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Best Money Counting Machine | Ultimate Buying Guide

By Maria Paiz October 23, 2023

Best Money Counter Machines (Top 5)

*This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, but it never influences our product selection process.


Money counters are important machines every business should have, especially businesses that handle a lot of cash. Such a bill-counting machine can count large sums of money within minutes which saves your time, allowing you to get close to your end-of-day or end-of-cycle accounting.  To make your work easier, we compared different models after comprehensive research and identified five products that will give you the best value for your money. 


The best money counters are fast and accurate and have sophisticated features like sorting and counterfeit bill detection, as well as portability and low noise levels.  The best money counters are:


There are so many money counters on the market that finding a good machine is not easy. Good money counters have sophisticated features like fake note detection technologies that can detect fake money, half money, torn notes, and any other unusable and counterfeit bills.  As a result, they protect your business from losses. Therefore, these machines are a must for banks, retail businesses, hotels, or anyone who deals with large amounts of money.


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Money Counter

To select the best money counters on the market, let’s first go through the different types. These include:


Countertop Note Counting Machines:

The countertop note-counting machines are the most common and are the fastest. They also have a huge hopper that allows them to accommodate more notes. These machines are very heavy, meaning that they are not easy to carry around and are designed to be used in one location.

Portable note-counting machines:

These are the smallest, and they also have less speed. The good thing about them is that you can easily carry them to different locations. As a result, they are perfect for money collectors, tellers at small and medium banks and credit unions, and fundraising events where cash is collected. In terms of performance, they work just like the countertop note-counting machines, only that they have a smaller size.


This machine is a unique type of counting machine because it is able to check, count and sort the notes according to the denominations of the bills.


Mixed denomination counter:

The mixed denominations are able to identify and calculate different currency notes easily. In terms of accuracy, they are highly accurate and are able to identify the currency value automatically.

Bills counter:

The bill counters only count the number of currency bills without denomination counting. This means that they only show you the number of currency notes they have checked and not the total amount of money. If you mix different denomination notes and place them in the machine, the machine will count all the denominations without separating them. Therefore, bill counters are only suitable for counting similar denominations.

Bank-grade machines:

These machines are designed to handle large amounts of cash. They are highly efficient and are suitable for banks, casinos, or other businesses where operations involve a large amount of currency.

Non-bank grade money counter:

The non-grade money counters are also known as business-grade money counters.  If you have a retail business, these machines are adequate.

How to Choose the Best Money Counter

Below are the key features you should check when buying a money counter machine.


Counting Speed 

To save your time, you need a machine with a high speed. Check the number of notes it can count in a minute. The average machine is able to count 900 to 1500 notes within a minute.

Counterfeit detection 

The major challenge that affects many businesses is fake currency. The best way you can prevent this is by investing in a quality machine that has a fake note detector.  These machines use magnetic resonance sensors and ultraviolet light to detect fake notes.


Hopper size

The size of the hopper is another important aspect you should check. You need to ensure that the hopper is enough or can accommodate multiple notes at once.



Some money counter machines are very noisy and can be very disturbing.  When searching for the best unit, make sure that the one you have picked provides a quiet performance. You can check what customers are saying about noise or you can check from the product’s details. The best machines are those that provide less than 60dB.



In case you would like to use the machine in different places, you need to look for a model that is easy to carry.


What are the benefits of a cash counter for a business?

Whether you have a large or just a small business, a cash counter is among the most important machines you should have. Some of their benefits include:


User-friendly design:

One of the major benefits of these counting machines is that they are very easy to operate. Most of them work automatically once you have inserted the notes. Their control panel contains buttons for basic operations meaning that you do not need to spend a lot of time navigating. The modern ones feature a graphic LCD or LED display with easy to touch keypads.


Counterfeit detection system:

The best way you can protect your business from losses that might occur due to the use of fake notes is by having a money counter with counterfeit bill detection. These counting machines are highly advanced and are able to detect, torn, unusable and counterfeit bills.



Counting the money manually can be time-consuming and a very tedious exercise. With these bill counting machines, you are able to complete the task faster because they are able to count 900-1500 notes per minute. Such cash machines use batteries which means they can work even when there is no power.



When using a bill counting machine, you do not need to worry about accuracy. Human beings can make errors when counting money manually but such a cash machine rarely makes mistakes. 



You will find that most of the money counters are made using top-quality materials to enhance durability. Due to their heavy-duty construction, they are able to withstand harsh conditions.



