Gun Oil | 5 Best Gun Oil Picks (CLP, Hoppes, Lucas Oil compared)

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Whether you own hunting firearms for sport, or a handgun for personal defense, you need to know how to maintain them. This will not only help in enhancing their performance but it is also good for your safety since a malfunctioning gun is extremely dangerous. To ensure that your guns are always in good condition, you need to clean them frequently, and preferably after every use or if you are going to store them for a long period.

However, cleaning is not enough since they are likely to rust due to humidity in a gun safe. Applying lubricating oils after cleaning will protect your firearms from rusting. 

The problem is that you cannot just use any oil when oiling your guns. Instead, you should look for specific oils that are specially designed for guns.  These ones are designed to lubricate, clean, preserve and to protect parts of your firearms. To make your work easier, we have provided a list of the 5 best gun oils on the market. 

A good gun cleaning regimen goes hand-in-hand with a dehumidifier in your safe or gun cabinet.  Our selection will help you pick the most suitable gun safe dehumidifier for your needs and we review 4 types and the 5 best.  These include some affordable alternatives (under $40) in addition as well as the top of the line popular dehumidifier rods.

What are the benefits of using gun oils and a gun solvent?

Guns are likely to corrode or rust due to various things one of them being humidity. One of the most effective ways of protecting them from this is by oiling them frequently. 

Another benefit of gun oils is that they help to reduce friction between the gun components. Friction slows down the movement of different parts which affects the velocity and accuracy of the gun. However, gun oil provides a fluid medium between the internal parts which helps them to move smoothly when they come into contact with each other. This minimizes wear and tear meaning that your guns will last longer. 

Imagine this.  You go out deer hunting in cold weather.  You carry your gun in a range bag or case expecting you have enough protection for your guns.  

When you return, and step into a warm room the temperature and humidity change causes a thin film of condensation on most metal surfaces of your guns, especially the high-precision parts like the bolt carriers. Moist surfaces also attract dirt.  

You now store your guns without cleaning them with a solvent and then cover these metal surfaces with a thin film of oil.  Can you see how you can expect your gun to rust over time?

What is gun oil made of

Gun oil is a carefully formulated petroleum-based lubricant that is highly refined to take out impurities and compounds that breakdown at high temperatures.  Compared to other common household lubricants like 3-in-1 oils, and motor oils, it is far more refined.  The top brands of gun oil, add their proprietary blend of additives that are formulated to protect the metal in a gun from corroding and rusting.  

Additionally, most gun oils contain special ingredients such as anti-rust, anti-wear and corrosion resistant agents to enhance the durability of your firearms.  Some of them feature detergents which help to break down debris and grime within the firearms.

Our Top Picks For Gun Owners

1. Lucas Gun Oil - Extreme Duty (4 Oz) With Needle Oiler (1 Oz) - Best Pick

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With no doubt, the Lucas Oil 4 Oz is the best gun oil on the market. As compared to others, this one has a tacky property which enables it to remain in place for a long time. Again, it has an excellent viscosity meaning that it is not too thick or too thin. Due to this, you don’t need to apply a lot of oil on your firearms.  It comes with a needle applicator which enables you to put it exactly where you need it.  

Another great thing about it is that it doesn’t have a strong smell. Due to its amazing quality, it is highly recommended by reputable firearms manufacturers.  You can use it for full auto firearms, pistols, shotguns, semi auto rifle etc. Since it is synthetic, it doesn’t expire or go bad.


  • Excellent viscosity
  • Polymer safe
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to apply using the needle 
  • No expiry date


    • None

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    2. Hoppes Gun Oil - No. 9 Lubricating Oil (2.25 Oz) - Best Value

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    HOPPE’S Gun Oil No 9 2.25 Oz is another top quality lubricating oil that is worth your money. It is high-viscosity oil you can apply on fishing reels, firearms or other precision mechanism. Unlike most lubricating oils on the market, this one does not gum, harden or expire meaning that it will serve you for a long time.  It is carefully blended to work perfectly across a wide temperature range.  

