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Where Burglars Look First For Valuables | Don’t Be Fooled

By USA Safe & Vault August 18, 2021 0 comments



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No matter how safe you protect valuable belongings at home, a dedicated burglar will always find their trick to break it in. Then, I keep thinking about how to keep valuables safe at home. Thinking about that I just want to know about common places burglars look first when breaking into a home. We all have items that we want to keep safe at home, but not everyone knows the best way to do so.  

So, where do burglars look first?

Most people keep their valuables in private areas such as bedrooms and study rooms so that these rooms likely become their first stop. Burglars also may visit the closest room they can reach such as a living room, family room, or garage. Besides, they may target high-priced items storage like the fridge and medicine cabinet. 

There are some possible reasons why burglars like to visit particular places when coming into your house. Let’s get to know more about them.

Close to the entrance in plain sight

Because burglars can do their action as soon as possible without being caught by homeowners on what burglars take. Burglars can easily escape and bring all the valuables without too much effort. 

Private areas

Homeowners frequently put their valuables in the places where they spend most of their time at home so that they can easily keep their eyes on them. 

Despite those reasons, homeowners need to reconsider keeping their valuables in the following places as they look obvious in the eyes of burglars. 

Living room

Located near the entrance makes a living room become burglars’ first destination when they are in a rush. They likely check cabinets or drawers in the living room. Even the things you display to attract guests may attract burglars too. Make sure not to display pricey things or even hide them there since there is a possibility burglars will check these hiding spots. Besides, never leave any car keys, emergency cash, and personal documents there. 

Master bedroom 

If you are wondering what burglars take, almost all of them can be found in your master bedroom. This private room is burglars’ favorite since it keeps many precious things like cash and jewelry which are pretty handy for them. Never hide your precious things under the mattress because this old trick is pretty common and burglars will likely check this obvious spot to get hidden treasures. Bedroom closets and drawers are obvious so if you keep them there make sure to use a safety box with mislabeled names. 

Office or study room

An office or study room is also packed with things that impress burglars such as personal identification and small electronics including laptops and tablets. 

Medicine cabinet and Jewelry box

There are certain types of prescription drugs that have great value in the black market. Although burglars cannot find cash here, it becomes one of the places at home they will stop by. 

Where to Hide Valuables


Here are three tips on how you can store valuables when they’re in your house.

1) Keep them out of sight.

Valuables like jewelry and electronics should be tucked away where no one will see them easily. The more people know about what you own, the higher chance there is for a break-in or burglary.

2) Close doors behind you!

This might sound simple enough, but it's easy to forget when walking in from outside with groceries or other things in your arms. If someone has already been inside before you get home, close any open doors behind you so they can’t get back in. If a door is closed, that makes it harder for criminals to open the door to sneak inside.

3) Invest in home security.

Having extra protection like home security systems, burglar alarms, security cameras, and safes will help you feel safe when you’re at home or away from your house. It also provides reassurance that someone is keeping an eye out for your valuable items while you’re away.

4) Invest in a safe

There are many reasons why investing in a safe is beneficial to you. First, it helps protect your valuables against theft and fire. This is because safes provide a place for you to store your items while also keeping them locked and out of sight, making it much more difficult for thieves to get into your house or to find what they're looking for. Secondly, it provides reassurance that your belongings will be stored securely when you're away from home or even just taking a shower. Thirdly, a safe has a range of sizes and can be customized based on the size and quantity of what you wish to store. Lastly, safes are oftentimes cheaper than professional home insurance plans for a break-in or damages caused by fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What places do burglars target?

Burglars are smart, and they know what they need to do to get into your home. They target homes with fewer security measures for break-ins, so you can make it harder for them by installing locks on windows and doors. It's also a good idea to keep valuables out of sight while you're at home.

What are burglars most likely to steal?

A burglar is most likely to steal electronics, jewelry, small items from the kitchen, and items that have been left in plain sight. If you want to put valuables like your jewelry out of sight, then good hiding places to hide them would be inside a drawer or valuable storage space. This way you can slide it open quickly to get some things out but a burglar might not see it when they're looking through your belongings. It would trick burglars into thinking that their belongings are not in that drawer.


How can you protect your valuables when at home? One way is to keep them safe. Safes are designed with all sorts of protection mechanisms, like biometric sensors or keypads. There’s another option that may be more affordable and accessible for many people: the lockbox. A small box, usually made out of metal, these personal safes will take up less space than a full-size safe but still provide plenty of security against burglars looking for easy targets and sensitive information about their victims. 

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