Modern money counters are very intelligent which means that they can alert you when there is a problem. They are also able to understand basic operations and can detect different denominations.


Best Money Counter 

    The Top 5 Best Money Counters


    1.     Semacon S-120 Table Top Portable Electric Coin Counter (Best Overall)

    money counter money counter machine money counter online best money counter counter fit money money counter office depot fastest money counter cheap money counter


    The Semacon S-120 Table Top Portable Electric Coin Counter comes first on our list as the best money counter on the market.  It has a heavy-duty metal chassis which enables it to withstand harsh conditions. If you are involved in a big business that deals with large amounts of coins, this machine can benefit your business a lot.  It provides a quiet performance, and it is highly efficient. Due to its reliability, it is suitable for vending machine operators, car washes, and laundromats, among others. In terms of performance, this machine operates automatically, but it features packaging and bagging stop points.

    The control panel is operated by pushing, and it contains the most important buttons you may need when using it.

    In addition, it features an offset function that enables it to separate small and large coins. This function also applies to foreign tokens and coins. It also features coin packaging tubes and additional tubes for packaging foreign coins. 

    You will also be pleased to note that this machine is equipped with safety features that include a protective cover that is placed over the feed belt system. This cover enables you to access the feed system more quickly without hurting yourself.

    The Semacon S-120 Table Top Portable Electric Coin Counter is easy to use and one of the most durable models you will ever find. Therefore, it is among the rare coin counters that will give you the best value for your money.


    •         Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 7.5 inches
    •         Weight: 18 pounds



    •         Counting speed: 2,000 coins per min

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    2.  Semacon Bank Grade Currency Counter S-1600 Series (The Runner Up)

    money counter money counter machine money counter online best money counter counter fit money money counter office depot fastest money counter cheap money counter

     The Semacon Bank Grade Currency Counter S-1600 is second on our list, and it is equipped with fantastic features to give you the best performance. To start with, it uses Semacon’s Smart Feed Technology which makes it ideal for high-volume applications. As a result, it is suitable for banks, large retailers, casinos, and credit unions, among other similar organizations.  For easier use, the machine contains a well-designed control panel that features a 10-digit keypad. The control panel also features the main buttons for commonly used applications. It boasts a heavy-duty construction to enhance durability and is very easy to use. Unlike many models, this machine offers optional ultraviolet plus magnetic counterfeit detection.

    Apart from that, this bill counter uses an advanced banknote Feed System Technology which processes all types of banknotes irrespective of whether they are new or old. The four-variable counting speeds enable the user to detect denominations that are out of place at low speeds and maximize efficiency at high speeds. Another great thing about this machine is that it provides an advanced counterfeit detection system for suspect banknotes. Moreover, this machine provides an ultra-high performance when counting and it is able to count up to 1800 banknotes within a minute.


    •         Heavy-duty construction
    •         Advanced counterfeit detection system
    •         Highly efficient and reliable
    •         SmartFeed Friction Roller System 
    •         Ultra-high counting speed
    •         Precision counting accuracy and error detection settings 


    •         A bit pricey



    •         Dimensions: 0.5W x 11.5D x 9.75H inches
    •         Weight: 14 pounds



    •         Counting speed: 1,800 banknotes per minute

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    3.     Semacon S-1000 Mini Series Compact Currency Counters (Most Compact)

    money counter money counter machine money counter online best money counter counter fit money money counter office depot fastest money counter cheap money counter


    If you are searching for a compact money-counting machine, the Semacon S-1000 Mini Series Currency Counter will be a perfect choice. Despite its small size, the machine provides similar performance and features just like the large units. It is also durable just like other models from Semacon. One of the most useful features you can find in the machine is the advanced counterfeit detection system. This function enables it to detect banknotes through ultraviolet paper properties and dual magnetic detection for banknote ink properties. 

    In terms of performance, it is able to count up to 900 banknotes within a minute. Due to the size and capacity, it is mostly suitable for small and mid-volume applications. It is very easy to use through the intuitive control panel that contains buttons with commonly used functions. The machine is fully automated and it also contains advanced screening capabilities that enable it to detect chain notes, double notes, half notes, and others.



    •         Space-saving design
    •         Highly accurate
    •         Intuitive control panel
    •         Able to count up to 900 notes per minute
    •         Works great without jams



    •         Limited features than larger models



    •         Dimensions: 8.50 x 12.50 x 9.50 in
    •         Weight: 10.00 lbs



    •         Counting speed: 900 banknotes per minute


    Easy ordering, low prices, and free shipping at Amazon. Click To Buy.