    With this oil, you are able to protect your firearms from water damage meaning that they will never rust. Apart from that, it has effective anti-corrosion properties to enhance protection.  Generally, it protects your firearms from wear and tear which enables them to last long. 


    • Features anti-corrosion compounds
    • Highly viscous and thick
    • Low odor
    • It comes from a reputable brand
    • Helps to remove dirt and grime
    • Small bottle but durable

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    3. G96 Gun Oil - 1054 Gun Oil (4 Oz) - Most Reviewed

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    This one is the most versatile gun oil on the market. Unlike others, this one can lubricate, clean and protect your firearms from rusting.  It doesn’t require preservation meaning that it is designed to last.  Unlike others, this one features solvents which are able to remove all traces of gun powder, rust, leading and corrosion within seconds.  

    Apart from that, it features lubricants that are highly resistant to freezing, oxidation and evaporation.  It is able to protect your frequently used firearms from fingerprint damage. Again, it leaves an invisible magnetic film on the metallic parts of your gun to prevent rusting. 


    • Prevents corrosion and rusting
    • Decent price
    • Removes traces of gun powder and corrosion 
    • Leaves a magnetic film on the metallic parts
    • Protects your guns from fingerprint damage
      • None

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      4. Gun Oil Spray - Break Free CLP Gun Oil (12 Oz) - The Best

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      If you are searching for the best gun oil that will serve you for a long time, the Break Free CLP is among the best. It is made from high-quality polymerized synthetic oil. It also features anti-wear and friction-reducing compounds.  It comes in a 12 OZ bottle meaning that you don’t need to buy every now and then.  

      This oil is extremely effective in protecting your firearms from rusting, corrosion and also cleaning powder residue.  You can use it on all gunmetal finishes whether blued steel, titanium and polymer composite firearms.  Additionally, it protects stainless steel parts from galling.  It is a superior lubricant which is able to remove all contaminants from the moving parts, bore and the outer part of your firearms.  

      With this oil, you are able to protect the internal parts of your gun from wear and tear which may occur due to friction.  Another great thing about it is that it is not affected by high temperatures and extreme pressure. 


      • Helps in cleaning powder residue
      • Prevent rusting and corrosion
      • 12 oz bottle
      • Made of a high quality polymerized synthetic oil
      • Prevents corrosion
      • Messy but works
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       5. Remington Gun Oil (2 oz) - Economical

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      Remington Gun Oil is one of the cheapest products that will give you value for your money. Despite its cheap price, it is highly versatile meaning that it lubricates, cleans and protects your firearms from rusting. It is made using an advanced Teflon formula which enables it to penetrate even into the smallest metal pores.  Once you apply it, it will leave a tough and durable film on the metallic part to prevent metal-to-metal wear.  

      In addition, it is able to displace even the tiniest traces of moisture since it has an advanced moisture resistance. As a result, it protects your guns from rusting. You can find it in aerosol cans, plastic bottles, 12 and 60 count wipes.  Again, it helps to clean grime and dirt from metal surfaces.


      • Made using an advanced Teflon formula 
      • Helps to clean dirt and grime
      • Prevents metal-to-metal friction 
      • Protects guns from corrosion and rusting
      • Helps to displace non-visible moisture
      • Cheap price
      • Small bottle

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      6. Gun Oil Lube (Don't Buy)

      CAUTION:  Don’t make the mistake of searching online or at Amazon for “Gun Oil lubricant”.  You’ll be presented with the the Gun Oil Silicone Lube which is a personal lubricant.  While some guys might consider their firearm to be their sex toy (or vice versa, wink, wink) I’m sure Vitamin E and Aloe Vera with “healing properties” are the last things you need near your gun.  Just to be clear, my gun is “inflammatory” and I keep those anti-inflammatory creams away from it.

