smooth moving process:

Use Proper Lifting Techniques

When dealing with a heavy object like a gun safe, always lift with your legs, not your back. Keep a straight back and bend your knees when lifting. This technique not only provides more power but also prevents potential injuries.

Don’t Do It by Yourself

Even if you’re considering moving a gun safe by yourself, it's always safer and more efficient with assistance. Gun safes are not only heavy but also cumbersome. Professional help or at least assistance from friends or family can prevent accidents and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Protect Your Floors

The floor surface can get damaged during the safe moving process. Using plywood, moving blankets or a roll-out mat can protect against scuffs, scratches, or damage, especially when moving a gun safely across delicate surfaces.

Keep the Moving Path Clear

Before starting the moving process, ensure the path from the gun safe's current location to the moving truck is free of obstructions. This reduces the chances of accidents and damage and makes the process smoother.

Best Places for a Gun Safe

Considering the best place for your gun safe is crucial:

  • Master Bedroom: Offers easy access and privacy.

  • Basement: Ideal for larger safes, providing a cool, dry environment.

  • Home Office: Keeps firearms away from common areas.

Safe Moving Equipment Rental

If you don't own the right tools, stores like U-Haul or other local moving companies often rent equipment, such as heavy-duty appliance dollies or hand trucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move a gun safe across state lines?

You can move a gun safely across state lines but check local laws first. Please comply with all regulations to avoid legal issues, ensuring your gun safe and its contents meet the requirements of both departing and arriving states.

What’s the ideal vehicle load rating for a gun safe?

The ideal vehicle load rating for a gun safe varies by weight. Ensure the moving truck can handle the gun safe's combined weight plus contents. Consult with a moving company if in doubt, or refer to the moving truck's specifications.

Should I buy or rent a moving dolly?

Decide based on frequency. If you plan to move a gun safe or other heavy objects often, consider buying a heavy-duty appliance dolly or hand truck. For one-time or infrequent use, renting from a moving company might be more cost-effective.

How do I navigate tight corners while moving a gun safe?

Navigating tight corners demands careful planning. Pre-measure pathways, doorways, and the gun safe. Use hand trucks with swiveling wheels for better maneuverability. A guide, possibly another person, can assist in directing the moving process through these challenging spaces.

Is a stair-climbing dolly essential for homes with steps?

A stair-climbing dolly is invaluable when you must move a gun safely up or down stairs. It reduces pressure on the movers and ensures the gun safe is transported safely without causing damage to your steps or the heavy object itself.

What should I be cautious of regarding floor surfaces during the move?

Protecting your floor surface is paramount. Lay down a rollout mat or plywood to prevent scuffs. Be mindful of weight distribution to avoid too much pressure on specific spots, especially wooden or tiled floors, to avoid cracks or dents.

When should I consider hiring professional movers for my gun safe?

Hiring professional movers becomes crucial when the weight or dimensions of your gun safe make it challenging for amateur handling. They have the proper equipment and are trained to handle tight spots and heavy lifting, ensuring the safe moving of your valuable asset.

Why should I avoid moving a gun safe by myself?

Moving a gun safe by yourself risks personal injury and potential damage to your gun safe or home. The moving process requires strength, technique, and sometimes multiple people. It's always better to recruit help or hire professionals to ensure safety.

Final Thoughts

Moving a gun safe is undeniably a monumental endeavor. Given the hefty weight of these safes, combined with their intrinsic value and the priceless contents they house, the task takes on a level of significance that demands meticulous attention. 

If you're brave enough to consider moving a gun safe by yourself, or even if you have assistance, it's imperative to underscore the critical role that the right equipment and detailed preparation play. 

Employing tools like a heavy-duty appliance dolly moving straps is not merely a suggestion but an essential part of the process. Similarly, ensuring that your chosen moving truck has the required specifications to accommodate such a massive item is non-negotiable. 

Moving a gun safe is riddled with potential pitfalls, from navigating tight spaces to ensuring the safe doesn't apply too much pressure on delicate floor surfaces.

Nevertheless, this article provides a roadmap, a carefully curated guide, to navigate the intricate maze of moving a gun safe. Every instruction, every tip, and every piece of advice has been tailored with one goal in mind: to facilitate a seamless, safe, and successful relocation of your gun safe. 

Embrace the knowledge, equip yourself with the proper equipment, and embark on this task with confidence and the assurance that you're making the right moves.

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