    4.     Cassida 6600 Business Grade Money Counting Machine (Best Non-Bank Grade Money Counter)

    money counter money counter machine money counter online best money counter counter fit money money counter office depot fastest money counter cheap money counter

    The Cassida Currency Counter is among the fastest machines you should consider for your business. It can count up to 1,300 bills within a minute.  Apart from speed, this money counter is very accurate which means it is reliable. In terms of design, it has a compact size which you can use in different places. For easier carrying, it is equipped with a retractable and comfortable handle.

     Another great thing about this bill counting machine is that it is able to detect fake money using ultraviolet detection technology and Magnetic Ink Counterfeit Detection. It also features infrared sensors for double, half, and chain note detection. Even if you have never used a money counter before, you won’t have any problems with this unit since it has a user-friendly LED display.  In addition, it has different modes which include count, add add+ count modes which enable it to provide all-around performance. With no doubt, such a  is among the rare machines that can drastically improve productivity in your business.



    •         Portable design
    •         Fake money detection
    •         User-friendly design
    •         Very accurate
    •         Intelligent bill density recognition system
    •         Able to count to 1300 bills in a minute


    •         Not very durable



    •         Dimensions: 8.10 x 10.20 x 11.00 in
    •         Weight: 10.00 lbs


    • Counting speed: 1,400 notes per min
    • Accuracy: Miss counterfeit detection rate of  1/100,000.
    Easy ordering, low prices, and free shipping at Amazon. Click To Buy.


    5.     G Star Money Counter with UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Bill Detection (Best for Budget)

    money counter money counter machine money counter online best money counter counter fit money money counter office depot fastest money counter cheap money counter


    The G Star Money Counter is a suitable option for those who are on a tight budget. One of the major benefits of using this machine is that it is very powerful since it is able to work continuously for many hours. It also operates at a high speed meaning that it can count up to 1000 bills within a minute. The Infrared sensors and Ultraviolet (UV) Magnetic system enables it to detect counterfeit bills.  Again, the machine is highly accurate and the rate of counterfeit detection is 1/100000. In terms of performance, it works at low noise levels of 60dB making it ideal for quiet environments. 

    Additionally, the G Star is equipped with a large and easy-to-read LED display plus an automatic testing ability.  You will also be pleased to note that it has a low power consumption since it has a power operating mode of less than 3 W when idle and 90W when working. The machine comes with different items which include a user manual, cleaning brush, power cord, spare parts, and an external display.



    •         Energy efficient
    •         Large LED display
    •         Affordable price
    •         Ability to detect counterfeit bills
    •         Quiet performance
    •         Operates at a high speed


    •         Frequent jams



    •         Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.5 x 8.25 inches
    •         Weight: 12.12 lbs



    •         Counting speed: 1,200 bills per minute


    Easy ordering, low prices, and free shipping at Amazon. Click To Buy.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it illegal to have a money counter at home?

    Money counters are not prohibited but they are mostly purchased by organizations that deal with large amounts of money such as banks, financial institutions, businesses among other organizations.

    What money counters do banks use?

    Countertop note counting machines such as the Semacon S-120 are the best for banks. These machines are very fast and are highly accurate. They normally have a large hopper, which means that they can accommodate large volumes of money.

    How accurate are money counters?

    The good thing about most money counters is that they have an error detector to enhance accuracy. The best money counters like the ones we have reviewed feature counterfeit detection capabilities.

    Which is the best fake note detection technology?

    Ultraviolet and Magnetic Resonance are the best technologies for fake note detection. However, magnetic resonance is more advanced than ultraviolet detection systems. The best money counter machines are those that have both technologies.

    What do you call the machine that counts money?

    A machine for counting money is referred to as a currency-counting machine bill counter or money counter. These machines can count banknotes, coins or stacks of money. Some of the money counters use electronics while others use mechanical components.

    What causes errors when counting money?

    Some of the things that may cause a counting machine to display errors include; incorrect cash loading, sensor problems, loading hard materials instead of cash and system malfunctions especially when used for a long time.



    If you work with departments where you need to count large amounts of money, you need a money counter. These machines are highly accurate products and they use different technologies to detect fake money. Counting money manually can be very tiresome and time consuming but with these products, you are able to complete the task faster. They are also easy to use and are available in different sizes to suit your requirements. In case you are searching for the best money counter, you can never go wrong with any of those we have reviewed in this article.


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