      Gun Oil Alternative - Should You Use One?

      No.  In our opinion, using cheaper alternatives like Canola Oil, Motor Oil, Lube Pastes and the like are not worth it.  In the short term, it might appear that these lubricants will do the job.  However, in the long term these are detrimental to your firearm and you could have a dangerous malfunction.

      However, if you want to save the multi-step process of cleaning your firearm with a solvent and then lubricating it, we support the use of CLP products.  CLP stands for Cleaner, Lubricant, Protectant.  Thes products are all-in-one products, and cheaper and more convenient than buying a solvent or cleaner, a gun oil, and a gun protectant.

      How to Choose the Best Gun Oil

      Choosing the best gun oil can be very overwhelming since they are so many on the market. When comparing different products, you should think of the following.

      1. Non-toxic formula

      Some gun oils are made of dangerous chemicals and compounds which might affect your skin.  Before buying, check its components to ensure that it is safe for you and those around you. 

      2. Thickness

      When comparing different gun oils, it is important you check the thickness. Some run smoothly like water meaning that they are able to penetrate to the interior parts easily. However, thin oils evaporate faster than thick ones meaning that they are not durable. Again, thick oils are the best in areas with harsh climates while thin oils are suitable for areas with normal climate conditions.

      3. Scent 

      Some gun oils have a very strong odor which might disturb you.  You should consider odorless oils or those that will not cause any form of discomfort.

      4. Compatibility

      Not all gun oils will be compatible with all your firearms. In this regard, you need to read the details provided by the manufacturer to see if the product is the best for your firearms. 

      5. Capacity and price

      Gun oils are available in different sizes. You should look for one that will serve you for a long time meaning that you should check the one with the highest capacity. Apart from that, you need to check the price to ensure that it matches with the capacity of the oil bottle. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is WD 40 good gun oil?

      No. WD 40 is not a good gun oil, because it is a solvent and not a lubricant. As a solvent it evaporates quickly and doesn’t remain on surfaces to lubricate them. By the time you use your gun, the WD 40 will have evaporated entirely, leaving no protection.

      Can you use any oil to oil a gun?

      No. Vegetable oil for example is not intended to oil a gun.  WD 40 is a solvent, though some might thin it is an oil, and cannot be used to oil a gun.  Certain oils leave a sticky residue that will be detrimental for your gun.

      Can guns be lubricated with vegetable oil?

      No. Vegetable oil solidifies at a different temperature from gun oil, and it also leaves a sticky residue that will gum up a gun.  When that happens, use a solvent to clean the residue off the gun, and then oil it with gun oil. Hoppe’s No. 9–one of the best gun oils–is under $5, a small price to pay for doing it right.

      What do you oil a gun with?

      You oil a gun with specially formulated gun oil–nothing else.

      Can you clean a gun with alcohol?

      Yes, you can use alcohol to clean a gun. As a solvent, alcohol will strip any grease or oils on your firearm, so be sure to use a good gun oil after you use alcholo or rubbing alcohol.  

      Which part of the gun should you not oil or lube?

      When oiling your gun, you should never lubricate the bore. Instead, you should treat it using a heavy lubricant like Barricade. However, it should be removed before you start shooting using the firearm. 

      Gun Cleaner vs Gun Oil - Do you know the Difference?

       Gun oils are highly refined petroleum lubricants while gun cleaners are chemical-based formulas that help to remove built-up contaminants like carbon, copper, etc. Therefore, the main difference between the two is that gun cleaners help to remove residues, debris while gun oils help to lubricate the parts to prevent friction. 

      Final Verdict

      If you want your guns to give you perfect performance in terms of accuracy when shooting, you need to know how to maintain them. Cleaning them is important but oiling is even more beneficial. This is because gun oils contain unique properties that protect your guns from rusting, corrosion plus wear, and tear which results due from friction. If you are searching for the best gun oil, the Lucas Gun Oil will give you unmatched value for your money.


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